On Rats and Sinking Ships

The Rodents of AmsterdamRat

by The Editors


As Pastor Martin Niemöller famously wrote:

First they came for the loud, obnoxious, drunken neighbors who defecated on my front lawn, tossed their beer bottles through my window, harassed my children, raped my sister, shot my dog, set my car on fire, and spit in my face, but I did not speak out, because I was not one of them.

Last year the city of Amsterdam fielded an estimated 13,000 complaints of “antisocial” behavior, much of it perpetrated by people who already leech off the public dole. The city’s mayor, Eberhard van der Laan from the left-leaning Labor Party, recently announced a roughly $1.3-million plan to relocate some of Amsterdam’s chronic troublemakers into shipping-container homes on the outskirts of town. (Apparently, deportation still isn’t an option.) Offenders would be required to stay in such facilities for a minimum of six months and face steady surveillance by social workers and police. Despite the program’s punitive nature, they will still receive free lodging and healthcare.

“The European welfare state, like that in America, still chugs along blindly unaware that it is unsustainable.”
The mayor claims the program will protect those who behave themselves yet are forced to suffer harassment from those who don’t. Bartho Boer, a spokesman for the mayor, claims the program is designed to “defend the liberal values of Amsterdam”:

We want everyone to be who he and she is—whether they are gay and lesbian or stand up to violence and are then victims of harassment. We as a society want to defend them….The aim of this scheme is not to reward people who behave badly with a brand-new, five-room home with a south-facing garden.

A city spokeswoman named Tahira Limon told the BBC:

Usually people are scared to report problems for fear of intimidation. It’s an upside down world and we want to change it so the people who cause the problems are moved.

The program, which incorporates a team of “harassment directors” who field anonymous complaints made to a hotline, has been compared to a similar suggestion made in 2011 by staunchly anti-Islamic Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who proposed building tuigdorpen, roughly translated as “scum villages,” to house the city’s chronic troublemakers:

Repeat offenders should be forcibly removed from their neighborhood and sent to a village for scum. They will then be put into converted containers as homes. If juveniles are involved, their families should be moved, too. Put all the trash together.

The idea of creating such malefactors’ ghettos on Amsterdam’s geographical fringes has drawn loud analogies to leper colonies, gulags, and, but of course, Nazi concentration camps.

Ironically, the term “concentration camp” itself was largely popularized over 100 years ago during the Second Boer War when British forces in South Africa herded over 100,000 Dutch-descended soldiers and civilians into dozens of tented camps.

Historically, the herding together and quarantining of “undesirables” has been justified on grounds that are either behavioral (as in British convicts being exported to Australia and the American colonies), ideological (as in every communist “reeducation camp” throughout history), or racial (as in Europe’s Jewish ghettos, South Africa’s “Bantustans,” Palestinians in the West Bank, and so-called “Native Americans” along the Trail of Tears). It is also a ubiquitous practice in almost all wars, both during the conflict and after the smoke has cleared.

And now Dutch officials, despite their nation’s perennial reputation for tolerance, are finding themselves forced to wage a small-scale war on chronic troublemakers by banishing The Netherlands’ netherworld to The Netherlands’ hinterlands.

Amsterdam’s plan is nominally based on behavior, but what if most of this behavior can be traced to a specific group of ethnic aliens? Rightists such as Geert Wilders openly identify the troublemakers as Muslims who refuse to assimilate and instead view themselves as hostile colonists rather than genial immigrants. Leftists such as Amsterdam’s mayor would finger them as people who disproportionately engage in violent “hate crimes” against homosexuals. Either way, it’s roughly the same group. Whatever you deign to call them, it’s becoming unavoidably obvious that no, we can’t all get along.

The EU, which seeks to murder and cannibalize any remaining vestiges of distinct European national cultures, will not be happy with these recent developments in Amsterdam. It will likely seek to argue that these rude, obnoxious, troublesome, and steadfastly non-assimilating Muslim youths are suffering a violation of their “natural rights” to bash, insult, demean, and rape their host population.

Cloistered liberal elites are infamous for never having to endure the downside of their ham-fisted egalitarian policies. Although in theory they exalt the “oppressed”—i.e., society’s scum, vermin, and dregs—they conveniently tend to never live anywhere near them.

The European welfare state, like that in America, still chugs along blindly unaware that it is unsustainable. Multiculturalism is a delusion that all cultures are compatible, when it’s obvious that multiculturalism is only compatible with itself—and then only temporarily, because it inevitably splinters into gays fighting against blacks against women against Muslims.

The globalists who insist the world’s inhabitants be concentrated together into the same camp, those “enlightened” few who can’t distinguish between compassion and naiveté, seem unaware that it is precisely such compassion that creates such monsters. They’re familiar with the maxim that if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, but they don’t realize that if you give a man a sheep, he’ll likely end up sodomizing it daily.

In the end, few of those who are embraced by multiculturalists seem willing to return the favor. Perhaps they’re acting in an “antisocial” manner because they never wanted to fit into the host society.

Officials across the political spectrum in The Netherlands are realizing that not everyone behaves equally. Neither the left nor the right can ignore or deny that there’s a problem. This may only be the start of something enormous. Maybe it’s a portent of something much bigger, something not tidily managed with a few dozen extra social workers and shipping containers. Perhaps this is all hyperbole, and Amsterdam will be able to effectively deal with its recidivist ne’er-do-wells. Or maybe the rodents of Amsterdam are mere rats on a ship that’s ready to sink.


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