A critique into the White Nationalist message

Pragmatic Witness

WW~Notes:  My readers know that I rarely if ever talk about White Nationalism, White Identity, or White Pride mainly because of the negative connotations they denote not only to other whites but non-whites, as well. I detest how these mantras and memes have been presented to the world.  In America, everyone seems to harken back to the days of the KKK which has mainly been associated with any type of white identity.  Those days are over and long gone.  Like slavery, the KKK was a disappointing chapter in American history that most of us wished never happened.

What I present here is a critique from a white Italian American that has the best ideas I’ve heard up to this point about how to present our cause in a non-threatening, rational manner in the hope of preserving the white race for future generations.

This is an uncomfortable subject that most whites…

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One thought on “A critique into the White Nationalist message

  1. who+dares+wings

    The WN “movement” is split between those intellectuals who blame Jews for opening the floodgates of immigration from the Third World into First World while promoting the idea of a multicultual global utopia and those eager to blame themselves, out of Christian guilt and altruism, for the displacement and suicidal trajectory we are on. I can think of no other race willing unite with us to fight Cultural Marxism. The idea that minority think tanks will one day wake up and want to join us in this battle is a pipe dream. If you can’t take the heat get out of the WN kitchen. Trying to to soften and rebrand the message to attract allies from among the rainbow brainwashed is a fools errand. If you dare stand up for yourself and your ancestors be prepared for the worst.

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