Delegitimizing the ethnic character of North America

This is a great conversation between ‘brothers’, and the exchange is what we all need to engage in, if we are to see a positive ending.

Occident Invicta, The Unconquered West

From the comments section in the “About us” page, others may freely join in the debate:

Peace Loving Whiteysays:

Addressing the owners of this site———

I really cannot believe that racism masked under a thin facade of politically correct nationalism would be so prevalent in 2014. I myself am a White American of Anglo descent, and I have no problem with non Whites. I live in a mostly Japanese American town with one black guy and plenty of Irish Americans and a few Jewish Americans. The black guy is a law abiding citizen, and aside his vernacular accent, is culturally indistinguishable from.most White guys. Many of the Japanese second generationals have way higher levels of intelligence than I do, and I am a MENSA member.

What I do not get is why far right conservatives such as you folk must always bring race…

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