Foundations Of Our Future

Below is an excerpt from Foundations of The Twenty-First Century, it is from the Proem of this work:



I know what I want to deliver to both the ‘old guard’ as well as the ‘new’ yet, bringing them together is not without its inevitable conflicts arising, in part, because of the serious divergence amongst the differing principles of tactics and strategy; of faith and politics.

On the one hand, we see the various traditionalists, conservatives for the most part who, with the best of intentions, have maintained that essence of civility and fairness – extended to all-comers – based, in part, upon the ‘faith of their Fathers’ and the elemental foundations of cultural civility which, in the main, has been the linchpin between an American ethos of the past, with that of the ethics of our future.

On the other, as in all dualities, is the element of tactics (or devices) and strategy (or policies) necessary to invoke the realization of the white nationalist mantra between these two functioning and, sadly, seemingly conflicting world-views between ‘old and young’. This seeming dichotomy exists, amidst all the activity and angst, simply because the message has been spoken from so many sources, each believing that, based upon their own experience, that their vision is the right and proper one; this can be no other way, as all generations must go through a certain metamorphosis necessary for growth. If unchecked, however, this generational ascent into the future will, of necessity, be curtailed, dismembered, and destroyed.

In working one’s way through this work, it must be remembered that ego, personal agendas, experience, critical thought, and realistic interpretations of the means necessary to achieve one’s goals is inherent in all such studies – human-nature is not a fixed instrument, and is as malleable as is each person or idea if left to constant interpretation.

In each section (chapter), we will attempt to, firstly, introduce and explain the cause and effect relationship of the origin of each original construct or imperative and, secondly, to show the divergence caused by conflicting or individual interpretations of these original imperatives. To understand these original intentions, it is necessary to ‘go back’ to the beginning, if one is to understand implicitly and specifically the methods and operations of what is, truly, White Nationalism.


The White Nationalist, today, is also faced with a strange and, seemingly, plastic neo-nationalism within the white nationalist community. The concept of Pan-Aryanism, or ‘co-regional’ racial nationalism, encompassing the greater Folk-community (as seen by most American white nationalists) of all our ethnic subdivisions, and for the past twenty-five years has, increasingly, gained momentum and understanding in most of our ethnic-related National states world-wide. This was due, in no small part, to the propaganda value of David Eden Lane’s immortal words: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

These simple words, implicit in the struggle for Western man’s survival, found resonance in every White nation on the planet, and has since been translated in every language native to our folk-community. Over the years, however, and for many different reasons, this aphorism of epic proportions, has been sidelined by a majority of the most recent proponents of the ‘new’ nationalism. As with all propaganda techniques, it is the responsibility of those who follow, to carry on a specific message, to maintain the body of works – the whole body of works – which were created, step-by-step, year by year, life by life, by adding too, not detracting from, these previous steps, these way-signs, of an embryonic future. In denying the birth of these ideas, the inception of these hard-won truisms and principles (such are the 88 Precepts), is to commit a third trimester abortion – to deliver a life into the hands of Charon[1] before its time, and without the proper payment.

Following this distraction, is the change in another original white nationalist concept: that of an extended folk-community, a white pan-nationalist dialogue which, to a great degree, has brought the various ‘white tribes’ together; but in recent years, this dialogue has begun to change in tenor if not in strident philosophical debate and conflict. Of a sudden, and from several quarters, has come a new division, a new divergence, which has begun to separate a pan-national plan of community into yet another divisive and obtuse weapon to divide and sunder all the work previous. To some, this was an inevitable intellectual inevitability; to others, it seems that it is necessary to distance themselves from an infantile beginning, not serving their interests as they see them.

To the latter have come, also, the newly appointed adherents, the newly baptized in an old struggle here, in our own American racial milieu. At odds with ourselves, and this without true benefit of political power and finance. On its face, it is self-defeating. But who to turn too? These self-appointed spokesmen have, literally, closed off discussion between the ‘old guard’ and have, almost to the man, insulated themselves with their new-found religion, recruiting those who see the future in a new way, publishing their opinions and directions as if it were the true by-product of what went before. Within reason, this separate ideology can strengthen the White Nationalist message if measured with the truth of a previous generation. If one is to realistically look at what has begun, on a world-wide scale, one could surmise that it is more than happenstance that this type of confusion is beginning to be seen.

