Foundations Of A New West: Ethos and Physiology

The Ethos and Physiology of A New West:

How Do We Become Better?

by Frank L. DeSilva

In the realm of political thought, the opinions offered will be varied and complex, human nature being what it is. But this is the body-politic, and is as it should be; but this is not to infer that decisions will, of necessity, be confused, distorted, or thwarted [such as is presented us in the present ‘mobocracy’]. In a requisite state of homogeneity, political decisions will be faced squarely by a spirit which is consonant with a people’s entire past tradition and, also, those other parallel cultures existing with us, will more readily be able to gauge [and more effectively] and judge this Western culture: And this due because of its inherent stability. If there is to be anything like a ‘world peace’, then it must come from this viewpoint of race, and race-culture as a “unit’, be it the State, Family or Nation. Each distinct race-culture, inhabiting their own place, knowing full well their potentials and weaknesses.

The value of Race-culture will be the deciding factor in all political, social, or religious endeavors embarked upon by the ruling State. Such is a government “of the People, by the People, and for the People.” The Modern, however, wills not to accept this.

Is it any wonder, then, that America, in contrast, has now degenerated from that singular higher-culture, to that amalgamated hodge-podge which is call the ‘melting-pot’? What had proved so significant to the very existence of all higher-cultures, America has deemed unnecessary, worthless, and has cast aside under the guise of ‘civilization’. Let America, then, serve as our immediate example:

The founders of the original [Republic] Thirteen Colonies, which developed into the Federal Union, were remarkably alike in racial origins. In fact, with few exceptions, they came mostly from the nations (i.e. race-cultures) of Northwestern Europe. In the mid 1800’s however, shortly after Lincoln’s assassination, the nation was continuously given over to looters who, after the War between the States, were [and are] fanatically driven in their desires for wealth, equality (which is anti-nature], and power over and above that which had been mandated a scant eighty years previously. The body-politic still shared similar [racial] origins, yet their political agenda was demonstrably different from the original intent of their predecessors, namely, that a balanced Federal system be coupled with individual State rights to protect the Union [of voluntary States] from a overwhelming tyranny of leadership concentrated on the same lines as had the European continent.

These new leaders exercised their power to import cheap labor, the exploitation of ‘free-trade’, and other sundry excuses to increase their stranglehold on the war-torn Republic. In the following forty-year period [after 1880], America took in over twenty-three millions of immigrants; most of which were of southeastern Europe. By 1920, this brought the American population to one hundred and five million. Since that time, America has allowed virtually every racial ‘type’ imaginable to come to these, our shores. Included in this influx of immigrants were persons known to be feeble-minded, along with other dysgenic disorders which, while being cognizant of their own needs, did not strictly speaking, understand the race-culture of the West or its tremendous advances in technology. These individuals were not of the same quality.

The catchwords ‘superior and inferior’ are not consonant in regards to this difference in quality. The simple fact is that we [as unique specie] are different as a Western people; we are incommensurate with other race-cultures. The most ‘gifted’ of all these non-Nordic elements Jews and Mongolians, to prove a point, have never assimilated, but remain, as always, a foreign organism in the American body-politic, as well as all other Western nations. It should be stated that in relation to what has just been said, over and beyond, is that these people which were in fact so different racially, or mentally, should never, and I repeat, never should have been allowed to come here in the first place – even those of the same race-culture, if lacking in the highest qualities of life. It is not intended to be mean-spirited when we say that their very soul is different. Their traditions [non-Western] so vastly coloured as to create a veritable impasse of values [perceptions]; indeed, it has become the ‘transvaluation’ of values belonging to the traditional [American] Western values. Add to this some thirty-million Negroes who, after no fault of their own, have added such a weight of alienness, that the full-blooded Western-man is virtually swamped by such a catastrophe. Consequently, he has felt the loss of his country, his culture – even now, he sees it pass from his hands. He is now dispossessed of his supremacy.

Like a victorious army, once becoming victorious, then pulling back, denies itself that ‘territorial victory’ allotted to the victor, and thereby forgetting and insulting the memory of those brave men before him who sacrificed all for that very victory, and thereby relinquishing their ‘right’ to any accompanying political considerations in the future. In like fashion, consequently, he [Western man] has lost his country; he has lost his identity. In the alienness that surrounds him he can find no escape: the names on the television screen become increasingly alien, the names from far away places which appear on local store-fronts, or the names of University professors and National leaders increasingly overwhelm him. Escape? He can find none.

All this has its consequences. Of these, the most deadly (although not readily seen), has been the attack on the spirit of Western man. Not only in America (for we are but a symptom), but the ‘entire’ Western world. This attack is at the very root of Western man’s soul. Once the sureness by which he could make his daily decisions were replaced by those ‘spirits’ so unlike him, that is, by those not of his own stock, he failed, and is failing to act with any real telling force; he is now impotent. No longer does he look upon faces such as his own, seeing what he sees. Can he know, for instance, that all his spirit feels, all he lives for, all that he is prepared to die for, all he holds sacred, is matched by his neighbor’s? In more poetic verse, Rudyard Kipling had this to say:

The stranger within my gate,

He may be evil or good,

But I cannot tell what powers

Control, What reasons sway his


Nor when the Gods of his far-off land

May repossess his blood.

