Foundations For Our Future

Foundations of The Twenty-First Century (Excerpt)

by Frank L. DeSilva

To the issue of Race and, in consequence, the race-culture, white nationalism defines the most prominent issue of White Nationalist policies. Race, in all its manifestations, must be recognized for what it truly is: the most central theme affecting any traditional culture or government. It is the race-culture that supports the mechanism of values, conduct, and law.[1] These foundations, laid by many years of ethno-evolutionary government, has been supported by that same evolutionary growth of the particular race that makes up the host body, or majority of sovereign citizen’s that are wont to continue their particular, and independent future. To remain independent however, a race-culture must have a defined ‘area’ or geographical territory solely intended for their use; and of which to provide daily sustenance for individuals, as well as the entire ethno-centric body.

If one were to look at any given geographical boundaries, housing any particular group or ethno-centric body of persons, one would, most assuredly, see a common presence, a common appearance (physical, physiological, etc.,) and a common spirit. The combination of these attributes, linked with a genetic predisposition can rightly then, be used to define what the white nationalist means by Race-Culture. The many separate personalities that make up the entire population are harmonious in the only way a large group of people can be: through a central ruling body that has not usurped their authority but, rather, rule in conjunction with their needs and desires. In present day America however, it has become apparent that by apathy, or by sheer ignorance, the people of this same Western cultural heritage have allowed the present system to completely abrogate their responsibility to those sovereign citizen’s that are akin to them in more ways than simple political inclinations. The political predispositions of traditional governmental leaders are shared, or should be shared predispositions, of the racial, or ethnically based structure that created the body of laws as ascribed too by the ethnically determined race-culture – if these predispositions are not followed, then it is the right of that body of collective persons to alter or abolish that which was set up as the ‘state’ that which now feels itself beyond the primary responsibility for their ethnically related populace: that of its very Survival.

We, as white nationalists, feel that, as a race-culture, we no longer have shared mores, habits, or codes of law in common. We have maintained, for quite some time, that we have now passed into a new phase, which is to progress to a point where our rights, white rights, have preeminence in a defined political as well as geographical determinism. History has shown what happens in this state of mind if not altered too, and for the survival of, those that created the very political system in which they live. It is through the ‘truths’ of history that white nationalist tenets have drawn their conclusions; and while ‘truth’ or ‘conclusions’ may be subjective, it is sincerely felt that the white nationalist has grasped, most comprehensively, those avenues of thought which will direct our people to its final destiny: the revitalization of our race-culture, which is you and I, a hundred-million fold. This presupposes a ‘higher man’ who, at the outset, is prepared to answer the questions of the day – for he has asked many in his day – and is ready to commit himself to the higher, and better ideal of his people. The words noble, decent, gracious have become platitudes by many – to the white nationalist, these are words which describe an active way of life; to be strong, direct, and pro-active is, of course, the other side to the coin.

To many white nationalists, as related ethnically by inclination, the observation that a distinct and unique race-culture has, independently, developed those skills and the requisite desire by which they have constantly striven for truths, ideas, and goals that would, of necessity, grant themselves and, indirectly, others of the same planet those conditions most suitable for re-population, peace, tranquility, and the time to pursue those things spiritual that would facilitate a closer communion with their Creator; to whose purpose none can really know, not withstanding the many Holy Books of our people, and many others, that promote peaceful aspirations of the soul. However, aspirations, peaceful or otherwise, have no merit where there is not a race consciousness, no uniting of the will of that people and, in these times, there is plainly no harmony, no mutual aspirations between related peoples of the same race; in short, this lack of unity between worker, middle-class, and the monied aristocracy, has hampered the growth, yes, has deflowered, the very essence of our American race-culture: unity through its Blood.

As white nationalists, we are determined to create a ‘new community’ out of our related ethnic peoples – known, today, as white Americans. Those persons, forming this community, are from every so-called class and profession; and from these, we shall be able to achieve that community of interests and aspirations, which our entire Nation demands. We must, and shall be, truly, one ethno-political State. This community does not have to be created at the expense of anyone, or numerous other race-culture’s that inhabit this continent with us, against our will and best interest but, rather, when each race-culture has the right and mandate of its people to determine its own future, only then can all benefit by this process. This is not a ‘fracturing but a ‘re-structuring’ of a system that is no longer functional.

The White Nationalist often asks these poignant questions: “What has been the result of racial and class warfare?” “What lesson(s) are to be learned from this type of struggle?” Surely, it cannot be the necessary unity demanded by a people that wish to live in peace. The white nationalist sees, again, as in former times, that our people must be reacquainted with one another again; to understand its ‘root and stock’. For too many years now, these White-Americans of this Northern Continent have been split up by professions and ‘artificial’ class distinctions who, clinging hopelessly to said profession and status, cannot (will not?) understand each other any longer. Moreover, white nationalists must continue to direct ourselves, and our fellows, back to that path which will bring a realization of unity: the unity of consciousness.

If you fear, dear reader, that this task is too enormous, or impossible, reflect on this: Man, not god, has established the routes and means by which we now find ourselves (however much we might depend on a ‘higher power’ we, ultimately, make decisions for good or ill) – we are directly responsible for both our failures and successes – we as white nationalist men and women, can also change it. Those that lack not the will can achieve those things known, or seen, to be attainable. In addition, if there are those who marvel at this perception, let them think on this also: The ‘goal’ will be achieved through any means available to us; and if necessary, compulsion must be used to compel those unwilling to achieve these ends for a better and nobler future. There is no room for compromise or internecine jealousy and infighting, in pursuing this great task.

The White Nationalist encourages the many, and ofttimes profound, ideologies and political parties which can, and will form numerous coalitions and alliances to promote ethno-centric issues but, in the final analysis, it is the one party, the one ‘brain’ if you will, that will assure any significant and real victory against the existing perversion of our ethnically inspired political Republic – a system devised, as we all know, by our own racial kinsmen; too and for ourselves. Focused, these coalitions will draw the same conclusions that we, as white nationalists have drawn, namely, that a single and sustained attack will, inevitably, succeed. We will, therefore, tireIessly pursue this course of action, thereby gaining the massive support of our people. This, of course, will eventually lead to ultimate political power of our Nation. As a people with the same language, which possesses a single race-culture, which has experienced the shared growth of its destiny, only together, in one common history or epoch making process, can we seek also a unity in its Leadership. The collective body of white nationalism, sees itself as the only responsible ideological platform from which our people, and future ethno-state, may realize our goals: we have fought hard for, and accept this duty and obligation.

In our present system of ‘states’, it often times prohibits the concept of ‘tribe’, and race in the ancient sense[1]. Boundaries, such as exist today, are diversions that keep a fractional relationship existing at the expense of the national consciousness. We, as Americans are used to this concept. However, is it conditional for our continued existence? Should not one race-culture be guided by one law, and one common interest, and these concise, and restricted to precedent? It is the intention of white nationalists that this latter, indeed, be the case.

[1] cf. Tacitus – The Reign of Tiberius:

The first race of men, free as yet from every depraved passion, lived without guile and crimes, and therefore without chastisements or restraints; nor was there occasion for rewards, when of their own accord they pursued righteousness: and as they courted nothing contrary to justice, they were debarred from nothing by terrors.”


Diomed looked angrily at him and answered:

“Talk not of flight, for I shall not listen to you: I am of a race that knows neither flight nor fear, and my limbs are as yet unwearied. I am in no mind to mount, but will go against them even as I am; Pallas Minerva bids me be afraid of no man, and even though one of them escape, their steeds shall not take both back again. ~ The Illiad

Copyright 2006/12

[1] cf. ROTW.


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