Stockholm Syndrome and White Genocide

Colin LiddellWiedeck Mrs Brigitte 57 Makhado farm wife German survives attack hus Werner

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Stockholm Syndrome is the psychological phenomenon whereby captives bond with their captors even to the point of sympathizing with and defending them. It is thought to have its roots in our hunter-gatherer past, where the experience of being forcibly co-opted into a new band of hunter-gatherers was a not uncommon occurrence.

Usually it is viewed as an individual psychological condition, affecting those individuals who are kidnapped or held hostage, such as the hostages in the 1973 botched robbery in Stockholm that gave the phenomenon its name, but there is no reason why it can’t be extended to much larger groups if they appear to demonstrate the behavior specified by the condition.

The phenomenon is thought to be more common among women than men, for obvious reasons, but it is unclear whether it has a racial aspect, although this seems likely. To date the most famous examples — Patty Hearst, Jaycee Lee Dugard, etc. — have typically been young White women.

There is a certain rationale to Stockholm Syndrome. If a person is captured or abused in some way, and if he or she is essentially powerless to prevent this, then, the act of bonding with the captor or abuser will help to make an unbearable situation more psychologically bearable. It may also encourage the captor or abuser to be more sympathetic to the captive or abusee.The Stockholm Syndrome also has its opposite, called the Lima Syndrome, in which the captors over-empathize with the captives. The most famous case involved the mainly Japanese hostages at the Japanese embassy in Lima, Peru, which was taken over in 1997 by the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement. Under an impulse of sympathy the captors soon started to release most of the hostages, including the most valuable ones.

If we view South Africa’s Whites as de facto hostages or captives of the Black majority, to whom they foolishly gave away all their political power in the early 1990s, then it is clear that South Africa is not undergoing a Lima situation. Genocidal attacks on Whites continue, while the President and his political cronies continue to chant “Kill the Boer” at public gatherings. Racist employment and redistributionist policies continue to proliferate; even where Whites try to peacefully form their own communities, or just naturally cluster together, they are threatened.

Recently, the ludicrously-named Tokyo Sexwale, the Human Settlements Minister, who is in the process of dumping his White wife of 20 years for a younger Indian model, stated that predominantly White suburbs should be “deracialized” by granting Blacks  special loans to buy property there.

Every day it becomes clearer that White South Africans are living under an increasingly abusive system that aims ultimately at their extinction as a unique people and organic community. So, how are they reacting? Are they organizing? Are they developing solidarity? Are they fighting back?

On the available evidence, and with a few small exceptions, the answers are no, no, and no.

What makes this more remarkable is that we are talking here not about a historically slavish demographic, but about some of the toughest White people on the planet. There is no doubt that if South African Whites had the will they could seize control of the country tomorrow. So, what has happened to the proud Boers and even to the Anglophone Whites, who were always lukewarm supporters of Apartheid but who clearly don’t want to suffer the indignities that the Marxist-racist state has in store for them?

The only explanation is that Whites in South Africans are undergoing a collective Stockholm Syndrome, identifying with their abusers, sympathizing with their oppressors, in an attempt to make an unbearable situation slightly more bearable. (It might well be worth exploring in what strain of South Africa’s diverse European population this collective Stockholm Syndrome first appeared, as it may well have roots stretching back to earlier times and different places. In this context, the experience of South Africa’s Jews would be of particular interest.)

But whether Jew or non-Jew, in modern day South Africa, all Whites are viewed the same by Blacks, and their shared experience is one of gradually increasing humiliation. The other day the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Ms. Maite Nkoana-Mashabane expressed deep concern over ethnically motivated killings in South Africa. Of course, she was not talking about Whites, who are being butchered and mutilated in their thousands, despite living lives dominated by security precautions. She was instead referring to a few Somalis who had been lynched by mobs of South African Blacks with their usual brutality.

Such humiliations are a direct threat to the ego of every White South African. Against such an attack there are a number of possible responses: (1) a silent resolve to resist and fight back, (2) a decision to flee, (3) pure and simple denial, and (4) an urge to identify with the powers that be, and to latch on to any crumbs of comfort. In the case of Nkoana-Mashabane’s statement these crumbs are not even being dispensed to Whites, but to another race regarded by the majority as outsiders.

This urge to identify and latch on to crumbs of comfort is how the “useful idiots” in the White community, who are still allowed some prominence in the media, greet such statements. But, as if to slap them in the face again, Nkoana-Mashabane made sure her statement included a reference to Apartheid and pan-African unity:

We recall the support and solidarity accorded to us during our fight against apartheid by -African people, including Somalis, and wish to express our sincere gratitude. As South Africa, we value our close relations with our neighbours and the rest of the African Continent.

As I said above, there is a certain rationale to the Stockholm Syndrome. In our micro-political prehistoric past, when individuals were captured, enslaved or subdued, it was almost always by groups of similar racial and even ethnic backgrounds. Under such circumstances, showing a certain amount of empathy to the powerful would, given time, elicit a degree of sympathy or forbearance in return, leading ultimately to a more normalized relationship. But hoping for something similar in South Africa is an obvious absurdity as Black Africans show little tendency towards anything even resembling a Lima Syndrome as demonstrated by their brutality even towards other Africans.

As long as Whites are White they will be hated. Only by breeding into the greater population — by which is largely meant White women breeding with African males like the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Sexwale — and by becoming a tiny unrecognizable strain in the Black races of South Africa will the hatred of Whites stop.