We are perilously close to achieving our goals – yes, the way-signs are certainly all around us – the efforts of the past are paying off. With the events of the past several decades in relief, and seen against the backdrop of today’s confusion and political instability, it is certain that, for the first time in many generations, the opportunity of gaining real power, real public awareness, are upon us. This, of course, is where it begins to become tricky, tentative, and acutely important to maintain a comprehensive and detailed approach to this coming future. Every decision, every donation to a fledgling or mainline group becomes ever more intrinsic to our strategic political life. Truly, it is becoming life-certain, or death-certain in the years ahead, to have at our disposal the most comprehensive and nature-imperative programme for the success of our endeavors.

On the positive side, we have, now, some of the most advanced, intellectual, passionate, and mission-directed technologies and individuals that have been offered to the white nationalist momentum in years. The delicate symbiosis between these factions will, unless carefully directed, fail in their endeavors if the broad base of White Nationalists are not keenly aware of, and by themselves, of what White Nationalism truly is and, more importantly, what it stands for. Moreover, with this new dynamism, this passionate dialogue, it is becoming more and more apparent that White Nationalism is coming of age.


It is anticipated that many who are, or who may feel implicated in this portrayal will, of necessity, take an overly negative position, thereby causing even more resistance to the truth and postulations of this author; be that as it may, a definitive compilation of concepts, positions, and administrative qualities necessary to a more robust realization of just what we are fighting for is, also, necessary.

For far too long, have I seen these changes taking shape, twisted, perverted, and re-arranged so that elements of our struggle would fit this or that world-view; if left alone, this divergence will colour the yet nascent life-cycle of the white nationalist, wherever they may be, and left alone without proper instruction in specific relation to their positions within the white nationalist community can only, willy nilly, be carried by currents and eddies which may, or may not, take them to their proper destination.

The time for debate has been over for some twenty-five years.

We had a chance, we still have a chance, to succeed in our nationalist endeavors if we all share certain prima facie beliefs and protocols to achieve these ends.

It is with a certain reluctance, and devoid of hubris, that with this work, it might, in some small way, make the crooked paths straight for the newly inspired, and to reassert the main-line interpretations and direction of White Nationalism as it was envisioned by those whose vision inspired and motivated it.

The White Nationalist is faced with innumerable obstacles, both from within and without, and needs the tools necessary for the realization of his vision and, to date, has been failed miserably by those who would lead in this effort. The causes of these failures, as seen by this author, are too myriad for this work, and would detract, at any rate, from the positive aspects of this presentation. It is not intended, by these remarks, to detract from the hard and positive work done by so many of our Kinsmen the world over, as it is a group-effort which is so valuable and necessary to see all our efforts succeed for the betterment of our once and future people.

There are many writers and intellectuals who have blessed us with superlative narratives in the past several years, and we all wish them well, as they seem to be propelled by a clearer vision, and have been consistent in their deliveries; these men, however, are far removed from the common man, as far as I am able to ascertain, and this failing must be corrected. The balance between mind and body is not a fragile thing, unless the body politic is diseased already. Of this latter, I do not admit, nor do I see any symptoms, which would prove to me the moribund qualities of such a diagnosis. It is with this understanding that necessitates this work, and the hope that with it, some might benefit thereby, and they to others.

[1] Charon, son of Erebos, conveyed in his boat across the river Styx, the shades of the dead, and across the rivers of the lower world:

Those who are taken on board the bark are the souls of those who have received due burial rites; the host of others who have remained unburied are not permitted to pass the flood, but wander a hundred years, and flit to and fro about the shore, till at last they are taken over.” [Thomas Bullfinch ~ The Age of Fable]


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