Balance In A New West: Male and Female

The Eternal Male:

Balance is Everything

The eternal pathos, the ever-living male symbol of revitalization, of regeneration, has been captured in symbols, artifacts, Art, and literature; it has been moulded and cast into cultural mores which, in turn, have maintained civility – at least on the surface – between corporate and private life.

Paterfamilias, that system of personal and corporate government, starting with Family, has presented Western Man and Woman with a consistent and powerful mode of conduct, discipline and authority. In today’s world, this is seen as anathema to political and cultural progress, in which the sexual dichotomy of male and female is twisted and perverted to suit the modern culture-distorters view of our ancient pathos.

When discussing the rise of the west, it is imperative that we fully disclose the essence, the balance between our men and women, as we reassert our place in the coming Age.

The Choice of a Mate is more important today, than it was a millennia  ago, after the dysgenic policies and overt sexual-destructive policies of our modern handlers has made it manifest that the dismembering effects between us, male and female members of the West, has brought a catastrophe upon ourselves and our posterity.

The modern has placed restrictions upon us all, both economic and moral – that is to say, of the latter, we have been proscribed from fulfilling those modes of conduct which will assure us, as a Folk-Community, of our very survival. The counter-revolution against our ancient pathos has been all but completed and ensconced upon us and our children; this has materially affected our decisions upon the present, as well as our future – leaving a vacuum in the physical and moral realm when deciding, and acting out, our natural imperatives.

White Nationalist men have been criticized by many as being too hard, too insensitive, or too rude to those that they have chosen, or are attempting to choose, as liasons or mates; usually this is brought to bear by critics or detractors of the political implications of white nationalism, but not necessarily in the real, day-to-day implications of those who live, and ever seek to live, with their own people. Moreover, in today’s cacophony of ideas, many of which are not only unnatural for members of the West, but also for those living with us, there remains a refrain of animosity amongst the newly appointed leaders of our sexuality, our familial life, and our moral codes which, without exception, are the purview only of those wo claim to be a unique people, with a sovereign sense of themselves – this is almost impossible to fathom today, yet it must be reasserted once again, if we are to know one another again – male and female.

Christianity, sadly, has been immobilized against this epic struggle, not the least of her sins has been the prodigious and consistent injunctions to all and sundry, to embrace, willingly, ‘all those of the earth’ forgetting, perhaps, the injunction, also, to replenish the earth with one’s own kind (as was the injunction to the Adamites – if one is a knowledgeable christian), and this being done aplenty.

The modern fecund rate is well below the replacement level for sustained Western populations – world-wide – let alone here, on the northern continent; this has become problematic, and the work-force of the modern has dictated the working progress of both men and women, in fact, assuring that the world-view of our females is dependent, not on the simple and powerful construct of Mother and child-bearer, but on the limited, albeit sustaining, activities of professional careerists , or isolated independent units. The Father, as well,  is lessened to the extent that the male’s natural tendency to participate in group functions, such as general Public Works, or Crafts (such as the Guilds of yesterday), which enhance his physical as well as mental attributes; the lessening of male interest in the Arts, Poetry, and Literature is a direct result of the ongoing relationship between corporate greed, and the machinery which is the modern’s way of setting a pace too quick for the human psyche.

On the one hand, it is the political implications of White Nationalism to increase the size of our Western population; the next is the realization of a physical territory – undefined today – that will allow our fecund rate to soar, as it is presently unnaturally stifled within the close proximity of apartment housing and and dense population centers. The white nationalists sees the reintroduction of populations centers, within a new ethno-state, as being restricted to a proportional rate of 100,000 persons, each area being responsible, in part, for their collective needs – surplus being sold to other such territorial regions or designations.

This struggle, for our future and our posterity, will require the active participation of both our parts – in a physical and moral sense. Our Rising West depends upon it.

Copyright 2009


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  1. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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