White Nationalist Position: Economics

What is the White Nationalist overall Strategy

On Economics as a Policy?

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1,886


The White Nationalist recognizes that the strength of a Nation can only come from within, specifically from that body of flesh and bone of which we are all a part of, and reject the notion that a strong economy, indeed, that a ‘global-strength’, is predicated upon external (i.e. that which is always extended, such as military might, economic empowerment of nations alien to us) power alone – such as that ubiquitous internationalist or those so-called members of the new ‘world order’ would have us believe. They say: “we must have a strong import system, otherwise the international markets will flounder and fail.” It is this type of logic that has embroiled us in six (6) wars1 (declared or undeclared), and has taken away our true markets in Europe, disrupted trade in South America, and alienated us from true substantial business relations in Japan and elsewhere.

Honest trade, honest financial support, and honest business sense, would improve our production worth, increase relations with European markets, and establish a sense of trust between the third-world markets. [Since the original draft of these formulations (1989) and first printing of these observations, we have seen just how important these markets really are. The middle-east, and the various related scenarios, is perfect proof of private corporate war declared on nations that seek to improve, or maintain, their lot in life at the expense of internationalist control of their natural resources and political identity, which causes eternal strife and less than prosperous accommodations for either the West or the East – perpetual war for perpetual peace cannot serve either political ethos].

Now, in theory, this all sounds well and good you say, but does not disclose the real matter of importance to us as a people, as a Nation. The important matter in this case, to use an ancient term, is the Yeoman, or working class of any Nation; specifically this means the Farmer. This is the broadest foundation of any Western people, followed in quick-step fashion, by Industry and its related fields. This class has, systematically, been deprived of the ability to produce in a market that is virtually unlimited in consumer demand. This is simple supply and demand; growth is predicated on this simple formula. However, despite the demand, especially in this country, not to mention the world, the ruin of this class has led to the gravest conceivable consequences.

To put this in perspective, in the year 1989 the american heartland had seen the foreclosures of 80,000+ ‘family-run-farms’, not to mention the equally devastating 21 years to come (as of this writing), thereby creating an even more debilitating strain on those family run enterprises fighting hard to stay buoyant; the ‘national’ response is to continually bring workers from out of country, giving them a chance to buy and farm this land of ours. Moreover, what of the State, and its position of enmity, against these hard working families? Do not their armies of ‘money agents’ secure properties that have been in families for generations? What if they cannot pay extortionate interest payments on the day-due note? The land is needed for the future – should not these families be given the time, the extra time, to reclaim their stake in production? Instead of this, 500,000 aliens have already been brought into the Mid-West to take over what land can be given to this cheap labor at the expense of the traditional family – those White-ethnic kinsmen. Moreover, in the state of Idaho, the Chinese government has made a political/economic deal [2011] to purchase a fifty-square mile parcel of land outside of Boise for the express purpose of maintaining a sovereign bloc of ‘little china’, creating employment (as is the stated reason for this national treason) for the local populace, including the fifty-thousand ‘bosnian muslim’ refugee immigrants who now inhabit a large section of Boise proper.

This is treason to the race-culture, as well as to this specific ethnic folk-community.

The White Nationalist does not like the discussion of “bail-outs” any more than you do, and the recent stimulus of fourteen trillion dollars to our ‘banking establishments’ have morphed into a continuing game of chance, roulette actually, and has yet to convince the populace that it is working, and presupposes a certain amount of favoritism not afforded the whole population. Nevertheless, the salvation of the farmer/agriculturalist class must be achieved at all costs. The restoration of the financial capacity of agriculture may be hard on the consumer; but the fate that would, and does, await the entire white nation of North America, including all those now residing with us, is not to be compared with these hardships and sacrifices. Should this salvation of agri-business not be achieved, then the ruin of our agriculturist’s would/will lead not only to the collapse of American business as a whole, but, above all, will come the collapse of the American Corporate body. To maintain our agriculture in a healthy Nation is the first condition for the prosperity and expansion of our Industry now made dormant, denying thousands of jobs to our people; of American internal trade and American exports. We must, and will, promote a “back-to-the-soil” policy.

If government can “bail-out” automotive works, then, in due course, how can we deny the very essence, the life force (food!), if you will? Or is the hands-on ownership more important to those in power that they would allow those aliens amongst us to possess it? Land ownership is power. Who controls the land is more important than those that would claim jurisdiction over it. Never forget that simple truism.

