Reflections On The Season: A Correspondence

Reflections On The Season: A Correspondence

[Correspondence from the author, Frank L. DeSilva, to a Staff member – December 2010]

It is that time of the year: it is more friendly, people come to your home and share tender and personal moments, which they forgot, or failed to share with you during the previous year; the community is pro-active, helping and encouraging those in need, the churches are helping the sheep, and even their parishioners. It is a time of seasonal change, of the turning of the trees, their colours blazing like a sunburst, and either snow or sun, depending upon the area of the nation you inhabit.

Living in Idaho County, Idaho has been a unique experience. It is snowing outside, and the neighbors are wrapped tightly, inside their homes; the smoke from two dozen chimneys is making its way across my field of view, slowly rising and dispersing as it does, and the smell of it waifs through the house, and beyond to the outlying plains and valleys. It is a beautiful sight.

Not much work, but the people are taken care of, by each other, and there are few individuals, if any, who are unsheltered or un-fed. There is a unique mix of social darwinism here – folk-community, as it has begun to be called in certain circles – with a dash of ‘christian compassion’, and civic-minded social understanding.

There are Churches everywhere, demarcating the individual inclinations of the diverse population; the Catholic church, once very prominent and strong, with its full compliment of priests and nuns, Monasteries and Convents dotting the landscape from the south of the State, to the upper reaches of the panhandle. So, it is because of this time of year, and what has transpired here, that I wanted to say a few things, and pass along my observations.

Throughout the nation, and for most of my adult life, there has been a war against the specific attitudes and ethnic predispositions of Christianity. Many years ago, in fact, I was ordained a ‘christian minister’, and had variously ministered and fought to defend the tenets of ‘the christ’, and defended and actively sought out those who would trample the essence of a Western tradition, in my mind, created through years of unique European influence and intellectual thought. Gnosis, is the application of thought, and the subtleties of ethnic hegemonies produce their own unique and telling differences. Institutions and the social fabric, imbue any religious or spiritual climate with the proclivities and predispositions, which are afforded to their nature. No government policy makes it so, but is molded by these social and racial manifestations.

I do not claim this religious technic as my own, as I once did.

I have many friends, good friends and loyal, some Christian and not, and this has got me thinking during this special time for many of us, as it still remains one of my favorite times of the year.

Throughout the nation, there still exists a ‘war on christmas’, as many such as Peter Brimlow have pointed out, and still there are hundreds making the same point. Christians are still unsettled by the obvious and direct attacks levied at their ‘god’, and their institutions; they attend their churches, listening patiently to the shepherd of their flock, hearing the beautiful and melancholy verses brought to bear about the ‘life and death’ of their christos, and the legacy which was left for these true believers to emulate and pass on – but this is not happening. Moreover, in truth, this has been lessened for over four generations, slowly succumbing to the state mandated secular interests, and bringing with it a significant loss of prestige and political power, which the ‘church’ used to be able to bring to bear. Why has this changed? Is it really the end of the world?

Here in Idaho, the remnants of a European experience yet remain; in microcosm, it is typical of what has already happened in the nation we used to know as our own, and it is noteworthy that that these remnants exist at all, and in different manifestations. For one, this area (Central Idaho) has many different civic and social societies (Eagles, Moose Lodge, Masons, etc.) that perform, on a daily basis, the stated purposes of the church, at least the protestant churches, that the ‘body’ needs social intercourse to instruct and extend the Word. The ‘war on christmas’ does not exist here, in Boise it is another matter, as there are at least two Minarets in that once, and beauty town, now turned into a cosmopolis of diversity and crime.

This war does not seem to exist here, because Idahoans are, fundamentally, a very secular people, at least those who are under forty, yet the men still have manners, the women are polite, if not a little rough (on the Idaho side, but in Washington State, the look and feel of southern California is dominant); they seem to lack a religious passion, but their social interaction embodies the Christian spirit. A strange dichotomy, no?

No. It seems to be that people here are infused with a social breakdown of cultural imperatives, such as old Germanic, Italian, and French social norms, which, despite the religious history and, at times, hostility, remain unique, and unified European enclaves – and this has been passed down to the children. Church attendance seems to be relatively stable, as far as I can tell, but the mean age seems to be around sixty five to seventy. There are couples with children, mostly in the protestant churches, or ‘open bible’ varieties. However, this is about all the religiosity one sees.

