Foundations: The Struggle This Time

What Do White Nationalists


Expect This Time?

So, here we are.

The Election is over, and the rhetorical responses have already started in tandem, and with a voracious appetite for destruction.

The first salvo, complete with the tired and sloppy presentation of pictures and the obligatory hit-pieces, are surprisingly weak, effeminate, and lacking in any structured and deliberate prose, one might expect in the ‘anti-white’ campaigns. Don’t worry, they are bound to come; but this time, the narrative will be very much different than in years past.

No longer will commentary, and public discussion, be bound by the old-fashioned fear of being called a ‘racist’, the term ‘nazi’, for many of the liberal-left, or those simple deracinated whites will, unfortunately, always bring the negative to bear, but even this, is losing its traction amongst those who would deliberate and discuss the issues dearest to the general white population: demographics, schools, family life, and the simple matter of economic displacement.

These are White Nationalist issues – not republican or conservative issues any longer. The ‘republican party’ has not been an american institution for some several generations, and those who succumbed to their ramblings, and their membership in the ‘two-party’ system, in the service of business and money, and who promoted that great ‘sucking sound’, which has removed our industrialization, our economic determinism, and our national status as the first-world nation, is to be laid, firstly, on the shoulders of the ‘republican party’, and those who directed and sponsored it (the list is long) – then on the denizens of ‘white america’.

Iowa voters come to mind.

The tone and long-term discussion is not up for the usual fare; and the facts and figures speak for themselves. The white race-culture, that extended and organic collection of individuals, will not, must not, continue in the atomized and ‘individualistic’ randomness which has been the mantra of those who ever seek to ‘displace and dilute’ the powerful and inclusive nature of race. It is what has built this ‘american empire’, and White Nationalists are not ashamed of this legacy, and care not one bit, if the strangers amongst us, or members of our own house, are reticent or made to feel ‘guilty’ about these public sentiments.

Those Days ar long gone.

It has always been known, by white nationalists, that the battle is for the ‘hearts and minds’ of our people, and the nascent and politically inept parties which have begun to begin their trek into the political realm, is simply that – a beginning. It will not take long, however, and the momentum will become an avalanche, and the new developing core of public speakers and intellectuals will, and must, come quickly together with those committed street activists which are so essential to this new direction.

This has already begun.

Those ‘usual suspects’ who would seek to derail this momentum, have very little to offer against this awakening this time around; the shaming tactics of yesterday will not work, the tactics of ‘isolating’ and ‘abusing’ individual spokesmen (those who have a  social acceptance within White Nationalist circles), without benefit of public reaction will combat this attack, and the cointelpro-style attacks on ‘personal character’ will affect some, but many will overcome this, and as the folk-community stands to defend them (this might be less than a hundred persons at any given occasion), the consistent and normalizing effect this will have on the greater white nationalist struggle, will develop an unstoppable momentum to developing a strategic and organized Political Movement, and the end-game, as we see it, is an ethnic State.

Our Rose Revolution has been building for some time.

Let’s continue to add the highest of nutrients, find that place in the Sun, best suited for its growth, and water it daily.

Remember: Do right, and fear none.


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