In principle, the government construct of white nationalism will not protect the economic interests of the American people by direct supervision, but, rather, by a full-circle method of economic bureaucracy to be organized by the Department of Agriculture, or the Congress in which the utmost furtherance of private initiative and, by the absolute recognition of the rights of property. The Administration (Banks, Department of Agriculture, etc.,) must respect, by means of economic interests, the results of diligence, and hard work. The broadest foundation of this nation, and any other nation, is its people. Institutions are but a means to an end; and that end is the survival our people and culture.

In the Northwest Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana farming belts, much of our locally produced timber, agri-business and related commerce, is controlled and mandated by governmental oversight, which means a close-quarter bottle-neck and restrictive policies against local land-owners, seizures of traditional farms and ranches for enlarged ‘waterways’ (Snake and Clearwater rivers) which is now totally removed from local control; the transportation of ‘food-stuffs’ should benefit our local citizenry yet most of the material product is being shipped over-seas for offshore processing, cutting out the working-class of our own nation, as well as displacing our own racial-stock in this northwest section of the country with foreign aliens. This must cease, and the will and traditions of these common-folk living in this region respected and allowed to blossom without the restrictive policies of the present government policies.

This is treason to the heart, blood and bone, of our people.

The hard work and social investments of these mostly Germanic and Celtic peoples has been reduced to almost nothing in the above areas, their infrastructure and religious institutions all but obliterated. This has occurred not because of lack of interest, or that their children would defer to other forms of work, like techno-related fields, as we are all brainwashed to believe, but because of the international implications inherent in governmental reasoning. This is not just happening in this region of the nation, but its entirety. The white nationalist seeks to reform this denial of potential.

The purposed reform of our fiscal system must lead to a simplification of assessment, thus a reduction in the costs and burdens to the small, as well as the large farmer. Taxation, also, in principle, must not be at the ‘source,’ but rather beside it, so to speak, thereby receiving revenue without any direct or cruel intentions designed to strangle incentives. These measures must also be shared by the Administration as well. The use of committees, programmes, over-sight committees, and the like, must be simplified. Too much control has produced an alienation between the larger members (government) and the smaller members (farmer/citizen). This must change!

The White Nationalist, as a corporate body, will avoid any and all currency experiments designed to create and destroy markets based upon International demand. We are not, however, against certain international export/import demands that would facilitate some common exchange rate fixed by our National leaders that would maintain an equality of interests under the law. We will continue to feed the world, but not at the expense of our people who are hungry now. We recognize the responsibility to others less fortunate than ourselves in natural resources. Therefore, we will provide for a consistent Foreign Policy to each market, not in hoc to any one foreign entity.

Our Foreign [Economic] Policy, which includes many debtor nations, created and fostered by International Bankers and their minions, must be reduced substantiality, if not eliminated entirely. We are not concerned with who or what is responsible at this point, but simply to re-vitalize these foreign markets. The usurious debt incurred by these internationalists has depleted the production value of these debtor nations. We must allow for renewed growth in these countries so as to continue much valued trade and mutual relations. Without this reprieve, these countries will officially go bankrupt and, in all likelihood, not repay at all, while arming themselves to some perceived threat to their national security, for failing to pay these enormous loans. Let us put these suicidal policies behind us and create an atmosphere that will help us all in the long run – no matter what the challenges we may face in doing so.

Leaning, one again, on the shoulder of History, we have seen that a Nation can exist without cities but, without its agriculturalists, no Nation can live! We see a resurgence in our people, and those specifically that will reap the biggest share in this resurgence will be the farmer. Without their support, at the grass-roots level, the platforms of the white nationalist will be considerably tougher to reach. We expect, however, that this will be no great hardship in the long run. With thousands of farmers losing ground, literally, having been in the family for generations, we feel that they/ you, will come to our call. If you are one of those that will let this tragedy continue to take place well, by all means, stay away from this white nationalist political concept!! The White Nationalist is determined to adopt new measures, when successful in positioning our political outlook, which we are convinced will be recognized by future generations as the right direction, for a1l concerned.


1 This would be: World War I, World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, ‘desert storm’ redux and, most certainly, many more ‘wars’ are in store for the american interest in this region. FLS

These words were penned many years ago, and as the reader will recognize, this is precisely what is happening at the present time [2011] in Greece, Spain, Italy, Iceland, and numerous other nations not displayed in the morning paper – as yet. FLS


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