Foundations: We Ourselves Alone

January 4, 201334 Comments

Farnham O’Reilly

When you — a citizen in a democracy wherein you are taught that issues affecting your life and values must be responsibly decided by vote — discover one morning your vote does not count, that others really can vote early and often, and that a coalition of minorities are indeed the new majority who will and must exercise their freedoms by gleefully stripping you of your freedoms, where do you go from there?

The answer has been the same for thousands of years — secession. The results of the last national election were bitter to many, yet in hindsight were a blessing. Much (though not all) of the air has been cleared of complacency and false hopes of “taking America back.” Everyone — on both sides — has a better grip on reality. Most importantly (and of vital but bittersweet necessity), the gates have been opened whereby the cozy comfort zone of our people can now — with relative speed — be dismantled. And, not to be taken lightly as a mere consolation prize, both the environment and Iran have perhaps won a reprieve.

Each country has its own set of unique challenges, advantages and disadvantages; the UK, Finland, France, Belgium, etc. For some, secession may be by way of repatriation, returning immigrants from whence they came — a task that must be done with more compassion and foresight than what was shown them when they were enticed away from their ancestral homes for reasons neither in their best interests, nor in the best interests of the natives of those of the lands to which they were lured.

Some nations, such as Russia, Iceland, and even Greece (of all places!) are showing very promising signs. But for the USA, while a lot of options have been kicked around, geographic separation now appears to be the only solution. And, it is not a dress rehearsal; it is the real thing. In the USA, the prospects for secession hold several major advantages and disadvantages. There are many pros and cons, and there are some questions such as the military issue which, oddly enough when all factors are considered, is more or less neutral. But, here are some of the main considerations:


  • By far the biggest advantage is that the unionists need us far more than we need them — we hold most of the producers; they, most of the consumers. I don’t think we either realize or appreciate (the unionists certainly don’t) how much they depend on us, and how much even, say, a 5% removal of our best people from their social infrastructure could hurt their already fragile economy and feeble grip on civil law and order. Yes, if we left, things would be rough for us, but it also would be rough for the unionists, in the short run. In the long run, it would get slowly better for us, and worse for them.
  • We have the moral high ground.
  • We have potential friends that are powerful (let the reader connect the dots).
  • We would — for the first time in over half a century — have reason to hope for a better future for our children. Hope nourishes, despair degenerates.


  • By far the biggest disadvantage is we are spread too thinly geographically. We cannot secede a little bit here, and secede a little bit there. We cannot secede on the Internet. Very few are willing to leave their current comfort zone in order to migrate. Thus, our younger people are our best bet; the older ones have established careers or businesses, and quite frankly are in a better position to help our young pioneers (please excuse my Leninism) right where they are now. Regardless, in the long run, to get all the way there, we first have to get half the way there, and so we have no choice but to put the horse before the cart; i.e. — migration must precede formal separation. This is Natural Law.
  • Too many livelihoods are secured from large multinational corporations, the owners of which are capitalists and therefore incompatible with a worldview that places priority on quality rather than quantity. Hence, many of our folk are held in both subservience and geographic immobility by that very thing they most depend on — their job. This is where our young people need to learn a trade. Believe me, young people who keep themselves well groomed, are disciplined, reliable, and have a trade in an area such as auto or large equipment mechanics, electrician, plumbing, HVAC, etc. can go very far especially if self-employed (and they can’t be outsourced!); they can live in the country, and live very well, too. By that I mean an annual income of $60,000 to $100,000, which in the rural Pacific Northwest anyway can support a family very nicely; that house with the white picket fence, a few toys, rentals, horses, or what have you.
  • In the final stages especially, secession takes sacrifice, dedication, and hard work. Many of our folk are comfortable or at least complacent with deviancy and degeneracy; many are family unfriendly, many lack that necessary dose of humility, and most are too undisciplined — quite frankly — to pull it off. Perhaps more than anything it is this lack of discipline — especially in the areas of finance, logistics, timing, and physical appearance —that would prevent any serious secessionist movement from getting off the ground. Of course we do have some highly disciplined men and women; however, we are seldom discriminatory enough to exclude those who are undisciplined from collaborating with us. And, as the saying goes, a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Lack of discipline is a post-war phenomenon, and was best illustrated recently when ‘on-line’ secessionists were threatened by ‘on-line’ unionists with the stripping of their US citizenship, and the secessionists were frightened into silence.
  • Americans do not have a long-term established culture; roots, I guess you’d call it. We have not hallowed ground where ancestors of four hundred years ago are buried. We cannot point at any one hero and say that’s who we are!  Let’s face it — more Americans are comfortable with Ronald McDonald than say Robert E. Lee or Theodore Roosevelt, assuming they know who the latter two were.

