White Nationalism and the Internationale


White Nationalism and the Internationale:

The international dynamics and viability

of Ethno-Nationalism

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count 2,056


The White Nationalist gets a good chuckle when opposition forces or simple ignorance champions the attack against ‘white nationalists’ as anti-internationalist. Nothing is further from the truth. The inter-nationalist character of White Nationalism is well documented, and has been a viable and healthy component of ethno-nationalism for a hundred years or more; over the past forty years, its has congealed into a defined and politically adept premise of the present-day white nationalist.

In Europe, for instance, the developmental momentum of nationalistic thought, a sure indicator of traditionalism, is seen in virtually all of its communities, and the strongest aspect of this reaffirmation is caused by the importation of ‘labour’ – even if sharing the same racial components if coming from a ‘foreign’ country – at the expense of the indigenous work-force; this aspect of ‘tribalism’ has, traditionally, been a major impediment to the idea of a working relationship with other ethno-states, but with the increase in white nationalism in both the ‘states’ as well as other ‘western’ countries, the common understanding of Pan-Nationalism, or internationale confederations, has made itself known throughout the world with some telling influence. This is just the beginning.

As ethno-nationalists continue to be bombarded in their home countries with draconian and ‘anti-democratic’ hysteria and legal abuses, as well as continued discrimination in the political realm, such as the banning of political parties (such as Hungary, Germany, Poland, Russia, Sweden, all in greater or lesser degrees), and the heavy draconian monitoring of ‘social sites’, musical venues, political assembly and the like, it is obvious that the authoritarian ‘state’ has only one agenda: to keep those of western stock alone, marginalized, and bereft of all the so-called democratic traditions of their nation-states. Europe, after all, has fought for the ‘rights of man’ far longer than America, and simply lacked the ‘fresh start’ afforded their kinsmen here, in the ‘united states’. Be that as it may, ‘white nationalism’, as a philosophy, is shared the world-over, however much the unique applications of ‘nationalism must affect specific national directives. Pan-Nationalism, in the context of pan-ethno-nationalism is shared by the majority of racial activists and thinkers, and presently far out-weighs any possible division within this world-wide community.

From a purely lineal or political angle, this must continue unabated for all our disparate parts to succeed individually.

In certain countries, there has been some success after years of struggle, and those parties, which have some semblance of political tradition (Italy, Sweden, and Germany/Austria come to mind) are slowly making their presence known against tremendous odds. With the closing of American borders and the insulated national, or should we say, the imprisoned white ethno-state, it is more important than ever to maintain cultural and personal relationships within and without the mainstream political parties of each nation, and endeavor to facilitate a healthy relation with one another, internationally: and why not? In common, we all share ‘blood and bone’, our traditions, even when flavored with territorial iconoclastic and regional imperatives, marks us with similar distinctions which, if seen from a distance, would appear to be related in thought and action; our systems of jurisprudence have common ground (although here, in the US, it is beyond our ethnic-traditions of the past, and well beyond the decency of Anglo-Saxon law, as discussed in previous works), our food shares many of the same tastes and smells, and our spiritual inclinations have the same root and stock. In short, white nationalism, as a philosophy, is shared by the majority of the members of the Western ethno-state – that is, world wide.

This element, that of internationalism, is not unique, for in another time, white America and Europe shared Trade, Culture, Science, education, law, industrial advances, and literary import with each other, as was common and good for all the earth, until greed and envy entered into the hearts and minds of individuals not content with the prosperity and enjoyment of themselves and their own people – economic internationalism, which saw its shadow in the ‘arms races’ of yesteryear, as well as advances in personal ‘accumulated’ personal wealth with concomitant international agendas, polluting the natural affinities of our related peoples – this must be fought at ever opportunity, for the best interests and moral future of ourselves and our collective ethno-states, for we are all connected, no matter what is said about us, and this is a good thing.

Do not let religion, territory, or regional history keep one from the overall imperative: A free and sovereign ethno-state for each traditional ‘tribal unit’ – and even new ones if that is what it takes.

Thus, we are presented with a reaffirmation of our ancient folk-ways – a world-revolution if you will – in which we see the awakening of traditional ethno-states, of racial types, on the order of magnitude not seen in generations; this awakening is the just and commonsense counter-movement against the liberalizing ‘internationalist’ who gained his fateful foothold in the last century, his conquest of tradition and culture the world over, and his economic supremacy which saw such despair in the hearts of millions, and drove them into the chains of the Bolshevist, communist, imperialist and internationalism directed, sadly, by the controlled demos of certain western authorities who, in turn, had been taken over by the same disease; all of this leads, ineluctably, to the elimination of racial consciousness and traditional folk-ways.

It is disintegration, which always presents us with both the cause and the effect, from which we must, once again, come to grips with and correct.

White Nationalism is not predicated upon the twofold idols of trade and profit, neither are our ideas of ‘international law’ predicated upon this reasoning. We do not see Property as wares, to be bought and sold to the highest bidder, neither do we see Art, that is, the artistic achievements of our individual genius, to be seen as goods to be traded, willy nilly, to anyone with the cash to buy them – some art is beyond any price, as it designates the essence of the folk-community which bore it.

