Tradition And Authority: Whose Role?

The Rising West Will See Radical Change:

Take Back Our Schools

Rumblings in the 21st century concerning race is a matter of course.


First and foremost amongst these rumblings, as seen in Rise of The West, written by Frank L. DeSilva, an individual who has struggled on behalf of the people of West, and who has experienced much more than the average individual who claims to ‘fight the good fight’, and has put down on paper the obvious stratagems and tactics of both we, as a distinct Western ethno-state, as well as those maneuvers developed and instituted by those who would, after attaining power through long years and political deceit, proceed to use against us, here, in our own nation, namely, to confine, attack, and deprive our children of a brighter and unique future.

Since we have become atomized, individualism run to its logical extreme, it is now possible more than ever, to dissociate each from the other; our children, vulnerable as they are, being instructed by ‘strangers’, government agencies controlling almost every facet of their lives, having taken away the ultimate device inherent in a free people and society: Parental Rights. Moreover, this is no mean accusation, as since the early 70’s it was apparent that the ‘rights of parents’, indeed, all of the white citizenry in the country, was being juxaposed against ‘minority rights’, women’s rights, and rights for ‘rights sake’, except for Whites.

Schools became then, the battleground for the ‘hearts and minds’ of our children – there were extreme cases of ‘child abuse’, and other extreme tactics, which allowed for the ‘state’ to become ever-more embroiled in the ‘care and maintainance’ of the future of our unique and sovereign ethno-state. This succeeded.

In the early and mid 80’s there were attempts at forming ‘White Student Unions’, mostly from California racialists leaders like Tom Metzger and his son John, to incorporate a sense of corporate unity amongst a new generation of young boys and girls who, for the first time, were being exposed to the collective Babel of modernity; this was to have unexpected consequences, as the rate of exceptional students were rising in these days, and Testing became problematic, as many different races became noticed for their lack of means scores (see: The Bell Curve, for instance). Was this reality the responsibility of these children of Western stock? Of course not! Were these children made responsible for this disparity? Of course they were!!

Such is the tenor and jealousy of those who would commit genocide against our people. This, of course, is something ‘white people’ are afraid to face – but the life of one’s children should make this issue of paramount importance. In our modern era, however, this remains to be seen.

In Rise of The West, Mr. DeSilva has presented several points of interest, and in lieu of this present burgeoning conflict, we felt it worthy of presenting this single issue, and encouraging one and all to read this work themselves.

In short, White children are being accused and denied access to their Rights of assembly, association, and unique world-view – as a unique race-culture – and not simply from peer pressure, but from full Academic sources; this smacks of communism in the purest sense, and authoritarian ‘social modification’ in its severest result. Here are some of Towson University’s (Maryland) positions on the matter of ‘White Student Unions’ Richard Vatz, a Communications Professor, speaks for the University:

“When you have a group that calls themselves the White Student Union, their only purpose is generally hostility towards those who are non-white,”

And the vice president of Student Affairs, has this to say:

“If inclusiveness is not the plan, then it will not be recognized by the Student Government Association,”

This is, precisely, what is stated in Rise of The West:



Conflict  of twenty years ago between black and white used to take on the picture of ‘small’ rising against the ‘big’. Now, it takes on the picture of ‘inter-group’ against ‘inter-group’. The lines of political demarcation are diminished. Racial antagonisms are increased based on perceptions of the level of achievements between ‘groups’ and ‘sub-groups’. Black students, as with other minorities, receive ‘preferential treatment’, be it real or perceived, and then fail to ‘make the grade’. This further disenfranchises whites. The ‘right’ to address these issues by White Student Unions, papers, and staff will create issues of ‘freedom of speech’ and the real ability to use the ‘forum’ of the Campus for their attempts at recognition as a racial unit. The policy of ‘selection’ in regards to enrollment of ‘special’ groups will further alienate the white student. He will sense the shift in traditional norms in every field of education. European studies will decrease – those who wish to follow this traditional ‘western’ path will be termed racist, and insensitive. All this will sow the seeds of racial discord and anger, and see a loss in actual Western alumnae. [ROTW pg. 245]

Yes, we knew this was coming, and some of us have prepared[1] our hearts and minds for it; the sad general state of our public leaders, run mostly by wannabe intellectuals, well-meaning youth, and a growing portion of ‘unorthodox’ and unknown writers and speakers has, ineluctably, gained a position of trust within the white nationalist community – what this untested group of individuals can present to the country, and our children, remains to be seen – but it will not be what passed for resistance in days gone by.

Dr. Kevin MacDonald, no stranger to academic intrigue and discrimination, has done his best to fight for the survival of our Western Folk-community. His positions have run arrow-straight into the hearts of those who, up until recently, ran rough-shod over scientific and academic precedents; this course is, a precarious one, and we hope that more and more scientists and sociologists will begin to confront the same issues as the fearless Doctor. We encourage you to buy his works, as well as the above author.

In the end, it is up to each one of us, to secure an existence for our people, and a future for White children – if we are to secure anything at all.


1. See, for instance: Nature and Nurture


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