The Ethics Of Black Nationalism

Ethno-nationalism is not new.

To the races of the Earth, each are drawn, ineluctably, to the passions and power of their own spirit and blood. Here on Foundations, we have covered many aspects of this eternal organism, and would like to highlight another race-culture, and those who, like many of Western stock, seek to maintain their essence, and promote harmony and balance through an honest assessment of these feelings:

Nationalist groups, separatist religious movements, and fraternal associations among American Blacks have had a long, related history. They have a common origin in the unresolved problem of the Black’s status as a second-class citizen in the United States, each developing as a necessary ad hoc response to this experience. The result of this experience is that Blacks have acquired a sense of ethic identity imposed almost entirely from without. In time this negative sense of ethnic identification tended to acquire positive characteristics; concomitantly, Blacks have sought to strike out for themselves in those areas of activity in which the resistance of the white society is marginal

We here, at Foundations, see the information (see Links) presented, to be worthy of attention by all those who understand the need for a prudent and pro-active discussion on race, and the political ramifications, which will follow.

– The Staff


Black Nationalism Part 1

Black Nationalism Part 2


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