Robert N. Taylor: A Legacy Of Resistance

[Counter Currents Radio hit a homerun with this broadcast. The history of ‘pre-White Nationalism’ is a powerful legacy; one in which we would forget at own peril.

Forget the SDS, the Weathermen, or even the Black Panthers, what was developed, and carried through more so than may be allowed to be actually known, is the record of the Minutemen, an irregular Militia, founded on an anit-communist platform, and with time, found out that the ‘real’ communists were those who had infiltrated their government, and were now responsible for their hotly contested role in protecting the values and traditions of the past.

Reactionary to a degree, these individuals complimented, as do all professional attempts, a wide range of interests, religions, and world outlooks.

Robert DePugh, the founder of the Minutemen, was an extremely well-read individual who, besides his penchant for learning, was an active and devout  follower of the ‘art of war’, especially when it came to counter-insurgency.

We highly recommend this interview of Robert N. Taylor, a soft spoken man who, after many years of activity, has developed a spiritual connection with himself, as well as the gods of his ancestors.]


Attack the System
Interview with Robert N. Taylor

79:48 / 279 words

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Join Keith Preston as he interviews musician and former activist Robert N. Taylor


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