Political Reality: The Vote Without Universal Suffrage

What The 2012 Election Would Have Looked Like Without Universal Suffrage

These five maps look at how the 2012 election would have played out before everyone could vote.

President Barack Obama has been elected twice by a coalition that reflects the diversity of America. Republicans have struggled to win with ever-higher percentages of the shrinking share of the population that is white men — “a Mad Men party in a Modern Family world,” in the words of one strategist.

But at America’s founding, only white men could vote, and the franchise has only slowly expanded to include people of color, women, and — during the Vietnam War — people under 21. These maps show how American politics would have looked in that undemocratic past.

2. Map 1: 1850

Before 1870, only white men could vote. Here’s how the election would have looked before the 15th Amendment.

Map 1: 1850
More Here: Maps

3 thoughts on “Political Reality: The Vote Without Universal Suffrage

  1. starera

    Johan, yes, that is the key to the decline of the West in a nutshell. Western civilization survived plagues and invasions and came back stronger, but could not survive universal suffrage. Empires which had managed to survive centuries all fell within fifty years of granting female voting, to be replaced by feeble welfare states which now fail to even protect their own borders. The sex whose prime function is to nurture our young must have those tender sensibilities suitable for that role, but they are fatal ones when it comes to ruling a nation.

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