White Nationalism: Of Science And Spirit


Scientific and Spiritual Nationalism:

The duality of race consciousness

The only thing that deserves to be called culture is the daughter of such “creative freedom,“ or in a word “art,“ and with art philosophy — genuine, creative philosophy and science — is so closely related that both must be recognised as two sides of the same being; every great poet has been a philosopher, every philosopher of genius a poet. That which lies outside this microcosmic life of culture is nothing more than “civilisation,“…

Houston Stewart Chamberlain


In the early beginning of White Nationalism, there was a great American panorama of belief in both science and religion, which has geometrically increased in both size and specific intent; religious indoctrination has increased by the simple fact that we have been delivered into a reality that promotes the inculcation of these religious beliefs and rituals which belong, in part to the very immigrant ethno-nations brought here by those who wish to finalize the deconstruction of the American ethos, both traditional and those newly formed ideas and nationalistic thought. Science, as long as our sons and daughters remain healthy and taught along the lines of traditional Western thought (i.e. empiricism), our hunger for true scientific thought, will remain. If this ethnic-based formula should recede further, our world-view as we have known it, shall cease.

As well, the dimensions of traditional religious compulsion, as regards the white ethno-state, were relatively fixed; the catholic and protestant communities made up the majority spiritual constructs, and enjoyed ‘majority’ status within a changing government, albeit a shell of what it once was, and the impression of a ‘christian nation’ was accepted by the masses, unaware that this existed only in their minds. So, with the various interpretations and injunctions, the conflicts inherent in ‘religious’ dogma affected the nationalist as well. This all began to change when white nationalism made its presence known.

The White Nationalist saw things much differently, as he was not concerned over-much as to the specific doctrinal implications of religious thought; of course, it must be noted, there were devotees covering a large range of religious thought, including non-Christian doctrines such as Asatru, Odinism, Wotanism, and other various Indo-European pre-Christian faiths of which there was more than a nascent trend. At this time, this appreciation or, more specifically, this ‘liberalism’ was unique to a small section of the Christian-nationalist world-view, as they remained ‘traditionalists’ for the most part, and it took the intemperate white nationalist to demand that the ethno-state, that is, Race, be the deciding factor in all things which affected the body-politic. This did not take long to root.

This has begun to change, as new adherents, and old-world opposition has begun to raise its ugly, and intelligent attack on white nationalism in general, making the paths difficult, and colouring the unified struggle with shades of grey and red – colours which represent discord and war – which has begun to manifest itself in the struggle for dominance within a new generation of leadership devoid, shall we say, of a true understanding of what has already been overcome, and that is the prejudice of myopic religious institutions which serve, not the ‘lord’, but too their investments and real estate empires.

This will not stand.

The White Nationalist will overcome this trend today, just as we did in the past; if we do not, the rancor and fear of negative individualism will eat away at what is, today, a young and healthy organism, dedicated in its mental outlook to the reaffirmation of ancient and traditional mores, which have served us well in the past, and will carry us into a greater tomorrow.

Science, as well, although not utilized to the extent it is today, has become, and will become an even more powerful tool in the future, has begun to make its own mark on all of our lives, specifically for the race-culture of the West.

In the ‘dark ages’ of the twentieth century, post WWII, that time in which all the curtains were drawn against the message of that rising tide of colour, of genetic science, and political deceptions, the search for ‘truth’ in science, in biology, in genetics all, in turn, were turned against us as a Western people; today, however, the sun of investigation is, once again, rising. The most systematic destruction, however, was of our millennial scientific investigations concerning race and ethnic evolutionary conduct, which suffered the most. The studies of eugenics (Carrel, Ludovici, Hooton, Keith, Holmes, et al), ethnic nationalism (Rushton, McDonald, et al), racial evolutionary psychology (McDonald, Rushton, Salter, et al) are resplendent in their veracity and concise synthesis[1] regarding these subjects, and are adequate qualifiers for both the new and old white nationalist.

Leif Erikson

Americans today, however, are disconnected, unable to face, or lack the ability to understand, the tremendous forces arrayed against the very concepts and institutions founded precisely for them, and only them; the altruistic impulses of our ethnic proclivities, twisted and perverted by persons and institutions who seek to utilize the compassion and sympathetic impulses of our national ethos, not to serve the designated ‘posterity’ of our fathers and mothers but, rather, to those huddled third-world masses, which for no fault of their own, have been sold an ‘idea’ by these ambulance chasers who, in the main, serve their own personal interests first (a succinct definition of racial evolution and genetic similarity), at the expense of the lives and largess of the host ethnic race-culture – which, by the way, is us!

This ‘disconnect’ was not always the case, as such writers like W. Somerset Maugham observed when detailing the human and cultural implications of his subjects, considered this:

Another reason that has caused me to embark upon this work with apprehension is that the persons I have chiefly to deal with are American. It is very difficult to know people and I don’t think one can ever really know any but one’s own countrymen. For men and women are not only themselves; they are also the region in which they were born, the city apartment or the farm in which they learnt to walk, the games they played as children, the old wives’ tales they overheard, the food they ate, the schools they attended, the sports they followed, the poets they read, and the God they believed in. It is all these things that have made them what they are, and these are the things that you can’t come to know by hearsay, you can only know them if you have lived them. You can only know them if you are them. And because you cannot know persons of a nation foreign to you except from observation, it is difficult to give them credibility in the pages of a book.[2]

The connection between peoples of the same root and stock is real, and the message of white nationalism is that, as in days gone by, we remain, in essence, a single genetic strain, a single family; this has been the narrative of a thousand generations, no matter the folly and internecine stupidity which is, also, a part of this narrative – but it is our own, come what may, and seeks its own way-sign, without the interdiction of foreign intrigues and international schemes.

This new narrative, that which has been foisted upon us all is not, strictly speaking, a narrative which comes from overseas, or from foreign entanglements, but from our own root and stock; this is not to forget or forgive those specific elements, or ethnic prerogatives which, unlike our own, work within the fabric of our existing institutions and even our religious institutions, who wish to remake the face, literally, of our folk-community. The self-defense mechanisms, in part physiological and part evolutionary (Rushton, 2005), are seen in the very act of patriotic impulses to ‘protect’ itself from assimilation by those who seek to supplant, not merge, as is often the clarion cry of many of these culture-distorters.

The width and breadth of empirical evidence, which scientific reasoning regarding race-cultural realities abounds in untold millions of words; this present work does not need to prove any ‘scientific’ certainties, as these other works are there for the taking. Moreover, science is a slippery slope for the white nationalist, as there abounds, most certainly, a disagreement of opinion as to just what ‘race’ actually is, and if there really is ‘racial similarity’ as a viable theory of racial imperatives nevertheless, it is good to know that ‘truth’ shares a larger class distinction than simply those passionate and dedicated intuitive racialists. In point of fact, our ‘intellectual’ kinsmen may, or may not, share the feelings and political aspirations of those of us who, in the main, see it no other way. The difference in white nationalists is that the majorities of these persons are much more involved in all these various aspects of our struggle, and always seek to buttress and add to the library and lexicon of our public debate.

Copyright 2008

[1] Cf. Simpson, W.G. – Which Way Western Man?, passim.

[2] W. Somerset Maugham – The Razor’s Edge, 1944.






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