The Song of Albion: What Dreams May Come?

The Song of Albion: What Dreams May Come?

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count 5,896

Song of Albion

[Note: This is an excerpt from Song of Albion, a Work penned by the Author many years ago. It is a ‘historical’ Work, insofar as the flow of History has passed the original draft with many  an un-foreseen occurance in the Life of the West. Strange, however, Truth seems to care little of our accounting of Time, and this Work was prescient, indeed, much more has happened in the West, which proves the validity of this, dare We say it, Prophetic analysis. The Staff]

In today’s world of overreaching denial of Western race-culture, the almost demonic zeal with which our young are denied their own history, in favor of the non-western, is more than dismal – it is an evil thing, a thing which, by most accounts, has changed the very actualizations of the children of the West, for their heroes are not of their stock, their perceptions of beauty, counterfeits of the real expression of their future mates, the roles of masculinity and nobility being given to superficial, banal, and sociologically different types of men and women. This is more than dangerous, and will, in all likelihood, be discounted by many, but it is always a good thing to prove a postulation: So, I urge you, the reader – no, I dare you, to look to your own children, compare them with yourself, and then to your father or grandfather, and see just how far they, and you, have strayed. I dare you.


Let us, then, dig deeper, and broaden our basis for the concepts of Land, and the need to claim our own unique, and lasting place to live.

Each race-culture has its own new, unique, and potential possibilities for self-expression, which arise, live their own life, and fall away into distraction and ultimate death, never to return in the original form in which they were first created. There is no single painting, no single work in stone, no single formulae encompassing all mathematics, no one science of physics, of metaphysics, but many, each in its singular and expressive essence, limited in duration and self-contained, just as each specie of plant has its peculiar smell or fruit, its unique and singular type of birth and passing. These independent cultures, these sublime life-essences, grow with the same superb arbitrary nature as the flowers and organic life, of the wild, un-inhabited veld. They belong, like the plants and the animals, to the living nature of the poet, of Goethe; not to the lineal nature of Science. I see the organism of the West as an ongoing mosaic of endless formations and re-formations, of the rising and setting of organic forms. The ‘professional’ historian, to be sure, sees this process as a sort of ‘mythical’ metaphysics, adding little to the process of ‘reason’, one epilogue after another, but counting only duration and numerical certainty helps very little when dealing with real life, with transformation.

The passing of the ‘true’ Classical civilization of Greece, to the comprehensive Roman civilization was such a transformation. One being bourne by poetics, and one by science; by a purely mental, arbitrary, and rootless experiment. Like our own Republic, we started out pursuing the ‘classical’ reasoning of our ancestors; later, however, after the great ‘civil’ War, we slowly passed into the realm theoretics, arbitrary, and devoid of Western roots.

There is no ‘mythos’, no Saga, no Songs1 of what we once were; only the ever present need to belong to the mechanism, the machine of ‘law’, and to those ends which law produces – Institution. In the classical world, laws were arbitrary too, and based on the pantheon of gods, and their own needs; secular laws, then, being based on the perception of ‘aspects of the god-heads’. This, of course, a distillation of both the ‘greek’ race-soul, and the ‘roman’ cold-fast intellect, and this antithesis describes, precisely, the unique difference between what white nationalists call the race-culture and that of civilization. It is this difference, this type, which is compared with the intellectual and metaphysical man, or Age if you will. This contest is always found at the very epilogue of each recurring nexus, or birthing of a new culture, at the expense of ‘civilization. Such are the great epochs of Sargon, Menes, Ming, Alexander, and Caesar.

In these late periods of the classical world, just as today, do we also see the new ‘faiths’ of the ‘stoics’, and of Socialism, and ‘magianism’ of foreign Levantine thought, cabbalism, and Moorish imperialism (casting aside the metaphysics of Zarathustra and Eckardt for these alien forms). All these, ‘faiths’, which are induced into the Western mind, just as it has become a moribund creature, ripe for such transformation into a new type of being. The old, tired logos, being torn down, and remolded into a ‘civilization’ different from what had gone before. The people, as well, of course, of a new character. The Old, making way for the New.

Why the zeal, then, of those of Western stock, who demand that this transformation occur at all? After all, is not the wealth, the distinction, the rightness of the past, in all its technics, not enough to hold each to the other? Apparently not. Greater and greater demands are made upon the ‘state’, by those who once stood on their own; like their ancestors, those who stood proud on their own territory, each holding a part of the organism entire; this was a shared duty amongst those who partook of this existence, and were proud to emulate those who came before. Not now – now is the time of the great breaking, the forging of new directives, of new priorities and new expressions of freedom. Or so we are told.

