The Way-sign of The West: Self-Actualization

Cultural Politics and Ethno Self-Actualization
I recognize only two nations, the
Occident, and the Orient.

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count 1,374Unity

Cultural life, its organism, is the most outstanding aspect of the race-culture. The Age of Cultural Politics is the way sign of the West. Indeed, it marks the planet for centuries to come. America, like all white European nations are tied, womb like, to its European mother – the land where our ideas, our religions, our laws, and our economics have had their origins. Blood is stronger that any other factor – excepting, the Modern and his minions. The political thoughts of the coming age are one of absolute politics, of absolute power. Never mind the ‘kinder and gentler nation’, that is illusion. The center of vital interests will be finalized in a grand Pax Ameruropa, an alliance of those traditional interests, which have brought the Occident, as Napoleon envisioned it, into a working, functioning race-cultural technic.

This technic will perpetually be a source of struggle between the East and West. Between the Occident, and the Orient. It will be a race-cultural imperative: Law, technics, and Social Organism, all will reflect the realities of great politics. Wars, either of an economic, or military nature [wars of conquest] will be fought purely between European and anti-European forces. It will be wars of hegemony, of power politics and social [i.e. cultural] dominance. Nothing has changed in a millennium, nature will carry on, the struggle between positive, and negative will enforce its will whether anyone likes it or not. The West is preparing for this conflict.

These Wars will be of long duration. They will not resemble the ‘regional’, or ‘co-regional’ wars of Europe of the past. These wars will be Absolute. Wars of total victory, or total death. No ‘world order’ can stop the inevitable – not even money can stop it – it may slow it apace, but it will never stop it. The ‘codes’ of war will change; indeed, we have begun to see this change already. The battlegrounds will be the same, but the tactics employed are revolutionary. Total commitment, total victory; prisoners of war, for all intents and purposes, unknown – death, the lack of compound space, and all the rest will bring a new view of ‘international prisoner status’ – fight us and you will die, surrender and you will live. There is no right or wrong – the enemies of the West exist – it will simply be.

All this, and more, will come from the unity of the West – its component parts will fit together, knowingly, or unknowingly, in a web of cultural vitalism unknown for millennia.

This, in all its entirety, is Culture. It is the swaying and moving of an organism. It can be seen in War – or in a Poem. It can be seen in an office building – or in a Church. It may be seen in Sculpture – or it may be seen in a rifle. These, and more, are the actualizations of the race-soul; the development is relative to the Age in which it finds its destiny – its Epoch. It is the essence of the present presence; it is a spiritual connection with the Soul.

The Modern has battered the soul of Western man. His technics of a crass, selfish, and brutish nature. When one thinks of a ‘cultured’ man, one does not think of the Modern. One would, on the other hand, think of nobility, of character, of courage, of something above the norm. The soul, present in this individual, is magnetic, charismatic, quick, and healthy. The Modern, an individual of small soul – that is, sightless, faceless – is limited to few horizons; he lives for himself because he can envision nothing greater. The Cultured man, the extraordinary man, puts the greater essence before him – even his own life. The West, in this new life, will be a ‘cultured’ process, learning from the past, but seeing nothing but the future. It will belong to Western man and woman, neither apologizing, nor recanting this realism. Thus, will they live their life honestly, bravely, surely, and absolutely.

In the absolute age of politics, it is natural that the best brains go into politics and war. War/Politics is absolutely the realm of heroism. Sacrifices, done in the service of Culture, are never in vain. War and Politics, after all, is always an expression of Culture – it can either be for the good of culture, or for its demise. The rationalist of the modern variety refuse to believe in Idea, he would think it foolish and stupid. Organic reality however, does not obey the force of rationalism, in its absolute sense, but, rather, strives for the concept, the idea – leaving the rationalistic leveling of the mediocre. The noblest of all are the heroes; those that will die for an ideal – others, of course, will live for one. These, all of these, continue nobility, digest it, and pass into the culture-bearing stratum.

The stratum of ‘culture-bearing’ men feels the essence of their Age; they know it exists, even before it triumphs. They are often met with violent death, simply because they see before all can see – such are all great men. Their time is not yet, but soon all will follow, and call it natural.

And so we have it, Democracy stands opposed to Authority. One will ascend, while the other descends. What the West will, ultimately, choose, remains to be seen. The new West will, however, choose value over that of mob rule; it will embrace Culture over technics; it will love nature, and hate the unnatural. It will recognize the various way signs and follow, come what may. The new West will over come the Modern, the decadent, and realize his destiny. His rising will be as an earthquake. It will shake the foundations of the world. The new West will embrace the sons and daughters of his past; the sons and daughters of the present. Soon, after the old has passed away, the children of the future will rejoice in the knowledge that this new West is their own, that they owe no one but their sires. Proudly, they will enter a new epoch, a new sunrise, golden with opportunity and reward – all the sacrifice a necessary element in their maturation.

The stratum of Culture increases with the increase of population so, also, its opposite. Quality versus quantity is ever the way sign of Life or Death; the life of the West depends upon this understanding, even unto its tenth generation. Western man must ever believe this, or ever succumb to the morass of the Modern; for he loves the unclear, the mediocre, the small; he hates the noble, the courageous, the unselfish, the independent, the superior; he hates the authority which would confine him – yet, expects all to obey his lead, his commands. The Culture-bearing he hates. He is always envious. This, all this and more, the Modern would tear down, and if allowed, will continue to do the same as he has been. The new West, will never allow this.

The new West is Culture. It is culture over that of civilization, for the former is the real manifestation of a People. The People, in turn, must actualize themselves in their leader – whichever form of Authority this takes. The life of the culture must balance itself between the authority of the leader and the led. The West must find its own rationalism, its own essence of reality.

The Life of the West will never die. It will never die as long as its blood remains intact. In its continuing evolution, its technics will change, its organism of culture bending its way to form new life-cycles, new horizons. For the present, and for the foreseeable future, it will live a full life, heavy with the burden of struggle and sacrifice. Old orders may die swiftly, or they may die slowly, yet there will remain remnants of the past; even a past we wish to forget – this will take generations to finally put to rest. The future, however, belongs to the rising West. The warmth of its shinning rays may already be felt, enriching the plant-like urge of the growing organism. It is our Future. It is our Destiny. It is our West.

Copyright 1989


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