Medicine: The Folk-Community


The Folk-Community

Private Practice and Institutional Instruction

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1,938

[Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Foundations of The 21st Century]

White Nationalist Position on Medicine and Health Care.

The White Nationalist knows that of all public contact with professional members of the community, the Medical profession is the most important and personal of contacts that community members make in their lives – the possible exception to this would be the clergy – but the former is, by far, the most permanent and necessary element in a persons living reality.

Long before the present discussion of ‘national healthcare’, the white nationalist was inculcating that sense of duty, obligation, and compassion for members of his ethno-state; this did not start out as exhaustive, but was rife with the sense of duty and understanding that, firstly, the care of our newborn was paramount, as the necessity of new life begs the question of how best to prepare and pay for extended members of young families; secondly, the belief that our elderly were of the utmost extension of our sense of obligation to these persons, our Mothers and Fathers who, in their later years, deserve the honour and respect of their children (i.e. their folk-community) for the sacrifices (whether real or imagined) they made over the duration of their lives so that, in the end, their way of life and that of their children, might be handed to future generations for the maintenance of a brighter and long-enduring future.

In either case, Medical professionals are necessary.

Like any profession, these professionals are not, strictly speaking, born into this trade, but are, in the view of the white nationalist, predisposed in a genetic sense, to be providers and nurturers; to do this, these individuals must be educated, and to refine these proclivities which, after a period of time, are then to enter the professional arena of medical providers. This means, at the outset, that education must be made available to the broadest base of our ethno-state securing, with time, an adequate supply of these providers (this was done adequately and responsibly in the past, but has changed dramatically in the past generation). This means, of course, that the primary care of this ethno-state will, of necessity, come from within our own community; fellow ethnics will supply those services necessary for the health and welfare of the community. This will, most assuredly, raise the ire of the modern, who calls for the equality of opportunities for all persons – a noble virtue for the informed individual – but which added to the disproportionate increase in our Universities of students from around the world, namely India and the middle-east deprives, no matter the ascertained index of ‘higher caliber’ students from these regions, nevertheless reduces the amount of native white student population (in the near future, we will be told that ‘white people’ don’t want to do these jobs, as they would get their hands dirty, as is often the case in the agricultural and construction industry today), and makes us, as in other industries and commodities, dependent upon others, thereby giving up, incrementally, these professional skills which, with time, brings us down intellectually, suppressing our innate need to create something, over a broad segment of the population, and bringing us down into a smaller and meaner people – a coming dark ages, if you will.

Anecdotally, let me cut to the chase:

When my own mother became very ill, being a diabetic, living for ten years with the knowledge that I was in prison for attempting to secure a future for our people, and generally weakened from stress and working diligently for forty years with her employer and then retiring, eventually succumbed to her health issues and was taken to the hospital via ambulance; this was the first of several trips, and I was soon by her bedside.

On the second trip to the hospital, she was very, very ill, and holding her emaciated and weakened body was overwhelming. I left her in a room provided by the caring and mostly white staff; I was called the next day at work, and was requested by the floor staff to come back to the hospital and see to my mother. Upon entering her room, expecting to see her alone, I was received by multiple persons in white coats that were hovering and arguing with each other about something, some particular medical disagreement no doubt, and then was shocked by the two tall, turbaned swarthy doctors closest to her; there were two Vietnamese-looking individuals along side, and another that I do not recall. At that moment, a feeling of disgust and antipathy came over me, and I began to shout above the cacophony of languages and level of discussion, telling them to all get “the hell out of the room, and not come back,” working them out of the room.

I did not want, nor would I allow these individuals to speak to my mother this way, who was, by all accounts, held in their power of discernment, if not their legal ‘professional’ status, and just sit idly by. Moving into the hall, I looked right and then left, and presently cast my view upon a, seemingly, small and slight older white man, a doctor in professional attire, and motioned to him to come my way; he came steadily closer, and I then asked him if he was, in fact, a resident doctor, and he affirmed that he was; at that moment, he was informed that he was now my mothers doctor. He smiled, and calmly asked if I would direct him to my mother’s room. He was a kindly gentleman, professional to a fault, with a slight southern accent, and soon had my mother’s confidence and pertinent information about her condition. This diminutive and kindly man soon had brought in another doctor, a Japanese heart specialist who, like the former doctor, took a real positive approach to my mother’s situation – not anything like the former Babylon, which I had been met with. This whole process took about an hour.

