Foundations Of Our Beliefs

Foundations of our Beliefs

In Battered White Nationalist Syndrome, Trainspotter seems to have taken a very specific take on what ‘white nationalism’ truly means – at least to those who truly see white nationalism as not just a cause, but in a true ‘means to an end’ for its own sake; this leaves the field pretty empty, as not many of today’s ‘crossover conservatives’ have really made the leap of intellectual or moral imperatives which the generation after them have already made.

White Nationalists are not so much battered, as they are removed from our struggle by well-meaning ‘conservatives’, or individuals who are ‘jealous’ of what they do not feel, deep inside, and cannot fathom a group of individuals who see the 14Words, for example, as having any real telling force; they would rather read volumes of material from individuals who have had their own day in the sun, including everything we are going through, but still cannot make the connection.

This type of struggle has been going on for some time, and it will, conceivably, continue. This is simply part of ‘struggle’, but has to be looked at in the long-term: The intellectual elite which has begun its nascent attempt to formulate a ‘new’ policy of public and personal agendas which will, in this generation, accomplish what has not been done before – and this includes, as a matter of prime cause, a distinct and separate national state, with those elements of government, policy, foreign affairs, and all the rudimentary aspects of a fledgling nation. Moreover, this is the essence of the 14Words, as envisioned by its adherents – as no attempt to ‘secure’ anything, has ever done so by simply imitating or following trends of the past.

We have heard the Merlin Miller interview of which is mentioned in the above essay, and I know how many feel, but Mr. Miller did not seem to have malice – just pushing his own (A3P) agenda; I think this is all part of the process, and as long as we keep their feet to the fire, we will come to some acceptable agreement. As has always been the case, it is always left to our spokesmen to present these issues, and this is problematic, as many of these well-intentioned individuals have not seen the future as many of us have, and therein lies the conflict. It is all or nothing in the coming conflict.

Foundations are a very important part of any decision to build upon, and the more we accept personal responsibilities for the direction we choose, the sooner we will achieve our aims, and extend the hard-won lessons from the past.





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