What Is The Doubter’s Reward?

It is easier to doubt, than it is to believe. But is the doubter to receive his kudos for doing nothing?

The common delusion, primarily within the racial milieu, and contrary to reality, the philosophy of ‘doubt’ is far more comforting than that of belief – or of hope. Moreover, the doubter escapes the worst of penalties, as the man of hope and belief is constantly exposed and, consequently, the doubter is never disappointed, hence he is never, or rarely, indignant.

The pessimist, on the other hand, believes what he sees; better one who doubts by degrees, and thus will not be fooled, than a doubter who sees his role in life, that is, of doubt, as his raison d’etre

The practical implications of the philosophy of white nationalism is, firstly, that there exists, must exist, the belief that one will overcome himself, and thereby transform not only himself, but those around him, and foster that momentum, or direction, which seeks not the easy path of the doubter, but the strength and courage of the pessimist – or, the dynamics of true leadership.

White Nationalism is not simply a philosophy of life, politics, or economics, it is about all of them, and hence, the true believer is a man of pro-active inertia. Cowards need not apply.

What is the doubter’s reward? Nothing.


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