Foundations: Swedes party launches immigration policy program

Swedes party launches immigration policy program

Published: 2013-09-07
 Word count: 2,680

Swedes party’s follows the thesis that the policies should be based on the Swedes’ interests. A central issue in the current social situation is how the problem should be solved with the multicultural society, and the fact that the Swedes with current policy in the relatively near future will be a minority in Sweden.

In the immigration policy program provides answers to how the Swedes party concrete will act migration policy to solve the immigration-related problems faced by the Swedes today, which is why an immigration stop and not just an immigration reduction is important, questions about the party’s approach to labor migration and more.

– Swedes are already a minority in many areas in Sweden today and for the development are to be reversed so requires a policy that puts an end to mass immigration and initiate a repatriation program , says Daniel Höglund from Swedes party party board. –  We have previously presented the party’s principles when it comes to our immigration policy ambitions and it is very pleasing that we are now closer presents the policies needed to make sense of the country again , says Hoglund.

Download the Migration Policy Programme as PDF .

Migration policy

Swedes party advocates a Sweden where the Swedes shared interests as much as possible can be satisfied. Since this is the only country Swedes have it must primarily be concluded that a migration policy be placed not in a negative way affect Swedes’ survival and majority status in Sweden. This ensured the Swedes party quest for an ethnically homogeneous society, something that is also of paramount importance for society to have such a positive development as possible, and where national resources are sorely going back to the citizens, both purely economic as in the form of public , quality of life, security and transparency. In this sakpolitiska document clarifies how the Swedes party intends to act concretely to a homogenous and harmonious society is to be established in a responsible manner.

Immigration policy

Today’s immigration is not economically sustainable

It is often claimed from establishment to “immigration enriches” or that today’s mass immigration is a winning deal for the Swedes from a purely economic perspective. It is a false claim that is not consistent with reality, such as the Ministry of Finance reported Expert Group on Public Finance (ESO) in 2009 [1]to immigration annual net cost is 1.5 – 2.0 per cent of GDP, or up to 58.7 billion. It should be mentioned that this estimate is low compared with other studies and the cost is based on a calculation of the total tax revenue from immigrants minus government consumption and contribution to immigrants. It does not consider other immigration-related costs in society, such as the overall economic costs of the increasing crime of immigration.

The major problem that society has suffered which are direct results of the multi-ethnic society requires several steps. To begin with, the mass immigration to Sweden stopped. Merely reducing immigration would be to consider that it is not only acceptable to the social situation in the current situation can be found in much of the country – including high crime, insecurity, poor quality of life, community and societal inaccessibility – but also that it should be allowed to deteriorate further, albeit not at the same high rate as with today’s mass immigration. As an example of the importance of immigration stopped and not only reduced include how Katrineholm municipality in 2012 gave notice 50 teachers of termination due to increased spending and simultaneously warned residents that altitude council tax and more layoffs could be necessary to allow the immigration of 400 Somali [2] . Whether this would just be scaled down to a migration of 10,000 people instead of the current immigration of about 100,000 immigrants annually, so it is easy to realize that it is an unacceptable cost for the Swedes to pay. On a national level, this would theoretically mean that the corresponding 1250 teaching positions in Sweden could be suspended, every year, while the threat of more layoffs and higher taxes would be advertised to allow for the continued migration of 10,000 people in Sweden next year .

Swedes party does not believe that it is justifiable to have an immigration to Sweden, resulting in a permanent impairment that affects all residents, which is why our first action on immigration policy that immigration should be stopped.Swedes party advocates that Sweden should be developed and that the welfare of the country again be built, instead of being phased out as it does today.