The Freedom to move, to search the farthest horizon, has always been the higher goal of Western man; it is, as always, the Faustian spirit – that which seeks to go beyond itself. Rome, for instance, was not necessarily the ‘imperial rome’ many would have us believe; they settled only conquered territory; they simply protected ‘possessions’ attained by them. Our ‘republic’, on the other hand, has become, as represented by our own unique hubris, begun that long, tedious, and dysfunctional path, of true imperialism – the Nationalist wants none of this reckoning – he only wants enough to consider his needs, and the needs of his own kind. This, in the final analysis, is the Territorial Imperative.

However, there is more.

The search for Land is over – for there is none left; with the exception of Alaska (and this only in a relative sense, as we have, in fact, laid claim to it) and parts of Canada. The insertion of the existing ideas of a Pax Americanum, the broadest of ideals, which would include all of South America is, to only of the few élite, a non-issue; but Land, usable and healthy, remains in abundance in the existing confines of the ‘american’ dream.

The move into the Northwest region of this continental habitation, or any such ‘territory’ is still a vigorous idea within the hearts and minds of millions of Western stock. To be sure, there are detractors, even within nationalist circles, but these will yield as the momentum of the Presidential elections of the Year 2008 come into clear relief (no matter who is elected); soon, the driving force behind all the intellectual primers abounding on this issue will be pushed to the background in favor of getting on a ship, any ship but the coming ‘ship-of-state’ – it makes no matter who is elected – as the decision to finally, disenfranchise those sons and daughters of the West, is a certainty. Those who care for our People will, when the time comes, take up the mantle hesitantly, but will take it up.

A ‘territorial imperative’ is the only real security by which Western peoples, your People, may remain free; it is the only Homeland, which, truly, can be your home and land. The United States, the hearth and home of many sons and daughters of the West, and an integral part of the Race Culture, is also traveling through a revival, a renaissance which will surprise many. America is unavoidably being drawn into the same awareness, as is the European commonwealth. How we, as a People and ‘political technic’ deal with this eventuality is what will determine our future – it is the presence of our Tomorrow. As always, any race-cultural revival is purely cultural, that is, spiritual, almost intangible, and is seen only with the ‘eyes that see’. Many have seen the trends; many have experienced the Modern’s vision of the future. Those that share this reality are already demanding separatism at once. Those, which advocate complete ‘separation’ are small, numbering only a few million (many who feel this way, and lack any real substantive ability to show this feeling are, nevertheless, manifest; the ‘common man’ has no real way to share with his fellows in the present climate of political control – dissent appears not to exist). However small, one may use these numbers as an indicator of a reality, rather than an existing, functioning, reality. In any event, if any so-called ‘rainbow’ coalition becomes dominant in the future, with or without the aid of the present government, it is a foregone conclusion that opposing Western technics of the same caliber will be manifest.

The Modern cannot conceive of any separate nation on this continent, yet he is coercing, intimidating, and fomenting this exact phenomenon in Europe and the Middle East at this very date. He calls it the great coming of ‘democracy’ in once totalitarian systems, while he, at the same time, practices the same totalitarian dictatorship here at home. The Modern is a hypocrite. His hypocrisy stems from the original idea of universalism – of all beings being brothers in the sense of ‘community’. His idea, or more rightly, the ‘idea’ of Montesquieu, was the crystal clear rationalism of separation of powers, a separate but equal idea which has been discounted by the Modern in every other sphere of political dialogue in this century, to accommodate a smooth transition into the realm of a living world. Like all rationalistic thinkers, however, his reality of life-process is muddied by a natural reality. That reality, as always, is the continuing un-equality of man.

To some, the future ‘ethnic/political’ relations are horrifying. To others, it is welcomed as natural, inevitable, and sound practical race-culture politics. To those moderns which are fearful of this trend, they mask themselves with self-righteous condemnation of all those who seek a different path. They point to the ‘democratization’ of Eastern Europe. But that should not deter us long, if at all, since it is precisely because eastern Europe was breaking apart along racial lines that any change in the political environment was necessitated. The role of money was secondary. Race was primary. The once great Soviet Empire, like her mirrored sister, America, has finally realized that ethnic ‘groups’ (i.e. Biological nations) must determine their own future and political realizations – based on their organic needs and will-to-express. The Modern knew this, does know this, and is precisely why he has kept the West confused, continually fighting himself over who is going to be the greatest democracy; who is going to bend over backwards in helping all others but that of his own kind. To those in America, the Modern would have us believe that Europe will be weakened by the apparent separation of its individual collective states – nothing could be further from the truth! In reality, the Western race-culture of ‘old’ Europe will become stronger than it has ever been. The casting aside of years of forced assimilation has, or will produce, a nation of truly epic proportions. The Modern shudders at the thought.