And then there is the philosophical question: what do we stand for? After all, if we want to secede, it is because we are different, believe in different things, and have different values. What may those differences be? Here’s a few, based on talks I’ve had with others, my own ideas, and what people have written. Some may disagree in part, and I’m sure there are others I’ve not listed, but here we go for starters:

  • No Entitlements — everyone works, even if it means putting in eight hours a day cleaning up the litter on highways, removing graffiti off boxcars, or shampooing stray dogs at the animal shelter. And, included in the definition of ‘work’ is childrearing; known in happier times as motherhood. Hence, any man that leaves his wife and kids, or leaves a girl in a family way, shall be hunted down and made to work for that woman and their children. He may not be fit to be a husband or father, but he damn sure will work, and work hard, to meet their every need until the day he dies. Procreation shall be taken responsibly and seriously.
  • A Natural Moral Code — with assaults on families such as adultery or pornography not being treated as a moral problem, or a form of entertainment, or one of our vaunted individual freedoms, but rather as criminal acts. And, assaults on Nature shall not being treated as environmental problems or lack of education, but regarded as crimes as well. For such criminal acts, capital punishment in certain cases should be a very real possibility. On the other hand, protecting human diversity (genuine diversity; not to be confused with the ‘melting pot’ tragedy which is foisted as diversity) shall be treated as an ecological/environmental challenge, and certainly not as a criminal act. Natural Law shall be our guide.
  • Nature Comes First — up to perhaps a hundred years or so ago some argument might have been made that most people were of greater value than most animals. This no longer holds true. Value shall be determined based on beauty, scarcity and usefulness — none of this vainglorious, unscientific rubbish about unalienable or God-given rights. A valuable animal shall not be made to work or suffer or die so that Useless Two-legs be made more comfortable. Value is earned, not acquired through endowment or inherited by right. Again, our guide shall be Natural Law.
  • Law of Earned Rule — the right to vote is earned, with up to four votes based on a person’s contribution(s) to the nation. On the other hand, those who hold carte blanche immigration rights to any other nation shall be registered as foreign agents in ours. Such people shall not be permitted to vote or hold any position in any local, state or national government, nor shall they be allowed to hold positions of public influence such as in education, media, or finance.
  • English only — it is the most universally used language; a single language makes life simpler, does not alienate people, avoids cultural conflict, makes the economy flow easier, reduces signs, instructions and paperwork, and streamlines communication.

Perchance some of you readers may have noticed something missing, mayhap one or two topics salient to other TOO writings, including my prior ones? No mention has been made of either race or the U.S. (Usual Suspects), yet both have been fundamentally addressed. Let’s learn from the Left — it is best not to speak openly of one’s destination so long as the path there is the one taken. Why alienate good people and attract strong enemies? Deception is good medicine; it is Natural Law.

Take a good look at Southern California — secession is 90% a de facto accomplishment; it becomes de jure only much later on and by way of necessity. Secession is an organic, living thing — it does not begin on the internet; certainly not by petitioning for permission — one never asks for permission to secede, though one might ask for forgiveness afterwards.

It is a family endeavor, and requires relocation to a new place where you can live as God intended you to. Start your new life where you really can have a snowy, white Christmas, where you can have a family, have kids, go to church, make friends, get a snowmobile, go camping, home school, have all kinds of pets, have a big garden. And when you live fifteen or twenty minutes from several other families that feel the same way, you’ve the beginnings of a new nation. In time, your sons will marry to their daughters, and their sons to your daughters. For that’s how it all starts. It’s what makes a Republic (as opposed to a democracy). It is The Glue that Binds — shared values — knowing your kids will be safe with others, knowing there will be no major unpleasant surprises with those people and institutions you need to trust, knowing your boss will never fire you for your values since you both look at things pretty much the same way. That’s 90% of successful secession, folks.

With common values, and a proper dose of Godly humility, we can once again love one another, as we did to a goodly extent just several short generations ago. And, speaking of love, I love the wolves of the Homeland, for they follow Natural Law. They have strong family values, practice eugenics, mate solely with the opposite sex as Nature designed, work for their meals, mate for life, and their mothers leave their babies safely in their wombs. They refrain from littering and polluting, they punish the indigent, they protect diversity through the avoidance of cross-breeding, and they select their leaders strictly on basis of merit. They are the antithesis of everything America stands for.

Messengers have been sent to us in our hour of need, and the wolves are chief amongst those we should heed. They are a living witness to that we as humans should aspire to. They speak to us in these latter days: Perforce, thither needs goest thou, O Man of the West, that thy kind mayeth not dwine and perish, but becometh one with Nature and forthy of value, as are we, and as thou wast in times past.

And let us also heed Those Who Have Crossed Over; let us hear from one of our most beloved authors and poets, Rudyard Kipling:

Now this is the Law of the Jungle — as old and as true as the sky;
and the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back;
for the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

Information on Coming Home may be found at


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