Today’s immigration is not possible to justify for humane reasons

It should in this context also emphasized that immigration to Sweden from countries affected do not improve the situation on a global scale, and that there is therefore no justification for continued immigration for humanitarian reasons.Globally, millions of children are born into extreme poverty each year [3] , which means that regardless of whether Sweden would receive one million people annually, it would not affect the situation outside Sweden in the long run, but only result in even the population in the long run would end in a similar situation.Research also shows that migration is also problematic for the development of the countries in which migrants originate from. This is because the so-calledbrain drain [4] , ie, that it is often those with the greatest potential to contribute to the improvement of the situation in the country of origin that have the ability to travel halfway across the world to get to a European country, and it is much more difficult to improve the situation in the country of origin of the most skilled people emigrate from it. In order to address the root causes that in some countries it is a very large proportion of the population living in extreme poverty necessary action other than an immigration policy which in practice does not affect the proportion of vulnerable countries. When the Swedish domestic social issues have been resolved as far as possible, is primarily a policy relevant where assistance policies were put into these countries in order to help including stopping population growth and thus contribute to the countries’ resources sufficient for the population . A stop on the population growth of the Third World is essential for global sustainable development and hence a question that is also in the Swedes’ interest. To otherwise try to contribute to a solution to the basic problems of refugee situations in other parts of the world should at all be present, for example by acting politically against foreign powers warfare in other countries.

An immigration policy with the Swedes’ interests in mind

Today’s immigration can not justify either financially or humanitarian, it does not counteract the suffering on a global scale but rather contributes to increased suffering within Sweden [5] . It also leads the continued immigration of ethnic strangers in the long run to an unwanted population exchange where the Swedes gradually loses his own country. Swedes party advocates further that the economic costs of immigration instead be used to develop, strengthen and rebuild the Swedish society. Mainly for these reasons, advocates Swedes party in the initial stage a stop on immigration. At a later stage, opportunities are opening up for such immigration of persons belonging to the same ethnic groups as the Swedes, and thus do not affect the demographic situation in Sweden, or contribute to a negative development.

Labour Migration

Swedish work will primarily go to the Swedes

Sweden issued nearly 20,000 work permits to non-Europeans in 2012 [6] , while over 10,000 people from countries within the EU was given permission to prolonged work in Sweden [7] . An exact figure from the EU are not available when the work permit is not required for EU citizens who work shorter periods.The most common jobs for non-Europeans to be granted work permits in Sweden is working without occupations [8] . It also means that much of this work had instead been able to go to unemployed Swedes, and wages had avoided being dumped within these professions. Unemployment in Sweden was in May 2013 to 417000 people (8.2%), youth unemployment during the same period to 172 500 people, ie the 26.9% [9] . Swedes party’s approach to labor migration is that this should not be stopped but strictly limited in order to facilitate the Swedes’ ability to first get the jobs that are available in Sweden. In cases where workers must be recruited from other countries consider Swedes party to this in the first place to be recruited in the form of workers belonging to the same ethnic groups as the Swedes, and secondarily by people who do not belong to the same ethnic groups as the Swedes. Residence permits for workers who do not belong to the same ethnic groups as the Swedes, however, be limited in time and not due to Swedish citizenship.

A negative population justifies not labor

It is also alleged that often the need for increased immigration to secure future retirements. To that argument at all would have a bearing is something that research questioned [10] , but that the negative population trend in Sweden is a problem is a fact. Swedes party does not consider that an acceptable solution to the problem is to replace the Swedes with other nations. Besides that it is unacceptable to change the Swedes against other nations, it is obviously not solve the problem by allowing the immigration of people who are already unemployed when they come to Sweden and also continue to a greater degree than the Swedes need financial support from the Swedish assets, assets that could instead have to go to, for example, create incentives to reverse the population decline or to increase the quality of life for seniors. The labor that proponents of immigration states could “save the Swedish pensions” is also in reality an immigration largely from countries with major problems of illiteracy and low education. A large proportion of those who come to Sweden, then, people who frequently contributes to the economic costs rather than income.Immigration do not save somehow the Swedish pensions, but instead helps to drain the state economy and further reduce the potential for a decent pension.Swedes party considers that the Swedish pension system is ensured by policies that facilitate and encourage Swedish families to have more children in order to reverse the negative population trend to positive. Furthermore, the Swedes party to political decisions to cut back on many of the costs that are currently not in the Swedes’ interests in areas such as immigration and multiculturalism, for with these funds, among other things to ensure and improve the Swedish pensions.

