Robert Stark and Merlin Miller: Interview

Robert Stark and Merlin Miller:


Very interesting Interview with Presidential Candidate, Merlin Miller, for the American Third-Position Party.

Mr. Miller has an easy, softly delivered, comprehensive approach to the future of our Ethno-State.

The foundations of our future are being laid. The disparate ideas and progressive political world-view is viable, as long as the Foundations of our future is consistent and formulated with a multiplicity of programmes and ideals consistent with tried and true White Nationalist imperatives.

Mr. Miller and William Johnson (Founder of A3P) will, with time, have to assert themselves both publicly and academically; this seems, at first blush, to be the essence of Mr. Miller’s world-view, and is refreshing to say least, amidst the paltry and quixotic nature of today’s so-called ‘politicians’. Moreover, Mr. Miller’s position on how modernnity affects all races is, of course, well founded, and is most certainly something that every racial group must come to grips with firstly, for themselves, and subsequently for their children – the belief that each people have a right, and a need, for a unnique ethno-state, if they are, truly, to survive as a people and culture.

Mr. Miller, as well as the A3P, will have to utilize more white nationalist rhetoric, if they are going to reach a more robust, not moderate, constituency here in America, as well as the white-world (see: Foundations); this, in essence, is the winning strategy of White Nationalism as a political endeavor. Better to put the ways and means out there now, than to slowly creep along and miss this vital opportunity now.

We wish Mr. Miller success in his endeavors.


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