Foundations: New Government

We Are Well On Our Way to New

A New Declaration:
Ours….And Forever

Government and a New State

by Frank L. DeSilva

Six months ago, I was asked to write an essay about the Election in process; not exactly what I wanted to do under the circumstances, and this is not necessariy a fullfillment of that request. It does, however, address the most important, cogent, and pressing of those issues which effect us, as White Nationalists.

Let me start off by simply saying that the ‘election’ turned out just the way it was supposed too. [Inserted – The Staff]

Over the last fifteen years, or so, it has been a fascinating lesson in both ‘group dynamics’, as well as ‘group psychology’, when it comes to white nationalism, and its various productive and non-productive elements – just as we see in the general population, and its encumbent political parties and group philosophies. Some of these include the elements of economics, taxation, education, religion and all the assorted ‘agendas’ and personaliites present within a core group of ‘true believers’ who, come rain or shine, are present to support their chosen candidate who, for the most part, represents the interests of his constituency.

Barrack Obama represented his ‘coalition’ of disparate racial, religious, economic and philosophical (or those who lack an understanding of many of these elements) beliefs; he has always been passionate (Cf. “The White Magic of Obama”) of his direction, and no matter the assorted sexual, personal, or political indescretions, of which many ‘white nationalists’ still attempt to use against any of our opposition, not fully understanding the battle-plan of ‘personal attack’, even if true, cannot overcome a logical, pre-emptive, and pro-active attack from our opposition. Period.

What works, instead, is the deliberate, logical, and oftimes revolutionary world-outlook, that is, as opposed to the main fare of conservative, regional, and limited religious attitudes, which serve only the interests of small, inbred, factions of the country; and this is where our opposition has beat the ‘right wing’ from its inception – they could care less if we, any of us, call them any of the invectives or levy any accusation which, to us, would shame most that we know. Their morality is, truly, different than ours. This is both our weakness, and our strength.

Romney is another matter entire.

It was obvious that Romney, being racially akin to each of us and, to some, representing the best we could do, was just another ‘play actor’ on a stage which has been choreographed for at least the past four generations, complete with individuals of our own stock, working tirelessly for a ‘brave new world’, independent of the usual suspects, and have seriously attempted to bring to bear that ‘new age’ where we can all lay down with the lions and the lambs, and get on to some greater picture of ‘humanity’ than, presently, we are able to produce. If it was not so serious, it would be laughable in the extreme. Not even the wild-eyed white nationalist sees any form of exotic beauty, whether in form or function, in a future ethno-state, as any grouping of individuals is prone to the lowest common denominator – but it can and will work, if we propose, and secure by those means necessary, a place to exist – it simply would not be paradise for all, at least not at first. Romney, for many, represented a slowing down, a cul-de-sac view of reality, to hopefully envelope what we all see as the ‘end of an era’. But what if it is?

Elections, political hacks, news moderators, the entire assortment of the controlling systems ‘social construct’, a construct which requires continuous attention and finances to maintain, mean nothing, absolutely nothing, to the direction we are heading, and where we need to head, if we are to not only survive, but to extend ouselves in a rational, and explicit fashion. The present-day elections will not change, nor will it derail, in any fashion, the fact that White Nationalists stand alone, and correct, in their assessment of the direction of our future, and the tactics by which we are to achieve the goals set out to secure a future for our people and a future for white children.

In fact, many of our decisions are being aided by the very electoral process, including the possibility, very great in fact, of Barrack Obama being reelected in November. Let me be clear on this point: Government is always based on variations of consensus, of coalitions, which either make or break a party, an organizaton, or a small group. We all know, or should know, that the nation is broken up into at least two major divisions, based on race-cultural and economic factors, but there are so many more, which can be assessed on an ongoing, and public discussion. Moreover, to cut to the chase, the more depleted we become, both in a racial and intellectual fashion, the more we will, ineluctably, be drawn into the deeper meanings of developing a racial state, a real and geographical state which must, of necessity, be continuously guarded, and developed. This is being done, ironically, by the very vestiges of the demise of the Republican party. The Death of this outdated, and dysfunctional party, has been determined for years; and it is about time.

The Coalition has been the death-knell for the conservative-based, basically white majority. Racial Nationalists have seen this for over a hundred years, and the last fifty years has seen an exponential increase in the dynamics of ‘coalition’. It was only a matter of time. The Vote for women was the first division, by fiat, of a coalescing of agendas, which would have a direct bearing on the establishment of the ‘franchise’, since the impetus behind this coalition was in direct opposition to the established pater familias of ancient European precedent, of Law. The second element was the finalization of the 14th amendment which, up to the sixties, was not really worth the paper it was written on; once this element (we are not debating the right or wrong of this franchise, only the reality of it) was finalized, it represented, in the abstract, if not the actual, the denial of our traditional way of life, and utilized the most basic of ‘american’ tenets: the One man, One vote element of our erstwhile democratic policy. It was a matter of numbers, and numbers do not lie. In our present election setting, the numbers are against us. Women and a coalition of ‘minorities’ writ large, will, most assuredly, take the day.