Re Hiking and emigration policies

Swedes party advocates a positive repatriation and emigration policies

A positive repatriation and emigration policy seeks to responsibly and humanely turn the mass immigration that brought the negative multicultural society of today, for eventually rebuilding a so harmoniously Swedish society as possible.To such a positive social as possible to come about so requires first and foremost the dismantling of the multi-ethnic society that Swedish folk community, security and prosperity can be restored. This should be done gradually and over a longer period to ensure a responsible and so human alteration as possible.

Criminal immigrants and immigrants living illegally in Sweden

In working with the multi-ethnic society settlement relates Swedes party to first cancel Swedish citizenship issued to immigrants convicted of crimes in Sweden, and then immediately expel them and asylum seekers convicted of crimes. In order to prevent any foreign criminals who believe that there is no greater punishment to sit in the Swedish prison, consider Swedes party that Sweden should enter into agreements with as many countries as possible so that foreign offenders can serve their sentence in their home country rather than in Sweden.Such agreements need to be able to ensure that the sentence is served under Swedish judge and not criminals serving sentences in their home countries released before serving his sentence. Any pardons must be approved by Sweden. Offenders for whom it is not possible to conclude a satisfactory agreement on the criminal detention in their home country to serve the sentences in Sweden and then deported immediately, without dispute and without delay. This is both to prevent further crime and to make a clear statement that it is not acceptable to get to Sweden for committing crimes. It should at all times be considered an aggravating circumstance when non Swedes Swedes reciprocate hospitality by committing crimes. Expulsion shall also not be subject to appeal and shall be executed as soon as possible. To reside illegally in the country is a strong evidence that a bona-fide of the stay and therefore should be punishable.

Long-term repatriation and emigration process

Only when all criminal immigrants deported, a more long-term repatriation and emigration process initiated under the principle last in – first out, and it can not be stressed enough that this policy be implemented as humanely and responsibly as possible with the aim of as few people as possible to experience the discomfort during the operation. Immigration process that made ​​Sweden multiethnic has taken decades, and it is reasonable to allow the repatriation process, take the time necessary for a positive emigration. Swedes party considers that the Swedish citizenship issued to immigrants since the decision was taken to make multicultural Sweden in 1975 [11] , will be reviewed and non-Swedes Swedish citizenship should be revoked. During the long-term repatriation and emigration process must obviously non Swedes secured the same rights and obligations as the Swedes and any disposals of property before moving, in the form of such accommodation, shall be made ​​at market prices.Incentives to facilitate and expedite the repatriation and emigration should also be created by using a portion of multiculturalism expenses for repatriation grant.Reconstructing and emigration process must take the time necessary to be done in a responsible and safe manner also means that the people who lived most of his life in Sweden and managed to reach retirement age at the time of Swedes party may change immigration policy, and been honest, shall also be given the opportunity to live his last years in Sweden if they so wish. Reconsideration of citizenships were issued during the period in question should be effected by the immigration office. In cases where it is uncertain whether a citizenship application is from a person who belongs to the same people as the Swedes so this can be investigated with already existing technologies that science can easily place an individual within or outside of a population. Swedes party has no further ambitions to interfere in the decisions to which regions or countries from which they emigrated to move to, but advocates a policy where emigration is facilitated as far as possible no matter where the move takes place. During the repatriation process considers Swedes party further to the respective ethnic group as much as possible should be encouraged to maintain their own cultural expressions and traditions in order to facilitate re-establishment in the country of origin.

Swedes party’s immigration policy in brief:

+ Swedes party advocates Swedes’ interests as much as possible to be met and is therefore in a general stop to immigration.

+ Labour will only be for services that can not be filled by Swedes and recruitment to posts which can not be filled by Swedes should primarily be done by persons belonging to the same ethnic groups as the Swedes.

+ All immigrants who are convicted of crimes to be expelled immediately and then not allowed to visit Sweden.

+ Strong incentives in the form of such repatriation grant shall be created to facilitate and expedite the settlement of multiculturalism.

+ Swedish citizenship distributed to persons not belonging to the same ethnic groups as the Swedes shall be revoked and an individual repatriation program established in order to ensure a positive emigration.

+ The phasing out of the multi-ethnic society must be done responsibly and humanely in accordance with the principle of last in – first out.


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