If White South Africans are to survive they will have to break the spell of the collective Stockholm Syndrome they have been living under for the last twenty years and find some way to resist.


4 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome and White Genocide

  1. ex South African with German roots

    Not only Stockholm Syndrome. Also this:
    1. Presuming that the masses do not act without a strong leadership element. The conservative leadership element of the whites have been neutralized to a large extend. This leadership element came from the ranks of the older whites, who in part had military training. Some of this leadership elements are currently rotting away in prisons, as an example for others who get similar adventurous ideas.
    2. Potential leadership elements cling to their jobs, or emigrate. Any dissidents loose their jobs and land in a white squatter camp. In a time of mass unemployment and anti-white affirmative action laws you will sell your grandmother for a job. I have heard of extreme cases where whites married blacks just to keep their job. Unemployment is a gun held against the head of whites. There is no political allegiance when it is about bread-and-butter questions. And if you work for the big corporations, many of them controlled by the tribe, you work for a cesspool of liberals, who send the leadership element on white guilt trip courses. Have been there, have seen it all. A conservative white has to take care of his thoughts and allegiance in these corporations like a spy in eastern Germany during the Cold War.
    3. A new generation of politically reeducated youths are following in the steps of the older generation. You have to experience the level of brainwashing in schools in order to believe it. History is being wiped out, and replaced by guilt. Us Border War generation have now become the pig in the story, and they are being tought that it school.. This youth never had military service. Many of them have jobs and are happy. They are the new Homo Sovieticus. When they grow older and start to think a bit, which is a cardinal sin, they also get fired. But while they are young, they are kept dumb by material benefits.
    4. Even in my generation, not all where in the military as national service men, and of those that where national service men, not all of them were deployed in the operational area in situations where they could really see what the true face of the enemy had been. They were stupid about communism. They knew communism was a threat, but that was just book knowledge, there never was a real in depth understanding what it was all about and the role played by the West in supporting communism.
    5. The Border War generation (Angolan war), many of them now as mercenaries in the US army or in local private security services, are aging toward the retiring age. Locally their military experience is without use if not combines with force amplifiers – that is weapons. They have been disarmed to a large extend by the new gun laws. A General without a gun is no General. It is surprising how humble a once great military man will become should he land in a white squatter camp, or close to conditions of a squatter camp. I know such examples up to the level of erstwhile colonels with more than thousand subordinates in their high-days days, the cream of those that lead us against communism.
    6. The white society is interspersed by traitors and moral weaklings, which support the enemy cause, sometimes even better than the enemy could do it themselves.
    7. There is a lack of resources, no money, to build up a strong conservative party. The media is all controlled by a party with has access to the South African tax base. You do not have a voice, and without a voice you cannot reach the masses in order to enlighten them.
    8. If it is possible to brainwash whites to such against, you have not seen it all how dumbed down the already lesser intellectual endowed blacks can become. It was by no means so that the blacks used to close ranks against the whites in my days. They were not all for communism. They respected us while we led and stayed in charge.

  2. A poorly-researched and amateurishly-written article propounding a number of fallacies. I’ll list a few off the top of my head: “foolishly handed over power” is nonsense, pressure largely from the West (as in prolonged sanctions) were but one of the factors for apartheid’s inevitable collapse; your hypothesis on Stockholm Syndrome is simplistic and an easy way out; and we White South Africans could not take over power tomorrow… and so you harp on. Honest Colin, don’t embarass yourself, you may fool a few but my advice to you would be to take this article down as it is full of leaks and argumentatively it is insipid to say the least. From a racially-aware White South African who has been active in the White Nationalist Cause for quite some time.

  3. I think the piece by Liddell is painful but only half-true. I like the analysis above by “ex South African with German roots”.

    I have also read enough complaints by Afrikaners themselves on how their Dutch Reformed Churches have been preaching that the black takeover was God’s Will, and Christianity does lend itself to (that is, it can be twisted into) passive surrender, love-thy-enemy, guilt trips and worst of all, judeophilia. The Afrikaners have ALWAYS identified with the Old Testament Jews, just as did our own Calvinists (Puritans) in colonial America. …..

    The other reason South Africa surrendered was threats by US president Bill Clinton to use the US Navy, floating off the coast in 1994, to thwart any overthrow of the traitor De Klerk by the South African Defense Forces, because many of its personnel were ready and eager to do so.

    …..Furthermore, massive, US-financed infiltration of the Afrikaner power structure took place in the 1980s, especially of the semi-secret Broderbond (a kind of masonic-type lodge that all key Afrikaners belonged to, and which once had engineered a new Afrikaner unity and then the Afrikaner political takeover in the 1940s and after that the introduction of apartheid).

    ……Also there were bribes of key officials, such as F. W. De Klerk. Famously, the mid-1980s president of RSA, PW Botha, confronted De Klerk, the traitor president of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and basically accused him of taking millions in bribes and being offered the Nobel Peace Prize if he sold out his people…… De Klerk retorted: “How do YOU know I was offered such things!?” Botha replied acidly: “Because they offered them to ME before you!”

    …. Forgetting for a moment the blacks, Jews, Clinton, the Dutch Reformed Church wusses, and the rest, I wonder if karma will catch up with F.W. De Klerk and if he some day will know himself, exactly and precisely, what it is like to be gang-raped as a white man by prison blacks and to set on fire with gasoline ad a match like hundreds of white South Africans whom he consigned, by his despicable treason, to a horrible death.

    May divine justice prevail. May we all WORK for it, SACRIFICE for it, and labor daily for a righteous Aryan rebirth!

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