Il grande metafisico

The West’s Darkest Hour

Painting of the day:

Giorgio de Chirico
Il grande metafisico
~ 1917
Museum of Modern Art

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2 thoughts on “Il grande metafisico

  1. This passage of Man and his Symbols, page 257—:

    In Chirico’s work, man is deprived of his soul; he becomes a manichino, a puppet without a face (and therefore without consciousness). In the various versions of his Great Metaphysician, a faceless figure is enthroned on a pedestal made of rubbish. The figure is a consciously or unconsciously ironical representation of the man who strives to discover the “truth” about metaphysics, and at the same time a symbol of ultimate loneliness and senselessness.

    —brings to my mind quite a few so-called “great metaphysicians” of Western philosophical tradition.

    1. The struggle for inner man is, by definition, a lonely path.

      I am not sure, exactly, what draws the viewer to this type of work – but, for myself, it is the colour – not Rubenesque, for sure.

      It is worthy of attention, as the whole Western mind must be explored.

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