The Struggle For Our Future: Ourselves Alone

The Battle Between Ourselves

The discussion, which has been thrown around the ‘campfire’ for three generations at least, revolves around the present competitors for the highest national office; it is a masterbatory discussion, and does nothing but feel good for a  moment – and then is gone. This discussion, of course, is just who do we ‘nominate’, and put into office of President – or any level of government for that matter.

What bar, exactly, to we gauge an individual or group? What philosophical world-view do we unanimously support? What personal attributes do we absolutely have to have, to morally and passionately get behind?

On this issue, a good discussion (and the comments too) has been re-issued here

Pat Buchanan is the central thrust, that is, he happens to be the nexus by which, in toto, we can amply see the divergence between White Nationalists and Conservatives; between pro-active and exhaustive ideas and ideals, and the worn-out, tired, and displaced (or unvoiced) legitimate ideals of conservatives.

Voting, as a franchise, for White men at least, is a farce, and those democratic ideals so often and repetitively given to the last generation of white men and women, have absolutely no positive relation fo our sense of volksgeist, or spiritual continuum. Pat Buchanan, certainly, has squandered his opportunity – is there a more concise and noble character within the political mainstream, I do not think so; however, with that said, his generation is just about dead-in-the-water, and the broken pieces have to be picked up – and White Nationalists are the only group willing  and able to do this.

Anything else is capitulation and suicide.



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