Eros And Intellectualism

Eros and Intellectualism:

by Frank L. DeSilva

Word count: 2,563

It is more than interesting to note in passing, that as the premise and desire of having a specific location, national state, and all the considerations imbued with a progressive feeling of sovereignty there comes, as well, the simple constructs of individuals and ‘regular’ life’, those elements which occur outside the passionate and dimly lit recesses of intellectual parlance; this is no less important to us now, in the present, as we discuss and pontificate about birthrates, the economy, international affairs, and what the opposition is doing.

The White Nationalist is not stereotypical: the white nationalist is not right-wing, conservative, left-wing, libertarian or anarchist, but a combination of all of the above. Moreover, these predispositions and philosophical determinates are balanced by his natural place in the ‘world’, that is, Life in the day-to-day activities of being a son or daughter, husband or wife or, as many are single and young, the lonely, romantic and carefree partners in a rhythmic tryst of fate, always looking for something beyond them – or willing to be a part of an unorthodox sexuality in lieu of a more permanent one. All this is balanced upon the dichotomy of a natural sense of eroticism (which is carried with one throughout life) and intellectual reasoning in a day and age which seems to limit, and interpose personal dynamics of a type which, just a few generations ago, was seen as the ‘death of the white race’, such as ‘inter-racial’ liaisons, marriage, or simply sex for ‘sex’s sake’.

The Libertarian announces that romantic are free of a vacuum and, therefore, any sexual inter-personal relationship is acceptable, as ‘liberty’ dictates that this type of freedom is protected by ‘natural law’, if not by the legal designations of our present and progressive legal state. The white nationalist, as well, acknowledges the variants in which sexuality and intelligence work together; very few, in this present day, have benefit of any real sense of discipline, or of rational self-respect, as their sense of identity, of that cultural – racial as well as civic – imperative which provides a sense of obligation and duty. The denizens of today call this, in their tired and weak rhetoric of the past, racism.

Eroticism, sexuality, and reproduction have one extended purpose, and this is part and parcel of the maxim in ‘securing an existence for our people’, and this is to bear children in our image, and our likeness; this is not a by-product, but a certainty within the framework of sexual union. Unlike the ‘moralists’ of the past however, the white nationalist man and woman sees sexuality for its own sake, as a matter of personal condition, as we all cannot – indeed, will never – be exactly the same. That sexuality is fun, erotic, spontaneous, sensuous and provocative is, of course, a normal state of affairs, and should be practiced and experienced as much as possible, without the baggage of restrictive moral perspectives coming, in most cases, from the sand-pits of alien and moral barrenness which is now accepted by the modernity of our present state.

The Modern considers himself ‘un-racist’ – that is, devoid of any individualism based on an identifiable issue such as race-culture or biology – he is non-racial. He, the Modern, is free to express his equality without fear or favor. He does not wish however, to embrace the non-western on a personal level, but simply to prove his ‘theories’ of equality. Nothing, however, is further from the truth than the theory of ‘equality’. How is it, for instance, that ‘Steve’ is so dissimilar than ‘Ken’? The modern egalitarian stresses the educational factors of ‘nurture’ over that of ‘nature’.

That the early period of a child’s development, training, and growing years are of the utmost consideration in a systematic process of education is self-evident, no one may dispute this truism: this is the burgeoning matrix of a child’s character. It is also a truism that a child, even with special training, cannot go beyond his allotted mental power given him at birth, that is, inherited. Therefore, if this truth be accepted, the best stock that may be produced by Western man and, specifically the American-West, must be attained by the highest twenty-five percent of its race-cultural host; not the lowest twenty-five percent. To our advance or decline, depends on the types or type of person(s), which survives and propagates at the fastest rates. This is a fact that must, without qualification, be accepted as the way for future Western men and women.

Sexual selection is of prime importance. Men marry women who are beautiful, intelligent, healthy, and similar in temperament. Women, likewise, choose as their mates’ men who are handsome, intelligent and, in their eyes, superior men. Pigmentation of the skin is also of importance – in a racial sense. Vitality, life, youthful vigor, all is requisite in the mating and romance of partners. It is historically true that fair colouring, for thousands of years, has presented itself in the ‘protector mechanism’ spoken of so often in ancient literature. This is, for all intents and purposes, a stratification of hierarchy based on skin colour amongst people of the same race; Europeans have followed this pattern for thousands of years. Greece, India, Persia, or southern Europe, all have followed this rule – the fairest at the top.

