Foundations: To Know Ourselves


The Knowing of Ourselves

by Frank L. DeSilva

It is a certainty that the West is, once again, beginning to awaken from a long slumber; the issues of Finance being just a single volley, in the coming battle. Religion, as most White Nationalists see it, can be both counter-intuitive, as well as a race-denial wedge, as is presently being used by our opposition, and are usually pensive when discussing these issues around members of their community who, by and large, are simple ‘followers of the way’, without any knowledge whatsoever of the history, or convoluted imperatives of either party. The wool of these believers is kept close to the skin these days.

If we, as a People, are to remain honest with ourselves, and it remains to be seen if we have the back-bone for this, then we must weigh in the balance what is dearest to us: that of a healthy and vibrant future, with all the hopes and dreams of yesteryear being fulfilled with our stalwart dedication to the dream of our fathers and mothers, in our Constitution and our political inspirations, without the dregs of a far-away land, no matter the claims that we owe them or not. We have our own imperatives, and should not shirk in making our positions known.

As White Nationalists, we must encourage debate, and ferret out the false from the true. We are not a theologically inspired political idea, but that does not mean that white nationalists are devoid of dogma and tradition, and it is incumbent upon us all, in every Western land, to know about our histories, and our religions, so that we may more intellectually and personally be always vigilant of those who would ‘rewrite’ our past and, more importantly, our Future.

America is in for the greatest debate of this Age. Be prepared.

In the weeks and months to come Americans, and specifically White Nationalists, should anticipate more discussion regarding the future of our nation, the disparate parts within this country, and just what we must accept in realizing how to ‘keep the peace’ in these heady and dangerous days. By all means, we should all enter the arena of debate, for the future of our nation is at stake and we are, after all, each one of us, responsible for what we leave our children. The demands upon our time, largess, and even our very lives in foreign nations, especially those who, whether legitimate or not, seek our constant aid and military intervention, should show us all just how precarious this ‘internationalism’ has become – whether this makes any difference to the millions of deracinated individuals within our folk-community remains to be seen – but to the White Nationalist, the choices are very clear. To the White Nationalist, whether his search reveals the same conclusions as mine, every genuine fighter will show respect to the searching opponent, but not to the ‘old guardians of religious dogma’ who believe that they must at all costs hang on to their tenuous positions, and thereby creating such an impasse which, with time, destroys the fabric of free thought, debate and, ultimately, the destruction of our racial identity.

But we digress.

The White Nationalist sees himself as a spiritual vessel, filled with facts and influences which increase the inner drive held deep within him; this sense of intuition, of self-knowledge, seems a distraction to those whose life is filled with repetition, and constant stimuli from institutions and individuals who, for the most part are, themselves, stretched, far removed from their former selves – who could see white and black – and know the difference.

The White Nationalist, however, sees the values of the racial soul, which stand as driving forces behind this new [white nationalist] image of the world, but has not yet fully become a living consciousness, that is, a fully grown political programme yet, nevertheless resonates, feebly, in the unorthodox and middling offshoots of today’s aspiring political parties; soul means race seen from within, and this is sadly lacking in our present day sociopolitical movements. Moreover, race is the external side of an individual or collective soul. To the white nationalist, the awakening of the racial soul to life means to recognize its highest value, and, under this authority, to designate to these other values their organic position in the State, in Art, and in Religion, in Music. This is the struggle of our era; to create a new human form out of a new view of life (or is this simply the reaffirmation of the Old?). The white nationalist knows, for this, courage is needed; the strength of each single individual, and the impetus of the entire generation growing up in this direction, indeed of those many generations to follow. Today’s reality is not without chaos, and chaos has never been mastered by those who lack the courage and information necessary to make a change;  and a new world has never, and will never, be constructed by cowards. The white nationalist knows that whoever wishes to go forward, must therefore also burn bridges behind him. The white nationalist strives for what he sees as the highest mark, and must then turn his back on what has failed him. The white nationalist knows that of all these others he, and he alone, will be that tool of reconstruction; let the others wallow in their uncertainty and false courage or join us. The Nation of yesteryear is gone.

Copyright 2010


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