Foundations: The Enemy Without and Within

Carbecues in the Stockholm Banlieues

It seems that Stockholm has become the Paris of the North — but probably not in a way that would gladden the heart of a Swedish tourism minister.

A third night of rioting has engulfed the suburbs of Stockholm, spreading from Husby to Tensta, Kista, Rinkeby, Jakobsberg, and other culturally enriched neighborhoods. The Swedish and Norwegian media are covering the events (assiduously avoiding saying anything about the ethnicity or immigrant status of the perpetrators), but I’m told that Danish outlets have so far made no mention of what is happening in the capital of their Nordic neighbor. Which is curious, considering the Denmark is generally more open than Norway or Sweden.

Many thanks to The Observer for translating this article from Aftenposten:

More car fires and unrest in various locations in Stockholm

For the third night in a row riots have broken out in the Swedish capital.

Cars are burning in various locations in and around the city according to Swedish media reports late Tuesday night.

In addition to the car fires a barn, Husby Gård [Husby Farm], which houses a cafe and an art center, have been torched according to Svenska Dagbladet [Swedish newspaper].

According to the newspaper, the fire department is at the scene, but the building is completely ablaze.

Kindergarten is burning

Cars have been torched in several suburbs in the northwestern parts of Stockholm, including in Husby, Tensta and Kista, writes

Cars are also burning in the southwestern part of the city, according to the newspaper.

In Husby, a kindergarten was set on fire, but the fire was put out just before one o’clock on Wednesday morning, writes Aftonbladet.

“We’re not used to dealing with situations like this on such a scale. It’s hard when it spreads to different areas,” says Lars-Åker Stevelin, leader of operations at the Södertörn fire station, to the newspaper.

Threw rocks at the police

Aftonbladet writes that according to police reports, rescue personnel in Norsborg in the southwestern part of Stockholm had rocks thrown at them during the riots. writes that the police were engaged in a confrontation with youths outside the police station in Jakobsberg, in the northwestern region of Stockholm.

Youths threw objects at the police and the police station was exposed to vandalism, the newspaper writes

Third night in a row

This is the third night in a row that major unrest has erupted in and around Stockholm.

The riots allegedly started after police officers shot and killed a 69-year-old immigrant who was threatening people with a knife [machete, according to some accounts — BB] in Husby.

Several commentators have pointed, however, out that the root causes goes deeper and that the turmoil is a result of social decay.


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