To this day, the people of the northwest still invoke their individuality to excess, as they jealously protect their postage-stamp properties, unless one is in to Timber or Crops; their sense of individual rights extends, as many remember, to the right to keep and bear arms – and this is not for the sole purpose of Hunting. The natural and inherent understanding of climate and social development are still strong, yet religion seems to have taken a back seat. Christmas ornaments are everywhere however, and Christmas cards are replete with the full exposure of ‘Jesus is the Reason…’, and a compliment of Yule and wiccan cards are found in the chain malls.

So, as I was sitting and reflecting, knowing full well the angst and trepidation of folks across the nation regarding the ‘death of christmas’, not to mention Christianity, my thoughts move into the direction, which I and others faced, many years ago: that whining and complaints have done nothing, absolutely nothing, in my lifetime, to stem the tide of anti-Christian movements, governmental reductionism, and outright disenfranchisement of this system of belief. And I don’t care, have not cared for some time. Why should I, or any of us, care one wit, if the ‘followers of the way’ are too cowardly and weak to present their beliefs in demonstrable ways? This goes doubly for those ersatz ‘political activists’ who, in the main, promote their world-views from home, or in groups of two or three – but not in public, prepared to bleed in defense of their beliefs.

If ‘christians’ wish to promote their dogma, to pass these on to their children, then it is simply a matter of standing one’s ground, as a group, as opposed to single individuals, such as White Nationalism promotes.

The thought of individual believers, working on behalf of Jesus is ludicrous, since at every turn, the Christian mindset has devolved, shrunken, and sadly turned tail and run away from those teachings which, just a few generations ago, gave meaning to an entire culture, for better or worse, and was known throughout the world as the spiritual mark of this nation; it is tragic then, that if Christ lives, his disappointment must be great, in both his sacrifice, and the lack of it, on the part of those who claim to be living and walking in his image.

Since my release from prison for, among other things, seeking to establish a place where our people could, in a pure sense, establish a place to live, alone, amongst our own kind, as well as establish a ‘Christian land’ has, over the years, proven to be a job harder won than imagined – and all for lack of honest men and women, calling themselves ‘christians’, yet lacking the intestinal fortitude or foresight, to support and instill these tenets for their own benefit, and that of their children, even when others were actively promoting this ideal. The modernity of the ‘new’ Christian, replete with the self-serving interests of the mob, granting some grand ecumenicalism, to all and sundry, making the Christian of European descent feel, for a moment, that they have redeemed another soul, another innocent, washed in the blood. The reality, however, shows the lessening of those of the West, the baptismal filled to overflowing with anyone but those who brought this ‘religion’ to these shores. It makes some sense, then, that if the believers of Christ will not protect his ‘sacraments’, then they may not expect his protection –at least this is how it used to be viewed.

For my part, it has been a long haul; fate has decreed many things, and I have been told by the government that I will not be allowed to remain here, as the area I have moved to, is deemed ‘one of the most anti-government’ areas in the nation, and they put this in writing. Being denied access to the Internet (since 1997) has maintained my penmanship, but has seriously dismantled my familial relationships (this includes the tender lives of my children), as utilizing the modern technology afforded to the most inept foreigner, is kept from me (as well as the family). And one thing more, those who have taken my family, my home, and have made it almost impossible to be hired, have called themselves Christians, and practice their faith once a week, as well as receive their government paychecks, twice a month.

My hope and vision for our people is unchanged.

The ways and means to achieve these ends remain fixed and clear; individuals of faith, both in the world of political realities and spiritual necessities, must do what everyone who claims to represent something does, and that is to live for it, and to fight for it.

A War on Christmas? There can only be a war if there are two distinct armies, and both armies must be actively engaged in the struggle; if one fights with words, and one fights with words, with force and the threat of force, along with the power of established institutions, it is not really a war is it? It is a slaughter.

If Bill O’Reilly is the standard-bearer, and passes as a ‘christian solder’, who has spoken so much vitriol against ‘white persons’ who stand for political realities as ‘nazis’ and shows utter contempt for their rights and intentions to secure an existence for our people and a future for white children, then this type of Christianity is best suited for the general consumption, and deserves the end, which is in store for them: the Concentration camp.

It is my hope that your Christmas is filled with happy memories, and that your family does well in the coming year….



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