Sculpture Of The Day: Daniel Chester French.

Sculpture of The Day

Daniel Chester French. Foremost American sculpture in his studio at Stockbridge, Mass. Showing the plaster models of the Lincoln Memorial at Washington, The Suns of Gods in the Corcoran Gallery and some of his latest works still in clay including George Westinghouse which was exhibited.


9 thoughts on “Sculpture Of The Day: Daniel Chester French.

  1. northernsea

    Even though I am not an American, I remember once talking to a young officer who had just come back from Vietnam and he was quite lost. He asked me what I thought about Americans and I told him that I had visited Washington and was quite astounded that their heros were so depicted as Gods. Their statues were so much more than life size. In Canada, we had statues and they are not so huge. He was an officer and was so traumatized b.y enlisted men offing their officers, I did not know what to say. But, what I learned was that those who went were so much wiser than those who ran to my country and I know a few of them too. They are lost now too and do not know how to reconcile themselves.

    1. Of course, you realize that not be an ‘american’ means nothing, as we are all extended members of a biological, ethnic, and social milieu which supercedes territorial boundaries in relation to our feelings and experiences as sons and daughters of the West.

      Your story of the Serviceman was quite telling, as members of my family have served. Your analogy of ‘draft resisters’ and those who were damaged in the war, are stories which need to be learned from, as many of these same issues, and more, are presenting themselves today, in both Canada and America – the whole Western world is in an identity crisis, and this is what White Nationalism is, in part, a creation of – a by-product of the lessening of authority, tradition, and community spirit.

      Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. northernsea

    Well, I am not so sure. There area times when I really do not want to be associated with Americans at all and would like to build a huge wall along the 49th parallel. There is a difference between us. I see Americans as cousins, but not very close ones and I am deeply suspicious of them.

    1. So, it would appear that you are not formally attuned to White Nationalism?

      Or would you prefer…distant cousins…and let the chips fall where they may?

      Or are we only responsible for ourselves, individually?

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