My mother lived for another month, and then passed away. I, in turn, remain to “continue the flow.”

This story is being relayed to engage the reader with the situations and developments, which will be discussed below, so that those who have experienced the same will feel a certain affirmation in their own experience as well as preparing the new reader for what is in store for them in the same situation.

For a people to remain intact, as a distinct and unique ethno-state, they must remain wholly and uniquely self-dependent, if they are to grow, remain healthy, and achieve what the gods have ordained for them; this would include the duty and obligation to ‘care for one’s own’, both in the physical and spiritual realm, and must not be confused with the modern’s conception of Xenophon’s experience. This is the burden of ‘civilization’, the stepchild of race-culture.

Civilization is complex. It involves the existence of human communities characterized by political and social organization; dominating and utilizing natural forces; adapting themselves to this new man-made environment; possessing true knowledge (empirical science), a natural sense of refinement, of the arts, and sciences; and most importantly, composed of individuals capable of sustaining this elaborate complex and of handing it on to a capable and similarly complex posterity. Moreover, this last consideration is, in fact, the heart of the whole matter.

Western man’s evolution, as well as his incumbent rising and falling, has not been a strictly vertical one but, rather, a slow and methodical ascent into history, at once climbing atop Mt. Ida, only to fall into the nether world of Chiron without fare or passage. The white nationalist knows that countless tribes of men have perished utterly while, at the same time, others have striven to greatness as unique ethnic states, while still others stop along the pathway to rest and idle incapable, seemingly, to advance their natural state, and have sunk into the depths of self-indulgence and depravity. Moreover, it is true that the pathway of civilization is littered with the wreckage of these dead and dying civilizations – these dead and dying race-cultures.

Today we take so much for granted, and the higher faculties such as Medicine are no different. In this faculty of higher learning, we have become accustomed, not really thinking about its absence – excepting, perhaps, those few souls who make it their interest in obtaining such knowledge for a rainy day – and simply mark it up to that natural state in which they were born. A nagging question, however, remains: Why, if ‘civilization’ is such a good thing, bringing with it medical marvels and protection from the often blind and cruel forces of nature, calmed the natural antagonism and struggles between beast and men, and generally supplanted ignorance do these civilizations pass away, leaving nothing but traces as to their zenith of intellectual prowess?

The White Nationalist divines the answer, although is fought by those who preach complete equality, like their Marxian ancestors, and it is this: Stagnant or decadent peoples can not bear the burden of civilization, for civilization is a burden as well as a benefit. This is inevitable in a cosmos governed by laws, which decree that substance may not come out of nothing; civilization is not a cause but an effect — the effect of sustained human energy; and this energy, in turn, springs from the creative urge of superior hereditary material. Civilization is thus fundamentally conditioned by race. Moreover, in any particular people, civilization will progress just so far as that people has the capacity (here we are talking about distinct predispositions and genetic proclivities to ‘envision’ a set of ideas) to further it as well as the ability to bear the correlative burden which this entails; when this crucial point is reached, the civilization of that people either stagnates or retrogrades. Exactly how the process works becomes lucid by even a cursory glimpse at human history.

The correlation here is that Medicine is no different, as the very essence of Western science, at least its present evolutionary stage, is supported by the very race-culture, which nurtured and extended it – that Western science, even as all natural men, have learned, imitated, and garnered information the world over is not in dispute – and therefore, must maintain as much of this original plasm as possible to maintain, in turn, its vision and duty to itself and to those who will come after. By inculcating foreign elements to ‘heal the host nation’ will, with time (not long at all, perhaps two generations) replace the flesh and bone of its host, retiring the population to ignorance and dependency. Moreover, by passing over our own intelligent, gifted and duty-bound progeny we commit a crime against nature – against ourselves – and the penalty is more than any one person or race can survive.

The White Nationalist sees the capacities and dreams of our own youth being denied, squandered, and given to those not part of their experience, and see this as a determined development of destruction by those who neither understand our inheritance, nor are they actually a part of that component, but are ever envious of what they cannot have, so will manufacture and lie about the cause and effect of these very issues. Only fools, however, go to a jester for such serious discussions.

The education of our youth is of utmost importance, and white nationalism encourages all parents to keep an eye on your children at an early age, for those signs of interests in which they may, with time, become true healers of their people, participate in our universities and colleges, and then pass on into those communities which house their people – and their elderly.


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