The men of my own stock,

Bitter bad they may be,

But, at least they hear the

Things I hear, and see the things I see;

Whatever I think of them and their likes,

They think the likes of me.

 It is this view, precisely, which Western man feels intuitively.*

And this regardless of what those promoters of that ‘great leveling’ (that of ‘equality’), would have him believe. This solidarity then, being lost, Western man is also lost; he can no more see himself merged, grafted as it were, with those of his own stock. He can no longer feel himself as part of those, which surround him; he has lost the sense that his nation, his very birthplace, is himself, multiplied as it were, a hundred million fold. To speak of this ‘type’ of belonging is to see, clearly, a sense of Homeland; that illuminating, and mystical concept of belonging that will fight any imposture’ which seeks to replace the continuity of Race. The Legions of Rome pale considerably when compared to that of Sparta.

It is not now in vogue, nor is it ‘politically correct’ in today’s world, to invoke this reminder of our Western past; yet, Western man has proved himself a conqueror. (Do not balk at this comment, for behind every modern hard drinking worker, behind every homebody husband, there stands, albeit weakly, the warrior; sad it is, that most modern men rarely listen to that ‘ancient’, and noble calling. He is civilized today. But deep inside he hungers to be what his fathers were. All it will take is just one moment; just one passion that is able to pass through him during his daily routines that will wake him.)

His records and monuments are immemorial, and display his conquests since the earliest of epochs. Even in our present day, it is obvious that our conquests have given us what we consider our ‘heritage’, and our territory. The ‘concept’ of conquest, however, is a dirty word, almost criminal in nature. The Modern has labeled it a ‘hate crime’, and is wont to remind the world of its evil designs and consequences. The Modern would have us lay our spirit on the altar of mediocrity.

The West has, indeed, left its warrior spirit behind.*

Western man, deep inside, is ashamed of his ebb. Western man is now ashamed of his empires, ashamed of his very mastery, ashamed of his very ancestors – and these the very reason for his existence! For Empire, in the final analysis, was for the Nation; expansion necessary for the future of the race-culture. Only later was empire utilized by ‘money’, even as today, for its own end. Yet, today, what does he have to live or die for? What then is the ‘great attempt’ of Western man? He moans and pouts. He will not defend himself – nationally or individually. He presses not, in any direction, steadily or firmly in the direction of his survival; he apologizes not only for what he is, but also for what went before; his children know not whom their Fathers were, or the dreams they lived by. Yes, Western man is ashamed. But is he guilty? Must Western man demand and receive his untimely death/suicide? Must the West cease to exist because her sense of Destiny has made her the most beautiful of the families of man? Does the West accede to the demands of the masses that we become the same as they? Ask yourself, now, are our needs the same as the other race-cultures, which surround us? No! A thousand times no!!

 Of all the contagious, feeble-minded lies, it is that preached today of Human Equality which is most harmful to us! The religious leaders of today pound the pulpit, they scream their clarion calls to the mass that ‘man is equal’, that he shares equally the burdens of life: Of Higher-Culture. But these high priests speak of worlds other than their own. They wish for the becoming of space and time to be. They speak of the otherworld; a world of which they know absolutely nothing. They speak, as do all moderns, from altars of guilt, from bended knees. The Byzantine priests of yesteryear have been reborn. But what gave these men that very power, yes that very spirit to exhort and guide these masses, their own as well as others? The answer: Those to whom conquest allotted such power!!There is no such thing as equality in nature; only ‘man’ may, at times, control his environment and ‘establish law’ that will provide a modicum of relief to society  – past, present, or future. Each man will have, of necessity, similarities in his human nature that corresponds to his fellows, but he will not be equal. The truth is that each man has his worth; but truly, some men are worth more. Nature speaks clearly on this issue if one is honest in their search. She raises one, and crushes another. Can we see, yet disbelieve?


* See chapter III. Also see, “end note” by Alexis Carrel on the value of intuition. See Bibliography. FLS

* Note: Recent events in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe have brought this spirit back in focus. But, the ‘warriors’ that are participating in these contests are anything but a ‘cohesive unit’ in the ancient sense; that is to say a ‘unit’ fighting for its racial/cultural survival – as Nation – or as a People. These present-day warriors, brave though they are, as are all mercenary troops, fight for a geo-political interest. The outcome, win or lose, will not be for any so-called freedom, or democracy, but simply for the interests of other race-cultures (or race/cultural betrayers) which are involved in their own imperatives, without thought for our Western race-culture. The struggle for supremacy, in one sphere of influence or another, is millennial. It will remain so, for as long as there are men who take pride in themselves and their culture. To interdict ourselves into the spheres of interest of these other race-cultures is deleterious to our best long-term interest (our first President said as much); and to deny those fledgling race-cultures the right to their ‘will-to-power’, their ‘will-to-express’ is only expressed in ignorance or based upon an agenda of money and power (money serves itself; and very few who control vast treasuries will ever side on the team which places culture above the monied interests) which will not serve our people well in the long run. In fact, most if not all of recent military incursions have been against middling countries with little or no political strength, not to mention money or support mechanisms with which our sacrifice could be justified! No war of defense can be waged, honestly, which is not a war in defense of our past traditions and values particular to the West; or which is not done in direct consequence of alien territorial expansion on our own soil. The deaths of our young men, even those not of Western stock, is a crime against our humanity, our sense of the right and wrong of things. It is sure sign of decadence. FLS


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