Why Seb Ronin Needs Balls. (Or, why WN’s need poets, part II).

Well said.

Shotgun Barrel Straight


~ All are born Yankees of the race of men
And this, too, now the country of the damned ~ Tate

White nationalists walk a scary line when they reject their poets.

Yes, yes, I know.  I can hear the WN’s objecting now.  “We have Ezra Pound!”  I reply, “sure, but how many rank and file WN’s understand what T.S. Eliot or Ezra Pound meant in their poems?  How many simply accept Pound because he had a few hilarious and accurate criticisms of jews?”  I’d be willing to bet that any WN who cites Pound does so only because of Pound’s infamy, not out of any notion that Pound is necessary for a successful identity movement.

If asked, the average WN might freely admit that he could take or leave poetry, and that’s truly a shame.

Here’s why:

To have a successful identity movement (a movement with the explicit aim…

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