Of course, the reaction will be swift, the Republican party will assert, quietly at first, that they must, to survive, get on the coalition band wagon. Of course, this will happen – and all the better for us. Put simply, the white race, you and I, will stand little chance in a sea of diversity. This is nothing to be alarmed about, if one is a true White Nationalist. The whole point in being a white nationalist, is that we demand a place of our own, geographically, to work for our best interests; there is no middle-ground, and if one continues to apprehend the daily loss of sovereignty, of self-extension, one cannot honourably do any less. Let the others go the way they will. We have our own future to secure.

In Rise of The West, written many years ago, I tried to state, plainly, the position we were in, and that with which we were facing, in our struggle. A brief mention of certain points, I feel, is in order:


This simply recognizes that Whites will begin to show less and less sympathy for nonwhites. Their feelings of charity and aid to these groups will be limited to the altruistic, and philanthropic principles. Ethnic factors and values will be ever more prevalent in the political arena; the deadlock realized from this positioning will create ever more conflict, and prolong the process of governmental stagnation. Separatist movements will increase.


The path and direction laid out by ‘black power’ movements will continue to gain increased dominance in the realm of minority reality. Hispanics [mestizo] will gain the most impetus from this manifestation of power by ‘asserting’ those desires in maintaining the same space as their hosts; this desire, having some ‘historical’ validity, will only encourage and promote more separatism.


The  dissimilar values and attitudes expressed by these minority groups, as well as a predisposed animus toward the Western race-culture will, undoubtedly, cause in direct proportion to the level of conflict an animosity unparalleled in a modern democracy – since, in this environment, all contending parties will be able to have ‘their’ voices heard. Unification of these ‘groups’ will, however, find the value of cooperation with each other, against those of Western Stock. The expression of this cooperation will take on more strident and ‘defensive’ racism [as seen and promoted by these groups] against those of Western stock.


Once  passive, whites will become combatants in continuing ethnic violence. Not being politically astute in the areas of ‘specialization’ areas such as immigration, housing, and the like, the average white-worker will, inevitably, become more estranged and enraged by the amounts of money spent on ‘social reform’, and ‘grants’ of housing and other commodities, as those of Western stock start to feel the loss of what they had come to expect of their ‘way of life’; while they, the white American, are seemingly doing without, paying exorbitant taxes, and seeing little in any real return which affects them, personally, they will soon react. Whites will soon shed the ‘image’ of black, or any other ‘minority’ as victim – this will allow his [white] true feelings to come to the surface. Anger and resentment in the ‘work-place’ will continue to grow at an enormous rate. Frustration will turn to anger – for all parties involved – and one or more groups will elicit various responses including, but not limited too, violence against persons and property, political challenges such as ‘education’, ‘jobs’ [i.e. once granted, never given up], ‘citizenship’, and nationalist sentiments, on all sides, as to their idea of racial, and political hegemony on a local and national level.

Not only has this begun,  it is showing remarkable strides in this direction. This is, remember, not dire warnings, as the retiring and weakened generation may, af first, see it; it is rational and deliberate natural out-come of years of cowardice, religious stupidity, and out-right treason on the part of individuals who think that to escape the flood, all must board the ‘ark’ of salvation. Any passing understanding of History will sink that idea, and must. Our ship-of-state may be moored to decrepit material, but we do float, and are presently filling the decks with dedicated, intelligent, and motivated individuals, across the spectrum of age, trades, economics (indeed, Business stands a much better chance with us, than with them)

We see the above transpiring, and I must add a little more:


Conflict  of twenty years ago between black and white used to take on the picture of ‘small’ rising against the ‘big’. Now, it takes on the picture of ‘inter-group’ against ‘inter-group’. The lines of political demarcation are diminished. Racial antagonisms are increased based on perceptions of the level of achievements between ‘groups’ and ‘sub-groups’. Black students, as with other minorities, receive ‘preferential treatment’, be it real or perceived, and then fail to ‘make the grade’. This further disenfranchises whites. The ‘right’ to address these issues by White Student Unions, papers, and staff will create issues of ‘freedom of speech’ and the real ability to use the ‘forum’ of the Campus for their attempts at recognition as a racial unit. The policy of ‘selection’ in regards to enrollment of ‘special’ groups will further alienate the white student. He will sense the shift in traditional norms in every field of education. European studies will decrease – those who wish to follow this traditional ‘western’ path will be termed racist, and insensitive.

All this will sow the seeds of racial discord and anger, and see a loss in actual Western alumnae.


