White Nationalist Position: Education

What is the White Nationalist Position on


Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1,531

The White Nationalist addresses the issue of Education as the Second most important 14370405_1827204880846988_6120395156362018165_nposition of our platforms; Education ranks second only because we define education proper as a fundamental result of flesh and bone, of Race. We recognize that without proper education from preschool to the University, our future generations will be unable to function properly as part of the body-politic, as even a intelligent and vibrant people can, with time, degenerate, if not maintained by the highest of personal standards. A uniform, static populace, neither serves itself nor the Nation and, becomes with time, a de-facto slave state since those who are educated will, as their feelings of ‘superiority’ becomes ever so pronounced, will never allow such a uneducated herd to direct tbem – the obvious heir apparent to continued, and growing power.

Education, however, as we see it, is not in that traditional form of ‘mediocrity’ as seen in today’s educational institutions [sic] and, in perfect candor, is Revolutionary in scope. The white nationalist seeks to propose a restructuring of the very concept of education. This concept will provide for a comprehensive study, work and learn format that will adjust itself to each individual on a broad scale, thereby providing for the ‘personal best’ in each student. Of course this should be the normal state of affairs, but as we all know, is far removed from the reality of our past.

The White Nationalist denounces ‘mediocrity,’ in both student as well as instructor; for one without the other is a completely useless endeavor in higher education. This wastes precious hours of our National consciousness. This restructuring must be complete; it must be done without favor to the existing order of institutional systems. Of course, the issue of integration is self evident in these pages and must be realized in a comprehensive analysis on a National level. The present system, however, would never address this most sensitive of issues – not even for the brighter future of our children. Their political posturing has left them impotent on this point.

To the issue of ‘posturing’ we also address the issue of National Testing as is required in the present system. The importance placed upon ‘testing’ has become a National disgrace – producing pupils that have achieved equality with the dunces and rebellious. Children, who by their very nature are achievers, or in some cases, ‘over achievers,’ are forced to watch as others are given special attention because of race or religious qualifications, while they, the gifted of our young are relegated to the status of ‘help-yourself-if-you-can’ category; instructors, worried about their ‘positions’ both socially and professionally, will not shake the mantle of cowardice to help one of their own, if seen as if there is a ‘unhealthy’ relationship with one of our own. When these normal, compassionate teachers do however, it must be done with the skill of a their, making sure they have an equal amount of ‘other’ gifted children as well so as to not create an atmosphere of ‘inequality’. This produces the mediocrity spoken of earlier. Even in present day, ‘rural’ white America, the attitudes and abilities do not fare much better.

There are millions, literally millions, of fine young ethnically white children that cry out, every day, for chance at excellence. The primary intent of white nationalism is aimed at giving these future citizens a proper chance at the future. The White Nationalist proposes the following:

1. A Three (3) tiered Educational System;

2. A placement system relative to the desires and performance of each student;

3. Career and Professional guidance;

4. Subsidized Education (National Level).

The above proposals will, undoubtedly, provide for a stronger individual and a credible institutional system of learning for the whole Nation. The white nationalist wants to stress, again, that education proper helps both the individual (Race) as well as the Nation to exist in a time of changing climate (i.e. social, political, economic, etc.,) – both personally and politically: it is the prime function of any educational system to prepare the mind for the forces experienced in the growing years. It is the responsibility of any system to nurture new ideas. To place in the paths of our young, not impediments, but clear and decisive opportunities motivated by love, mutual respect, and hope in the future, has always been the intent of the white nationalist.

The three-tiered system of Education is simple: it provides for the instruction of types of students, rather than in grouping a1l students as simply one type, that of mass student. If, for instance, a young boy or girl, after being taken into pre-school or elementary levels, shows a propensity in the arts or mechanical skills respectively, then, it is unnatural to insist that that child be forced to absorb things that are contrary to his nature (instinct). Rather, each development of types, shall be continued at the expense of the other general requirements; the studies of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, History, and the Sciences of course, shall not be denied. What is meant is this:

Tier one:

Development Stage – Shows adaptable skills, propensities (likes/ dislikes) and valuations – pre-school to 5th grade.

Tier two:

Education now branches into three categories: Academic (arts, histories, sciences, etc.,) Labor Intensive (engineering, architecture, etc.,) and Gifted, which will enhance, at the expense of state/party, the mind and will of the ‘achievers,’ the gifted outcast – the true genius of the Folk – 6th thru 12th grade.

Tier three:

From three branches, we now break into four (4) categories:

1. Vocational (trade for life); engineering, architectural, etc.,

2. Academic – area of learning for future “professional responsibilities.”

3. Public – statesman, governmental leaders.

4. Homemaker – social skills, parenting, home education.

The natural progression of skills from the pre-school up, is quite easily understood once one throws away the notion that simple classroom ‘presence’ is enough to enable a young mind to achieve; classroom time is, indeed, intended to act as a conduit of achievement, but not solely as the only means. The purpose of School is not simply to pass tests. Rather, it is in the testing of mind and body, and will, indeed, bring the excitement of learning something useful, something that enforces the mutual responsibility of each and every student each to the other; this will bring out the best in each individual. This is the central impetus of all education. This must start at the home level, and only continue at the public educational level as an extension of our racial identity, our folk-community.

The notion, also, that the prime purpose for education is to get ahead – for some selfish, or strictly ambitious reason – is declared false by the very existence of today’s generation who, for monetary gain, and momentary reputation, have sacrificed all real responsibility to their Race, instead, giving their energy, time, and moral obligations to everyone but their own, for a few years in the sun. The notion that the self predominates over those millions of persons, with whom they co-exist, is the ultimate act of selfishness. This act alone, or Nationally, is a dysfunctional phenomenon and must be replaced with the notion that each individual only makes up a part of the whole – with all contributing to the welfare and achievement of their Race-Culture. This is not an exotic, or unorthodox position, as it has been the norm for thousands of generations; it is only in the last three to four generations, that this aberration has taken place.

In consequence to this National Educational Programme (NEP), the cream of the crop, so to speak, shall emerge from every corner of the country and funnel, ultimately, to those ‘centers’ of learning that have the appropriate facilities to refine, even more so, those skills and talents acquired through the lower academic levels.

The White Nationalist see these students, who are members of the folk-community, and who choose the Military, Academic, or Public areas of study, shall receive subsidies above the allotted amount of their previous years (e.g. all specialties and the like, will be applied to those that show a preponderance of acumen in these areas and, as such, will receive a higher level of interest, both financially and personally, by those of their folk-community). They will also be the first to benefit from new technology.

The finished and polished individual, that of graduate student, shall be highly competitive in nature; precisely the goal of any society who wishes to advance as a unique entity. The white nationalist disclaim the notion that ‘permissiveness’ and ‘psychological’ evaluation be the determining values and boundaries, which would be indicative of the achievement level of any particular student: a child cannot, and does not, find his own way, with no outside help or aid. Rather, precise and continuous tutoring and evaluation are necessary to develop the young mind. Competitive students, within bounds, help the whole class, not just the individual. The position taken by Dewy and Spock, including Ginott, was that the ‘individual accomplishments’ were not promoted in this atmosphere; rather, student was the equal, if not the superior, to the instructor. We think that any honest look at today’s schools will prove what this shift in authority, as well as direction, has led the whole Nation.



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