Remembering: David Eden Lane


David Eden Lane

David Eden Lane

November 2, 1938 – May 28, 2007

Many individuals lay claim to to a certain notoriety, and many in the world of politics, philosophy, Art or Literature receive their fare share of accolades; many do not.

True it is, that those who tread the those paths so often traveled rarely, are rarely known, as their lives are spent in quiet desperation, following their Muse, or their instincts, in search of something transcendent, perhaps not so spiritual as individual – that spark which marks one .from the other – and sometimes in ways that are misunderstood, or simply not presented in ways in which the normal person might comprehend This is left for others to do, the passage of time being part and parcel to any man’s Life.

Such is David Eden Lane

To those who know of him, or who knew him, a Requiem is not important today. But a few words should, on the Day of his Birth, be shared:

Many have heard of the 14 Words, an aphorism which sums up. in its brevity, the entire philosophy behind the essence of White Nationalism; but it is so much more. His Precepts, a collection of material which describes a world-outlook, a natural philosophy, which Mr. Lane developed over time, is easy to read, succinct, and has value far beyond today.

Mr. Lane was not an intellectual in the same vein as many construe an ‘intellectual’ in today’s parlance; there are literally thousands of individuals vying for a place in the Sun, and many have warmed themselves in the light of their words and deeds. Many, today, who are presented to the Public have a ‘thousand-year’ history behind them, some more. Mr. Lane was a recent addition to this collection of individuals, therefore, his acclaim or general familiarity is not as great as we feel it should be. The general milieu of racialists, nationalists, Yockeyists, Spenglerites, and an assortment of brilliant minds is the usual fare – indeed, their Corpus of works is staggering, and well deserved attention is paid them – but they are removed, somehow, from the day-to-day life-cycles of today – at least for most of us.

Mr. Lane was a Revolutionary figure.

He was not a ‘fighter’, per se, and he did not have Letters after his name: but what he did have was courage of conviction, courage of thought, and courage in every fiber of his body. Moreover, this individual declared himself ‘outside’ the norms of confinement, or the bonds of ‘modern thought’, to put it another way. He believed so strongly in the idea that all Peoples should, and must, have the right to entertain a sense of Destiny, sovereignty, and freedom which has, sadly, almost disappeared from the lexicon of the average American – in fact, most of the world, and the West in particular.

To most, these concepts are illusory, or simply a rhetorical and useless thought process in today’s environment – yet most would ‘claim’ to be all of the above, in one sense or the other – after all, as ‘americans’, these things ‘come with the territory’, and a passing glance does not seem to make the average person any more or less free or sovereign.

If one were to read the Precepts, or acknowledge the 14 Words however, it may appear that one’s world-view might change drastically. Take a look for yourself, and make up your own mind.

Mr. Lane sacrificed his whole adult life ( I wonder, how many really understand what this really means) in the pursuit of these aforementioned ideals, and spent almost Thirty years in prison, before finally succumbing to age and circumstance in an environment such prison offers, especially to an individual of sensitive, and intellectual capacity such as Mr. Lane.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, himself imprisoned, and went on much later to expose a regime which had murdered millions of his fellow citizens, and continued to ‘re-mold’ the Nation of his birth – such was the catalyst of Mr. Lane. In fact, in Mr. Lane’s White Genocide Manifesto he presents, as well, the case for the ‘murder of millions’ of White children, and the progressive and continuing demise of these unique individuals. Given the length of time, and the veracity in which these presentations were made, one would think that more people would be acquainted with them, and so they are; however, the tremendous struggle to present any view, in a mass way, is dependent upon the organized and uniform support of individuals who remain, uniquely, of the public domain. The support for this man’s ideals and ideas have withstood the assault of time, but we encourage as many as possible to continue and press ahead, reaching as many people as possible with this message.

We do not have Fundraisers, as yet, like many of the mainstream are doing, but it will come. Mr. Lane is simply the tip of the iceberg, and in the future we will highlight more individuals who have had a major impact on the relations of our folk-community, the struggle for an ethno-state, and the ideas necessary to present the public with a way to change their future’s for ever, and that of their children – and we feel, for the better.

During his years of imprisonment, Mr. Lane struggled with the knowledge that he was partly responsible for the ‘future of white children’, and being deprived of his own family was a tremendous source of pain and suffering for this man. After many years, he was introduced to a young woman, with an extended family of her own and began, what can be grudgingly called, a ‘relationship’, as Mr. Lane was in federal prison, which allowed almost not familial contact to speak of and, with time, started the 14 Word Press (now defunct), to help in spreading his ideas to the rest of the world. This was a phenomenal success, and the fourteen words was translated into every known Western language on the planet. With success, often comes jealousy and personal attacks; Mr. Lane and his new family received their due, and over the course of years, were estranged, yet Mr. Lane struggled on, and continued to write.

His health continued to deteriorate, and by the late 90′s had had up to nine ‘small strokes’, which had a telling influence upon his health. The many friends and acquaintances who had, previously, published his writings and musings were being replaced with others less versed with this man’s history and sacrifice, but the Youth of America, and the World, continued to develop in the ways and means of modern technology, and soon the standard bearers were reaching their early twenties, and a whole new generation was beginning to share with the world the works and sacrifice of David Eden Lane.

It is five years, today, that Mr. Lane died alone, but not forgotten, in an alien and undeserved environment. We Honour his Memory today, and share with millions of our folk-community, the loss of his passing. His memory, however, burns the brighter for the passage of time, and we hope that those who are not familiar with this man will, one day, feel as we do.

We will never forget.

Goodbye, David Lane ~ Saga

Radio with Tanstaafl: David Lane

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