The Words

Poetics of The Day

Heart Shaped Eyes


She offers her folly, a view through her lens

years of emotion spill ink from her pen

the words flow out freely

they push at her bones

some set her on fire

some turn her to stone

they stroke like fine satin against naked skin

some threaten to break the mindset she’s in

the words flow from madness

and ooze with deep pleasure

they’re ripe with the bruises

of a life lived, no measure

her innocence, kindness

displayed in the rhymes

her sensual rhythms

her lusty, wet pride

splayed out on the parchment, they undress, they plant

they punctuate humanity, the way her voice can’t

they speak in rich symbol

they bleed through the cracks

of the person we see

when she holds her words back

her deepest expressions

the misguided rage

her crystal clear goddess

inscribed on the page

she channels her lovers, her thoughts and insights

she shines…

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