At the End of the Day

Setting the Record straight?

The Slog.

So DNA at last solves the mystery of who Jack the Ripper was: Aaron Kosminski, one of the key suspects. The same method that proved Anna Andersen was not the Tsar’s daughter Anastasia has been used ingeniously by a Ripperphile to nail the guilty man.

I must admit that my money was always on Montague Druitt, a clerk whose visits to see his mother in the Whitechapel asylum coincided with every single murder. A violent mother-fixated misogynist, Druitt eventually committed suicide by throwing himself off a Thames bridge…and the killing spree stopped abruptly.

History is very much my metier, and while I freely admit to being fascinated by unsolved mysteries, their occurrence through the ages does hold very important lessons for today. Not the least of these is the principle ‘innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt’ – a cornerstone of our freedom foundations that London Mayor Boris Johnson…

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