The European Heartland: Suicide or Indivisible?

The European Heartland: Suicide or Indivisible?

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1,128

What, exactly, is the Future of Europe?


The cacophony of voices surrounding the recent epidemic of ‘refugees’ coming to the Heartland of what is, to many, the ‘ancestral, and ancient homeland’ of the people’s commonly referred to as Europeans, seems to settle on two points: Refugee or Invader.

Just what, exactly, is the truth of the matter?

But first, in Europe itself, why do we see such a disparity in solutions in the East and West of the continent of Europe? It appears, by all accounts, that a division has taken place throughout the continent; this division, many fear, will become a ‘civil war’.

The elements of this civil war take on the faces of ‘liberalism’ vs. ‘traditionalism’.

The West has, to be sure, taken its role of ‘progressive’ very seriously, both in Europe and America, so much so, that to speak of a time prior to this era, is to speak in terms dark, foreboding and, somehow vocalizing a time and period, which would take us all back into an abyss of ignorance and disrepute. So, some say.

Eastern Europeans are responding very differently to the mass migration of Muslims into Europe than are Western Europeans. Westerners who encourage mass, unvetted Muslim immigration insist that they are compassionate, tolerant, and ethical. They insist that Eastern Europeans and anyone else who resists immigration are bigots, xenophobes, without compassion and unethical, if not outright modern ‘nazis’. Westerners are stereotyping Eastern Europeans as bigoted thugs whose opinions must be demonized, whose choices must be overruled, whose borders must be penetrated and whose demographics must be altered through the mass impetus of coercion.

In August, 2015, Slovakia announced that it would accept only Christian, not Muslim, migrants. Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, has been outspoken in his resistance to mass Muslim immigration. “Those arriving have been raised in another religion, and represent a radically different culture. Most of them are not Christians, but Muslims … This is an important question, because Europe and European identity is rooted in Christianity,” Orban wrote in a commentary for Allgemeine Zeitung.

Recently, to counter this assertion, Rick Lyman, of the New York Times, obliquely refers[1] to Hungary’s cultural and political positions in his headline, thusly: “Eastern Bloc’s Resistance to Refugees Highlights Europe’s Cultural and Political Divisions” seeking, it would seem, to relegate this leader’s empathy for his way of life is somehow old, archaic, and reminiscent of the cold-war verbage of NATO and the Warsaw Pact, a long-ago adage, and a useless description in today’s world.

Why this oblique insertion?

The conclusion, by the Time’s article, was not to divest itself of the problematic nature of potentially millions of North Africans and ‘refugees’, but to point out the incessant nature of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’. This is a tired and outdated assertion, brought on by members of the West, aided and abetted by those who peddle influence, either by fiduciary rewards, or by influencing the public with shadowy stories of religious wars and clan disputes, which have nothing to do with the West…if not for the strategic stories themselves, planted in the very young.

And now, the Pope, a ‘western’ version of Universalism, offers his influence upon the West, and the World, by proclaiming the necessity of not only inviting, but in demanding that the West, specifically Europe and America, to allow and foster, the implementation of the greatest single Invasion without War, that the West has ever seen.

At least the 300 Spartans managed to tell the difference.

After years of crisis, revolving around dissent from Church teachings, the Catholic Church appears as a Stalinist regime on certain matters, including the unshakable dogma that Islam is a religion of peace, as most ‘universalist’ religions claim, and those who dissent from that one mantra, even though it has nothing to do with actual Church doctrine, are shunned and ostracized, with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops doing everything it can to silence them. The Roman Catholic Church in thought, if not also in practice, worships the Pope.

Not so the Orthodox Church of Europe.

Indeed, Putin has been courting this orthodoxy for some years now appealing, it would seem, to the latent and burgeoning pattern of ‘faith’, so inherent in religion. In fact, this has been used by religionists to transform and concentrate the ‘power of the state’, sometimes for the betterment of the West, but mostly not. Divisiveness is the watch-word of the day. After all, men may or may not, die for the State; when it comes to ‘god’, anything can happen.

The West, at all costs, must refrain from ‘religious’ wars.

All this, belies the fact that Europe is under a tremendous demographic displacement, and that this displacement is, on its face, artificial. Moreover, the consensus of most common Westerners, is that the wars in the Middle East are, in large part, designed to destabilize this area of the world, for the ‘realpolitik’ of agendas that serve only a few. The carnage and chaos, of course, give ample impetus, from the military to the social, persons of this region, to remove themselves from war-torn countries and, in many respects, to use their simple power of numbers, to ‘invade’ the source of their angst.

There seems to be enough blame to go around.

But for the present, while all this is being sorted out, the present-day disruption of Europe’s youth and innocent citizenry, are paying a heavy price. The metropolitan centers of France and Germany, including Poland, Sweden, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Croatia, are at their limits. Civil wars, of a budding nature, are building in all these States, and more.

This can only help the ‘extra-european’ elements who seek to destroy the power of a confederated Europe, however much the travesty of the ‘european union’ has mucked things up.

America is facing the same issues, and the lack of race-cultural imperatives once seen as the mainstay of America as a unique ‘ethno-state’, is long since catatonic, and moribund. America, also, faces the same elements of invasion, and degeneration, if not checked, and checked quickly.

What to do?

The spirit of the West is not dead, entire, but it is in need of a reawakening, a rising West that rests in the hearts of all. To do this, it will require a sense of Identity, a sense of moral authority, which can only come from the realism of the fate we face – as living, sentient beings, in the real world. Belief, as such, is a matter of reality, and religious imperatives not withstanding, requires a realistic appraisal of what we face, and then actively pursue what must be done.

We, as sons and daughters of the West, require no more moral authority, than this.

[1] September 12, 2015.


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