Rise of The West: Religious Ambiguity?

The exclusivity of ‘religion’, and all the rigours of eschatology and epistemology are numbing to the soul; the spirit of Western Man is a broad stroke of the brush, yet when discussing white nationalist strategies and tactics, not to mention the political assessments of our coming future, it is understandable that ‘religion’ be discussed.

The author of Rise of The West has this to say:

[…] this study is the transvaluation of history – it is the science of, and hence, the study of the ‘science of history’ as it relates to the continuing evolution of everything Western: its organic conception, its purpose (stated or unstated), its values (religions, mores, etc.,), its past and its present; but more importantly, its future prospects based on what has gone before. This requires much study, contemplation, and spiritual guidance. (Rise of The West)

It is tragic that our folk-communities, wrapped in the cloaks of religiosity, of tradition, have yet to realize the absolute value of a true racial conscience, that is, the inner-most well-spring of his genetic proclivities – his instinct – to guide him and mold a more naturalistic and common system of ‘faith’.

The greater goal, of which all of us must daily strive, is the ennobling of ourselves and, by extension, those of whom we are in contact with in a public/personal way – this means we lead by example. Not the crass interdictions of morality, but in the daily examples of discipline, habits, and personal strictures which, of course, will grow into mores, into the morality of a new West:

Truly, the ‘ennobling of man’ was, in his mind, the highest mark of a truly great people. For one to understand the seemingly metaphysical aspects of ‘survival’, and ‘ennobling’, one must know empirically, as well as spiritually, the cause and effect of the mind of Western man. One, of necessity, must be animated with his [Western man] inner most mental concepts: his concepts of Religion; his concept of Identity; his Mystical apparatus – that element which has driven him ever upwards and onwards – all must be understood in its interwoven relationship with the whole of Western man. Hence, it is that Nobility, as a mental attitude, must be groomed and well founded in a higher Culture. (Rise of The West)

The White Nationalist, as an individual or as part of a corporate unit, cares not what ‘religion’ one espouses, as long as his raison d’etre is for his people, his folk-community, his race.

At The West’s Darkest Hour, Chechar, and individual with superlative prose, has quite a commentary on ‘religion’, much to the chagrin of many a believer; nevertheless, the essence of his essay is well said, and the tenor and intelligence delivered in this piece will, hopefully, be disseminated, as the bulk of our philosophies are secular in nature, the advent and re-introduction of the mystical, of the spirit, is absolutely vital for our coming Western reality.

What struck me the most, concerning the above article, was/is this individual’s personal attention to his own discipline, regarding his natural instincts and relationships with a potential mate – this understanding is rare, and belies the fact that this takes great ‘self-control’, control that is sadly lacking in the majority of fellows.

Religion, for the most part, should not detract from our central message of the 14Words, in fact, this is impossible if one relies on the essence of an existence for our people and a future for white children, while the 88Precepts provides a concise and deliberate delivery of the essence of what we are promoting.

Our Future does not depend, entirely, on the debates of sycophants and dilettantes, intellectual or otherwise, but on the strength and unity with which we all bring to bear in the world of reality, as well as here, in our parlouresque repose. It is all about balance.

I sincerely hope that our friend, Chechar, finds this balance in the coming years.


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