What is the White Nationalist Position on The Environment?

What is the White Nationalist Position on

The Environment?


Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1447


The issue of environment, sadly, seems to not be fully understood by those who, while detracting from the premise of ‘white nationalism’, actually know nothing about the original intent and inception of White Nationalism. From the inception of this race identity, or ideation, as a full-blown spiritual and physical manifestation, the idea of ‘racial-nationalism’ was one of harmony with our earth – there were many rank and file believers who adamantly proposed ‘back to the earth’ positions, but were basically defensive, as the Left seemed to have completely pirated the original construct of many who had passionately portrayed ‘race and nature’ as being part of the same organism (see Proem), and foresaw a new national consciousness coming from this merger. Most who complain that White Nationalism has no world-view past ‘race hatred’ are, themselves, devoid of any real telling knowledge of the tenets of white nationalism, let alone, the historicity or individuals who have worked so heartily, and with such personal loss, to create the essence of racial nationalism – some would even protest that White Nationalism stands in contravention of true ‘nationalism’ and, therefore, is to be only seen as an impediment or a passing evolution. This is far from the truth of the matter.

The White Nationalist acknowledges the primacy of Nature. It is through her nurturing and tempest, which we owe so very much to our overall development. Some would worship this essence; some simply seek to protect it. Some would seek its destruction. This is a matter of perceptions and values. This is not a matter of equality. There is a harmonious balance that must be addressed when we think of the future. Only one, and one only, choice can be made concerning our environment: its very survival.

The White Nationalist understands the innumerable conflicts, which arise out of this subject. However, this can all but be eliminated by one simple, natural position: Nature, or the environment, is essential to the life and development of our people; hence, it is in our very own best interest to maintain a position of respect, amity, and common sense as regards our habitat. This is not too much to ask, is it? Moreover, there will be those that will be defensive, argumentative, and will complain of revenues, etc., but, even they can be satisfied if they would simply follow nature’s law. The conditions left us by speculators, big business, and greed, have all but denied us, and all our people, the right to life; indeed, life as we know it, on a universal scale, has deteriorated to such an extent that it will take hundreds of years to correct.

Without Land, a space in which a man and his family may subsist, without land which is healthy, devoid of chemical fertilizers and bad farming practices, the natural coexistence of man and nature will, ultimately, serve neither. In China, for example, not only is it normal for two and a half acres of land to support a family of twelve, plus a donkey, a cow and two pigs (something utterly impossible under mechanized agriculture), but by a humus and compost economy carried on with almost religious zeal (cf. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer—Bio-Dynamic Farming And Gardening, passim); the fertility of the soil has been maintained in this fashion for thousands of years.

The White Nationalist has often asked “to what uses, and to what extent, are our natural resources to be spent” – and more importantly, to whom are these resources to be spent; are we, as a unique majority racial identity to continue to deflower our Forests to build homes for the thousands of aliens (whether illegal or not) coming into our nation? What? you say. How horrible!! you cry? The fact of the matter is that we, as a unique ethnic identity, has still maintained a negative birthrate as opposed to the non-white influx and highly competitive and natural fecund rate of these non-white immigrants so as to present us, once again, with this inevitable pronouncement: for what future generation of peoples are our forests then being destroyed, and to whom are our natural resources to be spent? With 600,000 plus immigrants coming into the country, for cheap labor to buttress the inversion of white labour, added to this travesty, a little more than 40,000+ ‘Europeans’ being allowed entry into the land of opportunity, opportunity created by their racial brethren, for just what people, exactly, are our resources to be utilized? Yes, these are our resources – if we choose to keep and protect them.

Do major factories have the right to pollute our waters? Is it common sense to which they owe their reasoning? Does the pristine majesty of our mountains and waterways mean anything to you? It certainly means something to the white nationalist! This nation and its environment is part of our legacy, it is up to us to keep it properly maintained for our future. With hard work and dedication, we can do it together.

In today’s world, just like in the beginning, the white nationalist has promoted economic stimulus, but not the perversions we see today, rather, Public Works projects is a fundamental precept in white nationalist politics – yet, today, just like yesterday, it seems that those so-called ‘leaders’ have left an open wound, where there was wholeness – it has always been a commonsense platform of white nationalism that we, as a folk-community, be a productive community, and there simply is so much that we are capable of doing, and should do. For instance, the re-forestation of our centuries-long harvesting of our natural resources; the production and utilitarian need of canals (waterways), the construction of those hydro-electric plants, the creation of a more productive ‘national forest’ system (overseen by the independent States), protecting and utilizing these resources, not the destruction and corporate manipulation we see today; this will assure, among other items, a real and independent national sovereignty.

Is it so hard to imagine, for instance, that major ‘public works’ projects could put millions to work, for years, in the areas of re-forestation, canals (waterways), hydro-electric plants, the creation of National Forests, their maintenance and good order, without damaging the Natural environment, thereby sustaining our individual sovereignty as a Nation, as a people, while at the same time realizing a profit for the Industries, as long as they take a responsible position in aiding us, and the future? We think not! It will be, and common sense supports this contention, that it be a balance between us both. The Corporate elements of industry must place the value of its people and soil above and beyond its short-term cash stock. We recognize the need for strong Industry, for strong Corporate sense, but within the confines of our natural limits and strengths.

White Nationalists propose, on the contrary, that those things stated above, and more, can be realized if you, members of our folk-community, take an active part in this realization by breaking away from a system long since dedicated to a path of destruction, rather than salvation. White Nationalism offers this salvation.

Public Transportation is a farce.* It serves neither the public-at-large nor the Nation as a whole, as it now stands. The rise of carbon-monoxide levels is known to all, and is only exacerbated by the added use of “public transports” (buses) in our cities and suburbs. With the advanced technology at our disposal, such as used by the Military and defense [sic] contractors, it is within our reach, today, to provide great works in public transports.

This field produces yet another opportunity of the “public works” concept as well. Air Buses (single-line railways), subterranean modules (transport held in vacuum rushed at hundreds of MPH), and the like, would take years to build, but, would provide clean and efficient transportation locally, as well as Nationally (Canada included), while also providing millions of jobs. At what cost this, you ask? Why, only the costs of labor which, coming from our own peoples, would/could be paid by grants of land; giving a workers family a place to call their own, while the worker is away. Upon his completed service, the land would remain his. Our National/Racial resources (labor, land) would cost us Nothing! We are the GNP!!

The policy of the White Nationalist concerning the environment is two fold: (1) To restore the Nations resources to a measurable amount, consistent with previous destruction; (2) To provide work for our people, meaningful and sustained work, with ample reward due those persons willing to invest in their folk-community.



* This discussion is imperative, and would be ludicrous to omit in this day and age, without a concerned and serious look at Transportation: Individual and Public. FLS


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