The political outcome, of minority political power, will be predicated upon which group holds the coalition together, and what ‘alliances’ are made, and with which ‘sub-group’. In response to this, will be the emergence of a new Nationalist/Racialist Party – or some racially conscious PAC embolden by a central figure – either an individual or an [existing] institution which has a more radical approach to the issues of the day. This will be a racial alliance first and foremost.

Religionists will be drawn to one another, or be forced to split that party or institution, which is now representing them. Hispanic ‘Catholicism’ may prove to be a decisive factor amongst Irish, Italians, or others traditionally of the catholic experience. The ‘Poles’ as well, would be drawn to their co-religionists – but the racial distinctiveness between themselves and other non-Western stock will force any realignment necessary. The Irish, and Italians will be valuable assets in any coalition; should the Irish prove to be inclined, as have their fathers, then whichever they decide, their religion will be first and foremost, as their sense of ‘race’ has been contravened by their religious history, to follow their deity. Italians will, as is their nature, follow their passions, wherever this takes them, but are inclined to follow their sense of ‘western imperialism’ and will be split here in America as to how, properly, to address this issue. All in all, those of the West will, ultimately, choose to participate in a ‘working’ relationship with each other, no matter the small dissenting minority ‘within’ Western culture, and support the growing sense of Western identity.

Continuing ‘legislative’ dominance by minority pressure groups will force the growth of this ‘white coalition’ and will receive the support of the military over those ‘interest’ groups, which have facilitated the breakdown and massive social experimentation of the armed forces. This would be needed, of course, to qualify the largest amount of ‘public’ perception as to the legitimacy of political change. The trappings of military ‘order’ will draw the white-mass for good or ill. The extent to which the military and civilian forces, both political and personal, will accommodate one another will be gauged by both the ‘internal’ and ‘external’ stimulus exerted on either one individually, or collectively. A militarization of the populace will occur spontaneously regardless, as a matter of course.

These last two are of primary importance in both the short-term, and the long.

This leaves us with the realization that Obama, the candidate of the mob, and Romney, the candidate of Finance, have let a portion of their constituency go; Obama, because he does not really need the generation of White men who, in the main, have little future left, as the majority are in their last stages of life, have already produced for the hungry monster which is our lot, and Romney appears, at least on the surface, as an effete and socially distant, if not also an indicator of his wealth and position (all earned in its own fashion), have kept him from closing the deal, so to speak, and lacked the passion and racial integrity to bring all of us into One House. This latter seems to be congruent with the rationale of compromise, and in this respect, has not only signed his ‘walking papers’, but that of his extended racial relations, as well.

Both serve a larger agenda. Obama will, as his coalition continues to swell, continue to dominate the political scenery, while at the same time, further distancing himself and the Democratic/republican Party further from the mainline and, in our case, more radicalized elements which will, if we are dedicated, survive only by unifying our positions, articulating them to our fellows, and continue the political and propaganda necessary to assert ourselves in a more demonstrable way. This will leave us, undoubtedly, to weather the slings and arrows of not only our opposition, but the criticism of our own fellow citizens; let this slow you down not at all – the noxious cowardly attitude of a majority of our fellow whites has passed a water-mark, if the future is given once again, to those who would, and have, rewritten our way of life – if they are not with us, then they are against us, and praying for them will not extricate them, or us, from a certain future if we fail to act.

We do not have to worry about conforming to the policies and suicidal tendencies of the Republican Party; we have our own, albeit fledgling and untried, party, a White Nationalist world-outlook, and if we keep our growing ranks of leaders and dreamers, with their feet close to the fire, we can formulate an even more impressive and dominant presentation for our long-term future.

Our Radio shows and written commentary are starting to look good – I like the National Public Radio model – and as more presentations occur, a single source, at least the largest of our efforts, will be seen; we have much to talk about, and a professional venue is, certainly, in the near future. Those individuals with finance, have an obligation to either create, or support, institutions of this nature.

If the rhetoric of Bill Johnson, and the acumen of Dr. Kevin MacDonald, to name just two, continue to articulate and present a cogent white nationalist dialogue, and help to sponsor, or evolve into a more professional Political Party, then the ground-work is simply a matter of all of us being at the disposal of a few dedicated, sincere, and active men and women, which will, for the first time, demand attention.

We need to stimulate an economy, an economy not based on Service – this has been one of my peeves for thirty years; there are many programs we might institute which would not only save ourselves, but would also rid us of these speculators, the accumulation of wealth without any social conscience and, for a while, benefit all-comers, until that time we may dissociate ourselves, and thrive or fall, on our own.

In Foundations of The Twenty-First Century, there are listed, at least as a beginning, a format to reach the general population of our folk-community, adding to them will only assure us of a comprehensive and articulate foundation to continue our way into the future. All our voices are important – let’s get busy.

The break-up of the Republican Party, and the insertion of a viable and active political and street organization is the future of White Nationalism. We can thank the retreat of an ‘old party’ whose time has passed, and relish the thought of a Party, and a place to exist for ourselves, alone.

Copyright 2012


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