The White Nationalist does not see religion (i.e. as an institution) as international tools to be used in foreign lands, to garner information for government agendas, nor does the white nationalist see the proselytizing of non-ethnics for the purpose of trade, or any future maneuver, to be a noble calling – in the past, this has simply been used for opium dealers, diamond merchants, and individuals who amass great tracks of lands in these areas (such as was Indo-China), and who then turn the populations against us and themselves. This latter, a product of the prostitution of our economic law, as well as our international law, which in turn, created, and does create, political law – not law based on a larger ethno-racial affinity, but for money alone, for power unrelated to any larger understanding of the folk-mind or the folk-community-at-large. All this is antithetical to the philosophy of the white nationalism.


International Activism

The West, as an organism, is chained, restrained, and decidedly is wholly a creature undone, bereft of that ancient understanding of ‘racial affinity’, even in the most simplest of forms. Economics rules the day, with those multitudinous balance entries representing flesh and bone; no mention of corporeal units, only distant and arbitrary numbers not associated with any relation by culture, inclination, or blood. Nations are now bodies of corporate heads, of Institutions, not kinsmen. White Nationalism, and white nationalists in particular, disagree with this assessment.

Each member of the far-flung ‘west’ is a valuable and essential part of the folk-community – and this folk-community is larger and more important than any previous tribal or geographical state – the internecine wars of the past fostered, for the most part, by alien intrigue, or simple lust of power and personal agendas which, in the main, have not striven for the long-term enhancement, trade, education, business, or equitable distribution of raw materials which could, and should, benefit our own ethno-states which, in turn, would provide for both economic and cultural continuity – ha! But this would run counter to the present plans to mitigate the natural tendencies of members of the west to do just this; the continual harping about racial divisions, racism, and the lack of ‘inclusion’ masks the untold story of jealousy, greed, control, and revenge for wrongs imagined, or real, that must at all costs, be revisited on a weakened organism – and, perhaps, there is some justification in this – for we have allowed ourselves to become weak, nay!,we have demanded it!! and therefore must be found guilty. This, comrades, is what the majority of our people believe; their sense of guilt and horror regarding our racial folk-community continues to grow unabated.

In Europe, as here in the United States, our disparate parties struggle for some semblance of power, either political or social, and attempt everything, which may prove successful. The spirit and intent is there, but sadly lacking is the actual unity of thought and political direction, which will only come from frequent and personal contact, both professional and personal. This is already being done across the globe, but lacks any sustained and credible ‘public’ follow-up, as those who have achieved any public acclaim whatsoever, are just as quick to disavow any involvement or sympathies with their comrades of the past – this must stop, as we are all in the same predicament, and must never cast aside a friend or ally in the eternal struggle.

As all white nationalists know, the chauvinism of the past, for each individual part, must become subsumed, in part, by the larger family of the West; our folk-communities and ethno-states will remain (how could they not), yet the petty and trite manifestations of ‘nationalism’ for some perceived ultimate hegemony, is a thing of the past. It is well known that some in the international movement consider ‘white nationalism’ to be uniquely ‘american’, and hence not to be exported nor supported in the European ethno-states, but this is in the minority, just as ‘white nationalism’ may have generated a certain acclaim from the ‘american’ experience, but has always been seen as ‘pan-national’ in scope, if not strictly a spiritual and organic imperative. Thus it is, that all our disparate members must be cognizant of division and regional tribalism, which would detract from full participation of our fellows, and the inclusion of parties, which seek to affirm or reaffirm those elements which would make us stronger, both nationally and internationally. Remember, as well, that this is more than simple rhetoric, and each member must seek ever to visualize just what is necessary for a common discussion once we have attained that momentum which will propel us all into the world community of western nations, and ensure this working relationship, looking ever for those who would disrupt and devolve our various parts into yet another atomization which begs for war and chaos.


Free speech and free thought are subjective in today’s world, yet we all have, in varying degrees, the ability to produce and disseminate information and news which will benefit all our folk-communities, this must be encouraged and increased in the years to come, with the ultimate objective being the independence and vocal support of our struggle in our various regions. Broadcasting, as well, must be increased, and the introduction of more radio and visual productions – we have come a long way in this regard, and the professional attention paid to propaganda and informational spots must continue to become more prolific. In those countries which are more or less draconian, organized resentment and legal maneuvers will continue to slow down, and in many cases, try to destroy ethno-nationalist determinism will abound, but this should surprise no one, and continued application of our tenets must remain fixed.

Forms of communications will evolve with technology as long as western states remain truly just and upright; as these avenues become untenable, the international community will once again look to each other for systems of practice which will promote harmony and mutual goals which will assure singular victories, looking forward to a more robust and unified effort for all to instruct too the many other disparate parts. All of us, of every Western Nation, together, will achieve what our Fathers and Mothers attempted in the past, and be victorious.

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