Isolation tends to mark the race-culture with will, strength, and a will-to-power that will, with time, create a positive destiny. In this light, must America, also, decide its own destiny. But only if America, truly, remains a higher-culture. If she is not, then the coming isolation from her sister, Europe, will dim her epoch making flame to that of a dead ember.

Early Vision

The Balkanization of the contiguous ‘states’ within the boundaries of these United States is unacceptable to most, if not all those that carry the flame of the Modern. To all and sundry, the cry is heard: ‘to all one god’, ‘to all one people’, ‘to all one government’. This is, and has become, the rallying wail of the Modern; this is their imperative. They must, their power depends upon it. Yet, the ancient drive to realize, to actualize a particular race-culture with the necessary developments required to succeed in a vast world of competition is the kind of struggle the Modern will, at any cost, keep Western man from attaining. The Modern, however, is wearing thin; he fears the technics of organism. The Cosmopolis, that crowning achievement of the Modern, has been split between the visible lines of racial demarcation from their very inception, and the visible realities of equality and diversity in the coming Babel of the 21st Century.

In the past, this presented little problem – he [the Modern] controlled his environment – now, however, it is controlled by those ‘individual’ racial units who, with political power have, ipso facto, created a balkanization effect with no thought whatsoever of their future excepting the single imperative of breaking up the political state of the Western. The Modern, of course, supports and aids in its implementation. In the ‘cities’, they already have control. Their very numbers demand this control – the mob now in control. Democracy, once again, serves the Modern, yes, and even the Western who created it, and allows his technics to pass from him to the mob of the Modern. The Western [man] cannot complain. Nay! He must welcome this passing – it is, after all, the ‘people’s choice’! Freedom of choice, however, cuts both ways, but not always in those ways predicted. The Nationalist as well, has made his choice.

It is now true, unlike any time in our history, that large segments of the Western race-culture of America has realized the loss of political power as a ‘race-cultural unit’. Let us be more specific: members of white European stock have not only decreased numerically through abortion, self-denial, and intellectual decisions to ‘decrease’ family size, and fundamental encouragement of non-European immigration over that of European immigration has, most assuredly, put the ‘white race’ at an untenable crossroad: his extinction as a ‘voting majority’ is already here; and extinction of his racial sovereignty follows close behind. Let the Modern say what he will, let him denounce this position until he is blue in the face; the fact remains, that Western man has neither the power to change a thing on the National level, nor the power to claim any sovereignty other than what his ‘status’ as a de facto citizen of the republic allows him – with rights and privileges granted by those who hold power over him – even by those who neither know his past nor have any inclination or knowledge of how his future must be formed and shaped to guarantee his future. Western man, those white Europeans of America, is facing a future directed by others. The Western fecund rate, the ability to create and raise children, is ever decreasing, and now forces one to contemplate the reality of a non-western increase in real numbers, which equate into a real increase of voting power of the non-western – this simply is the way of nature. The collective ‘units’ of the various diverse race-cultures feel the present presence of their own power; the resultant spin-off leads, of necessity, towards separation. So, also the Western. Where will this trend lead us? It is the question of a new century; of a new future – Destiny awaits in vitro.

The birthing of a new order, of a new destiny is apparent in all we do and see. It must be addressed now, for if this continent is to be sustained as a Western race-cultural unit, as well as a ‘safe haven’ for the other existing units, it must be determined to just what extent this trend is manifested, indeed, as to just how far along we already are. More importantly, in the long run, is the understanding of what this fulfillment of separation and diverse individual unity will bring to our culture and race, that is, the Western Culture and Race.

Broad predictions can be made. Anything other than predictions is highly unlikely. As was stated in the first part of this work, however, we can learn, if we have eyes to see, the lessons of the past for the organization of our future. The great cause, the seemingly insignificant apparatus which turned the first gear in the machinery of the race and culture can be identified by the very application of causes – the practical result. Its technics are never to be isolated in the context of ‘this’ or ‘that’ was the cause, but rather in the overall outlook of the entire personality of the particular presence being analyzed. The Future, likewise, may be seen in the light of the past and its continuous presence in manifesting itself in Industry, Political technics, and its Military endeavors. The disposition of the past is the manifest spirit of any age – as change evolves slowly, the recognition is, therefore, also slow and, consequently, may take several centuries to be analyzed effectively. Only during the siege of revolution may one ascertain, on a daily basis, the future of this or that particular culture. Therefore, as in this case, generalized predictions may be made in the expectation of a ‘high certainty’ as to the eventual outcome of this present discussion. The long-range prediction, of course, is symptomatic of a lesser degree of certainty. Deviations always occur – this is the great cause – the working prime lever of the machine of change in the period of, say, a hundred years or so which may, or may not, fix any one or numerous predictions to a set course. The trends we speak of now is based solely on those experienced here, in the United States of America, as well as based upon her international conduct. These predictions, as well, are predicated upon a ‘liberal’ policy of immigration towards non-western elements; any tightening of this policy will slow, but not stop, these predictions. Predictions are not prophecies. This is, rather, a safe series of probabilities and possibilities as seen in the present presence. Here, then, listed below, are such predictions as are warranted in this work:2


This simply recognizes that Whites will begin to show less and less sympathy for nonwhites. Their feelings of charity and aid to these groups will be limited to the altruistic, and philanthropic principles. Ethnic factors and values will be ever more prevalent in the political arena; the deadlock realized from this positioning will create ever more conflict, and prolong the process of governmental stagnation. Separatist movements will increase.