Small, petite, and fair women have attracted the first pick of the men. Tall women, which is relatively rare, find mates in contrast to the above; their choice is relative, since their choice has already be made by nature and will more than likely find a mate of her equal standing. Tall women are the exception, which proves the rule, relative to ‘averages’ in this discussion, so we will continue with the main thrust of the matter. Health, as stated before, is of primary importance, and influences the mating habits of all peoples. In Western females, it is the rosy-cheeks of a light-skinned woman, which brings out the primal essence of Western men, indeed, of all men, that transcends the explicable.

The face of beauty draws all comers. Lips, eyes, nose, eye-brows, body and facial hair, all are set off by light complexions – the soft juxtaposition of hues blending with the sexual organs as well; the nipples and labia, two areas which exemplify the Eros of the female form are unique in Western females. All of this combining to attract the male of her kind. All of this, and more, make her beautiful; it makes her wanted. True it is that the ‘white female’ is sought after by every race of man imaginable which, when looked at through the eyes of the West, may elicit a certain just feeling of satisfaction. The fact remains, however, that the numerical number of men of ‘western-stock’ has significantly depreciated with the passing of years, abortion, homosexuality, and the ‘increased’ number of men of ‘non-western’ stock who are very willing and able to compete with Western men for the right to mate with Western females here, in America, indeed, the Western world.

Beauty does not stand alone, but is combined with a spiritual presence, which promotes and extends a unique value – we call it sexuality – the Greeks, Eros. This is a biological phenomenon rather than a purely ‘cultural’ one, that is, biology proper is the liquid, which is poured into the vessel of civilization, which allows for a ‘degree’ of sexuality to become prominent, or taboo. Biology is a prerequisite for the purpose of procreation; beauty is a requisite for the enticement necessary to bring a couple together, such as provocative bedroom attire, lingerie, and the like, which is a normative aspect of male/female interaction.. In Western literature, the theme is unchanging: the gods are drawn to Beauty, and the mortal form of beauty is considered as beautiful as are the goddesses which inhabit the various temples and habitats familiar to our ancestors – this helped to shape what ‘we’ consider beautiful. We still marry, today, based upon factors, which, essentially, are physical first and foremost; secondly, we marry based on mental or other considerations. Today’s modern women and certain men may consider this crass chauvinism but, to survive, we must procreate, and beauty is the prime consideration.

Sadly, in our modern age, specifically in the prime of marriageable groups, the college campus has shown a demonstrable decrease in the amounts of couples, which are finding permanent marriage arrangements (as many forms can and should be considered) suitable to their needs. Careers have taken precedent. This amounts to a form of [forced] celibacy, which affects the ‘career’ minded individual. In direct proportion to this trend has been the phenomenon of the ‘single generation’ and, as well, to the decline of the Western birthrate. The proportion of men that marry is greater than that of women – but even these tend to marry later in life. These men, of no little consequence, add very little or nothing to a higher birthrate; and these particular men belonging to that superior stock so much needed for our future [!]. The professional classes, at any rate, are always prone to marry later in life. This is racial suicide. This is the decline of the West.

Studies* into this subject are myriad, the time spent on ‘research’ is why the average person is generally unaware of the technical proof, which can be afforded the premise under discussion – the other side affords their own ‘statistics’ to add to the weight of their discussion. The way in which ‘marriage selection’ is proved, however, is that like marries like. Look around, and see if this is not the norm in your daily activities’ remember, the exception proves the rule. Tall tends to marry tall, small with small. This, of course, breaks up the population into a separate and diverse biological ‘caste system’ that, while fundamentally sound, in such cases as intelligent/intelligent crossings, becomes dysfunctional when we allow, for instance, feeble-minded to mate with feeble-minded. In the modern West, specifically in America, the advent of ‘equality’ surpasses the laws of nature, and has been promoted over that of an otherwise healthy race-cultural instinct for survival; but a [artificial] desire to absorb those of alien racial, and mental stock, which has been equated with intelligence, to promote said equality in his haven of the cosmopolis of the city – the ultimate in artificial technics.

