What Makes a Reader Read?

Reading is the perfect Foundation.

Quoth The Wordsmith

Painting of Woman ReadingReading is something that I have always done. I remember hiding in corners as a child with a pile of books beside me and a couple of juice packs so that I could read in peace and ignore my grandmother’s constant suggestion that I go outside and play. It’s not that I didn’t like to go outside, it’s more that I could go outside in a book just as easily. But not just outside—I could go to a completely different world altogether.

I could fight dragons and wear armor and ride eagles and defeat sinister sorcerers. I could turn myself into someone else, or turn someone else into myself. The draw of books for me was strong, and it has never left. I continue to read now so that I can immerse myself into the most intimate thoughts and dealings of another person, even though they usually aren’t real. I…

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