Publication Of ‘Imperium’

[It is too bad that we do not know a lot about the Publishers who are producing this amazing presentation of a seminal work by Francis Parker Yockey. We always try and verify the credentials of pro-Nationalist/White Nationalist Businesses, and the list of titles is noteworthy, as are many of the names associated with it.

This is not, however, indicative of their noble purposes, outside of making a profit, but this work should be purchased without reservation, as it will undoubtedly become a ‘collectable’, and the information (by FPY) is essential for all who seek to understand our place in History, and our role in the Future.

The Staff here, highly reccomend this version, if only to continue the legacy of one of our greatest thinkers and patriots. The Staff ]

Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium:
Accepting Pre-Orders

James Stevenson

Written without notes in Ireland, and first published pseudonymously in 1948, Imperium is Francis Parker Yockey’s masterpiece. It is a critique of 19th-century rationalism and materialism, synthesising Oswald Spengler, Carl Schmitt, and Klaus Haushofer’s geopolitics. In particular, it rethinks the themes of Spengler’s The Decline of the West in an effort to account for the United States’ then recent involvement in World War II and for the task bequeathed to Europe’s political soldiers in the struggle to unite the Continent—heroically, rather than economically—in the realisation of the destiny implied in European High Culture. Yockey’s radical attack on liberal thought, especially that embodied by Americanism (distinct from America or Americans), condemned his work to obscurity, its appeal limited to the post-war fascist underground. Yet, Imperium transcents both the immediate post-war situation and its initial readership: it opened pathways to a deconstruction of liberalism, and introduced the concept of cultural vitalism— the organic conceptualisation of culture, with all that attends to it. These contributions are even more relevant now than in their day, and provide us with a deeper understanding of, as well as tools to deal with, the situation in the West in current century. It is with this in mind that the present, 900-page, fully-annotated edition is offered, complete with a major foreword by Dr. Kerry Bolton, Julius Evola’s review as an afterword (in a fresh new translation), a comprehensive index, a chronology of Yockey’s life, and a appendix, revealing, for the first time, much previously unknown information about the author’s genealogical background.

About the author:

Francis Parker Yockey (1917 – 1960) was an American political thinker. A lawyer by training, he worked as a review attorney during the Nuremberg Trials in Germany, a post he abandoned on ethical grounds. He is best known for his monumental neo- Spenglerian opus, Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics, written at the age of 30 and later distilled into a political manifesto, The Proclamation of London. He was a rare American, in that his radical critique of liberalism drew from continental European philosophy. His work is unique in the English language.

What others have said:

Yockey’s diagnostic method allows one to see beyond the surface of problems which are often otherwise reduced to simplistic formulas . . . Yockey correctly understood cultural threat of the USA to Western Civilization, and this is his continuing relevance for analyzing the geopolitical situation.

—Dr. Kerry Bolton,
Author and Fellow of the Academy of
Social and Political Research, Athens

Yockey’s Imperium and Proclamation [the subsequent manifesto], like Spengler’s Decline, are, despite their many problems, unlike anything else in our language—in their global understanding of the West’s present decay and of the tasks this declining period demands of its political soldiers.

—Dr. Michael O’Meara,
author of New Culture, New Right

Where to pre-order:

Imperium is already with the printers and scheduled for publication in January 2013.

A special pre-order price of £29.99 (25% discount) will be available for individual customer pre-orders until and including 6 January 2013.

To pre-order, click here.


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