Indiscriminate mating, whether through ‘inter-racial’ crossings, or simply through mating of ‘unequal’ [mental] types, is a sure sign of the decline of a healthy organism and must, ultimately, perish. The celibacy of healthy and intelligent men and women or, conversely, that of crossing these superior traits with inferior ones, is racial deterioration pure and simple. “Whatever influence this factor has, or can have, is indirectly through its effect upon the birth-rate, since the kind of people who mate determines the kind of children who are born.”[1] [Italics mine]

The fact which is being stressed time and time again in this presentation, even if ad nauseum, is that the higher decline in birthrates has been in the higher social classes – those beautiful and intelligent members of our race who are, by definition, rare as well – but who are also the traditional culture-bearer class. This is not extenuated by money or education, although both play a part, but rather through breed, that long succession of good mating which has produced higher and gifted children and individuals. From these, come the most gifted and intelligent children and, ultimately, are those specific individuals who will see and lead the generations to come into a future that, hopefully, will be grander and healthier that ours. This puts the culture of the West in a position to testify as to the facts of our present state of existence; we are called to the witness stand.

The very character, which is in our blood, of the West, has been decreasing steadily in this fashion for a century and a half. Limiting the birth rate artificially, unlike the Malthusian checks and balances regarding pestilence and famine, land mass and agri-growth, have caused a serious imbalance for the West. On a world-wide scale, the West has artificially promoted the survival of ‘peoples’ whose condition of life is, or has been predicated upon the natural proclivities of their environment, their adaptability, and the cultural destiny of the their antecedents. The ‘west’ brings them survival. Instead of allowing the weak or infirm to be culled naturally, we of the West enforce this ‘Orwellian’ concept of health, at the expense of ‘quality; the over populous centers of the third-world are replete with disease, poverty, and cycles which destroy a healthy balance because the city, specifically, cannot support a population which is multiplied by Western medicine which then, artificially, promotes growth at the expense of a quality of life – this Western ‘involvement’ is well intended, but is sadly lacking in vision and common sense. It is, or has become, the ‘ethos’ of the ‘world’, of that particular ‘christian charity’ which has been at the forefront of this movement. It is, in its entirety, a ‘one world concept’ closely akin to that of Babel – another experiment in equality, which was found lacking.

It is this essence of ‘globalization’, of world capital and intercourse, and what will come of it, which has birthed this decline in the virtue and vitality of Western civilization, and which puts the survival of the West in jeopardy. This is, inevitably, the contest between those who would promote the economic global empire of what certain leaders in the western world attempted one-hundred years ago or more; to stimulate a burgeoning ‘industrial’ revolution in the modern Western States, and between those who, while acknowledging the economic considerations, nevertheless hoped to achieve a certain degree of independence and self-sustaining innovation at home, before thinking of inter-national trade over, and above, that of their national interests. After all, this is how America, in particular, has become great.

As is expected, the hypocrisy of these selfsame individuals is manifest. These modern intellectuals and governmental servants go boldly into the public venues and business centres and regale the common man and woman regarding ‘sexuality’ and demean the natural births of their own stock – the Modern would rather relegate these new humans to the dust-bin of history, or that of the abortionist; meanwhile, maintaining the standard 2.3 children for western-stock, while allowing the third-world to produce three times that amount. This dynamic is a continuous ebb and flow which settles once and for all the question of who will have a place in the Sun, and who will fade in the shade of a world increasingly smaller and less productive.

Therefore, the as we pass into the rising West, let us combine the elemental balance of Eros and Intellecualism to increase our positive and pro-active stance amongst each other, assuring that our future will be both pleasant and instructive to both our present and our future.

Copyright 2012

* See, for instance, the study by Anthony Ludovici – The Choice of a Mate – London, 1935. See also, by the same author – Woman: A Vindication; and The Child: An Adult’s Problem – London and New York, 1923, London 1948, respectively.

[1] Cf. S.J. Holmes – The Eugenic Predicament.


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