Way-Signs Of Our Struggle: Action and Reaction

Way-Signs Of Our Struggle:

Action and Reaction

In the future, which is now, we will see the power of race, ethno-states, and action vs. reaction.

The stage is set, and the die is cast.

Millions of words are being employed, both for and against, our future claim to a creative and realistic ethno-state, a government for our folk-community, as well as the ‘counter-claim’ from our opposition; daily, we see our people funneled into directions, which we all know is certain death – the death of our ancient and modern technics, our numerical place in the world, and the natural affinity of ourselves and that of our Folk in Europe and around the world.

The way-signs are all around, have been for several generations, especially here, in America; our kinsmen in Europe have already faced their challenge, and from the vantage point of history, has yet to be written off as a loss. In our country, it is another matter, for with all the words and beautiful prose, there lies the truth of the matter: Our time of reckoning is here, how.

There have been many individuals who have seen a coming future, and most see it as the ‘end of days’, but not all. In the Song of Albion, there are Fourteen ‘way-signs’ of a rising West, below are listed a few in reference to our coming future:


            The path and direction laid out by ‘black power’ movements will continue to gain increased dominance in the realm of minority reality. Hispanics [mestizo] will gain the most impetus from this manifestation of power by ‘asserting’ those desires in maintaining the same space as their hosts; this desire, having some ‘historical’ validity, will only encourage and promote more separatism.



            The dissimilar values and attitudes expressed by these minority groups, as well as a predisposed animus toward the Western race-culture will, undoubtedly, cause in direct proportion to the level of conflict an animosity unparalleled in a modern democracy – since, in this environment, all contending parties will be able to have ‘their’ voices heard. Unification of these ‘groups’ will, however, find the value of cooperation with each other, against those of Western Stock. The expression of this cooperation will take on more strident and ‘defensive’ racism [as seen and promoted by these groups] against those of Western stock.


                      In the Future, Afro-Americans will realize their limited position in relation to Hispanic [mestizo] political acumen, which, after being in the shadow of European cultural technics have gained superiority in technical understandings of Western political innuendo. Problems of just who is the ‘oldest minority’ and, consequently, who will garner the greatest favors of the Western political leaders – [this is perceived as being a ‘social contract’ between the ‘whites’, and the blacks for their rather close association between the Western, as seen by afro-americans]. It is not coincidental, that ‘black’ criminal activity has surfaced in areas, which promote such interactions between Mestizo and Asians in numbers, neither familiar nor experienced by African-Americans. This will continue to escalate.


            Once passive, whites will become combatants in continuing ethnic violence. Not being politically astute in the areas of ‘specialization’ areas such as immigration, housing, and the like, the average white-worker will, inevitably, become more estranged and enraged by the amounts of money spent on ‘social reform’, and ‘grants’ of housing and other commodities, as those of Western stock start to feel the loss of what they had come to expect of their ‘way of life’; while they, the white American, are seemingly doing without, paying exorbitant taxes, and seeing little in any real return which affects them, personally, they will soon react. Whites will soon shed the ‘image’ of black, or any other ‘minority’ as victim – this will allow his [white] true feelings to come to the surface. Anger and resentment in the ‘work-place’ will continue to grow at an enormous rate. Frustration will turn to anger – for all parties involved – and one or more groups will elicit various responses including, but not limited too, violence against persons and property; political challenges such as ‘education’, ‘jobs’ [i.e. once granted, never given up], ‘citizenship’, and nationalist sentiments, on all sides, as to their idea of racial, and political hegemony on a local and national level will continue to increase. The modern Tea Party movement is simply one of many such movements to be seen in the future political scene representing the rage of white people.

These are not predictions, they are simply the commonsense assessments of observation and experience. The streets can be a great teacher, if one has the knack for learning from experience; the future will be made up of individuals who have both a mental and physical outlook and experience in life, relative to our struggle. It is balance, after all, which makes us stronger – if our general mobilization and focus are on the same thing. Conservatives and ‘hangers on’ wll never be the impetus required for the struggle which is here, now.

Ultimately, our opposition is starting to build the barricades, not like before, but in a more direct and blatant maneuver. These responses, as seen years ago, will have an effect, which is seen as the simple reinsertion of tradition and authority as seen from the source above:


The political outcome, of minority political power, will be predicated upon which group holds the coalition together, and what ‘alliances’ are made, and with which ‘sub-group’. In response to this, will be the emergence of a new Nationalist/Racialist Party – or some racially conscious PAC embolden by a central figure – either an individual or an [existing] institution which has a more radical approach to the issues of the day. This will be a racial alliance first and foremost.

Religionists will be drawn to one another, or be forced to split that party or institution, which is now representing them. Hispanic ‘Catholicism’ may prove to be a decisive factor amongst Irish, Italians, or others traditionally of the catholic experience. The ‘Poles’ as well, would be drawn to their co-religionists – but the racial distinctiveness between themselves and other non-Western stock will force any realignment necessary. The Irish, and Italians will be valuable assets in any coalition; should the Irish prove to be inclined, as have their fathers, then whichever they decide, their religion will be first and foremost, as their sense of ‘race’ has been contravened by their religious history, to follow their deity. Italians will, as is their nature, follow their passions, wherever this takes them, but are inclined to follow their sense of ‘western imperialism’ and will be split here in America as to how, properly, to address this issue. All in all, those of the West will, ultimately, choose to participate in a ‘working’ relationship with each other, no matter the small dissenting minority ‘within’ Western culture, and support the growing sense of Western identity.

Continuing ‘legislative’ dominance by minority pressure groups will force the growth of this ‘white coalition’ and will receive the support of the military over those ‘interest’ groups, which have facilitated the breakdown and massive social experimentation of the armed forces. This would be needed, of course, to qualify the largest amount of ‘public’ perception as to the legitimacy of political change. The trappings of military ‘order’ will draw the white-mass for good or ill. The extent to which the military and civilian forces, both political and personal, will accommodate one another will be gauged by both the ‘internal’ and ‘external’ stimulus exerted on either one individually, or collectively. A militarization of the populace will occur spontaneously regardless, as a matter of course.

As others have noticed, who are not derilict in their duty to ‘protect and serve’ their people, instead of generations, the time elements in which we strive are exponnentially changing: what used to take twenty years, is now being done in five – and so on. The process of alienation has been completed, the finalization of this alienation is problematic however, and must needs be presented in ever so calculated attemtps to define our positons for us. Moreover, this has been a major flaw in our own ranks, as individuals maintain a strict sense of individual empowerment, devoid of the collective will of their fellows – ego, that hoary mistress has ever been the divisive element within our struggle – no more.

The intellectuals, fearful of their positions, just as in times past, shudder in their peace and tranquility; the street activists, those whos first cause is the ‘fight’ remain, for the most part, parlour events, and ‘play actors’ – the efforts are worthy, just not the presentation or effect – there may be a day for uniforms (of the noble past), but our efforts are not, necessarily hindered by a show of force in this manner; only in the professional public attempts, and in conjunction with our stable ‘leaders’ (a more solid core of public leaders is desired, and can be accomplished, if both parts begin, once again, to participate, invite, and otherwise promote a brotherhood of cooperation, not isolation. Only then, may we see a more consistent and numerous winners, not losers.

Our written word is presented with much aplomb, and has looking quite nice; it is time that we all acknowlege the necessity and opportunity, in lieu of the pending onslought, which will come in any event, and march into the fray without fear or favor – remember, Fortune favors the Bold – and the times we are enteringg will leave us no chance, at any rate, to remain on the sidelines.

Copyright 2012


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