29 Writing Blunders from William Noble

Individual Style, is everything.

Thanks, Jacqui.


writing tips Author William Noble is a fascinating man. He is the author or co-author of many books. His books for writers, each a main selection of  the Writers Digest Book Club (now defunct), include “Shut Up!” He Explained ; Make That Scene , Steal This Plot , and Conflict, Action, and Suspense (Elements of Fiction series). His short fiction and nonfiction have appeared in more than 40 magazines and newspapers. He has appeared on more than 80 TV and radio shows in connection with his writing, and now is a full-time writer based in his 150-year-old farmhouse in Cornwall, Vermont.

I bought William Noble’s Noble’s Book of Writing Blunders (Writers Digest 2006) based on the strength of it’s summary, which included good ideas like Don’t write for your eighth-grade teacher, Don’t complicate the obvious, Don’t add adverbs and adjectives to prettify your prose. Common sense reminders of what I should know…

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