250 Nationalists March Through Jönköping

250 nationalists march through Jönköping

Svenskarnas parti

[Editor’s Note: The rather small, but vibrant nation of Sweden, has done more to marginalize and remove the element of fear amongst the common-folk, as well as secure a place within the political system of that country, at a rate far in excess than any northern continental experience. This may be due to the relative homogeneity of the traditional peoples there, or it may simply be the caliber of individuals who, as part of the organic nature of the West, have developed a delivery that is calm, direct, and intellectual. Their ability to defend their honour, is not lacking as well.

One will notice, as well, that their/out Sisters are active as well, without all the broughhaha of the ‘american’ angst.

Having the strength and grace to stand up for one’s fellows is, without a doubt, the mark of Nobility. The Staff]

That every one eventful day when Swedes party took to the streets of Jönköping May 1 Under the slogan ” A free Sweden – now we sweep away EU bureaucrats ” marched about 250 nationalists courageously through the city.


The day was marred by everything from bomb threats to bottles and stones were thrown against the Nationalists . Masked thugs from the autonomous left set to cause trouble with the police and did their utmost to provoke nationalists . They failed. Despite their eager attempts, the Party carried out their demonstration and those who took part showed both courage discipline.

Daniel Hispanic, alternate member of the Executive welcomed everyone to Jönköping and Western square and told about the format for the day. Then asked the participants themselves in the march . The flags fluttered in the wind , anti-EU placards held up , drummers stood ready and the lead was party leader Stefan Jacobsson, together with Daniel Carlsen , leader of the Danes’ party who had come to sojourn demonstration. The train was a beautiful sight where the blue and yellow colors dominated and there was no doubt about who marched this day.


As a protest against the European Union was an EU flag on the ground in front of the march and when the signal for marching off came so got all the participants at the flag which symbolizes Sweden’s lost sovereignty. ” Sweden for the Swedes ,” ” proud, Swedish , nationalist ,” echoed through the streets where the train pulled out . Apart from counter-demonstrators also had many curious Swedes put themselves on the streets for viewing the demonstration. In each and every other windows and on the balconies stood there and watched people train.

Despite numerous attempts of violence left to stop the demonstration, so it failed . At one point opted demonstration management after consultation with the Police turn of a street before, this because it would take time for the police to take possession of those who participated in its blockade and thus tried to stop the demonstration and assembly. There was simply no reason to wait this out.

On several occasions tried to counter-demonstrators to make attacks on the march , but they countered effectively removed by the party’s own officials who had to step in and maintain the safety of participants after police say the least flawed effort.

Back at the square so held speeches by party representatives . First up was the retired docker Jörgen Kromann , who is a candidate in the upcoming elections in Norrtälje and to Parliament . He was followed by Anna Jonsson from Västerås who also is a candidate in the elections this fall. Last speaker of the day was party leader Stefan Jacobsson. The figures are published in full on the party’s youtube channel.

The demonstration ended with setting fire to the Union Flag as previously stepped over and shouted “Death to Europe – long live the free Sweden ” , in order to symbolically illustrate how European nations break away from the European Union and thereby regain their national sovereignty .

Swedes party would like to thank everyone who signed up at the 1 May demonstration.

Everything from the participants , the volunteers and the standard-bearer did an excellent job and the party has now strengthened its positions.

Photos of the day:



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