Internal conflict will rise above the level of any party to handle; this will raise the International specter of instability, and indecisive political technics. In the International view, the American political and cultural outlook will be more and more of a ‘third-world’ manifestation. These manifestations will conclude with the ‘international’ outlook of military/political imperatives which, at this date, would be ‘anti-american’ if put into practice. How the American people respond to this remains to be seen; apathy will be consonant with cowardice and betrayal, and action to deny this [internationalism] will be condemned as betrayal to the principles of the Modern and his minions.


The path and direction laid out by ‘black power’ movements will continue to gain increased dominance in the realm of minority reality. Hispanics [mestizo] will gain the most impetus from this manifestation of power by ‘asserting’ those desires in maintaining the same space as their hosts; this desire, having some ‘historical’ validity, will only encourage and promote more separatism.


The dissimilar values and attitudes expressed by these minority groups, as well as a predisposed animus toward the Western race-culture will, undoubtedly, cause in direct proportion to the level of conflict an animosity unparalleled in a modern democracy – since, in this environment, all contending parties will be able to have ‘their’ voices heard. Unification of these ‘groups’ will, however, find the value of cooperation with each other, against those of Western Stock. The expression of this cooperation will take on more strident and ‘defensive’ racism [as seen and promoted by these groups] against those of Western stock.


In the Future, Afro-Americans will realize their limited position in relation to Hispanic [mestizo] political acumen, which, after being in the shadow of European cultural technics have gained superiority in technical understandings of Western political innuendo. Problems of just who is the ‘oldest minority’ and, consequently, who will garner the greatest favors of the Western political leaders – [this is perceived as being a ‘social contract’ between the ‘whites’, and the blacks for their rather close association between the Western, as seen by afro-americans]. It is not coincidental, that ‘black’ criminal activity has surfaced in areas, which promote such interactions between Mestizo and Asians in numbers, neither familiar nor experienced by African-Americans. This will continue to escalate.


Once passive, whites will become combatants in continuing ethnic violence. Not being politically astute in the areas of ‘specialization’ areas such as immigration, housing, and the like, the average white-worker will, inevitably, become more estranged and enraged by the amounts of money spent on ‘social reform’, and ‘grants’ of housing and other commodities, as those of Western stock start to feel the loss of what they had come to expect of their ‘way of life’; while they, the white American, are seemingly doing without, paying exorbitant taxes, and seeing little in any real return which affects them, personally, they will soon react. Whites will soon shed the ‘image’ of black, or any other ‘minority’ as victim – this will allow his [white] true feelings to come to the surface. Anger and resentment in the ‘work-place’ will continue to grow at an enormous rate. Frustration will turn to anger – for all parties involved – and one or more groups will elicit various responses including, but not limited too, violence against persons and property; political challenges such as ‘education’, ‘jobs’ [i.e. once granted, never given up], ‘citizenship’, and nationalist sentiments, on all sides, as to their idea of racial, and political hegemony on a local and national level will continue to increase. The modern Tea Party movement is simply one of many such movements to be seen in the future political scene representing the rage of white people.


Conflict of twenty years ago between black and white used to take on the picture of ‘small’ rising against the ‘big’. Now, it takes on the picture of ‘inter-group’ against ‘inter-group’. The lines of political demarcation are diminished. Racial antagonisms are increased based on perceptions of the level of achievements between ‘groups’ and ‘sub-groups’. Black students, as with other minorities, receive ‘preferential treatment’, be it real or perceived, and then fail to ‘make the grade’. This further disenfranchises whites. The ‘right’ to address these issues by White Student Unions, papers, and staff will create issues of ‘freedom of speech’ and the real ability to use the ‘forum’ of the Campus for their attempts at recognition as a racial unit. The policy of ‘selection’ in regards to enrollment of ‘special’ groups will further alienate the white student. He will sense the shift in traditional norms in every field of education. European studies will decrease – those who wish to follow this traditional ‘western’ path will be termed racist, and insensitive. All this will sow the seeds of racial discord and anger, and see a loss in actual Western alumnae.


The political outcome, of minority political power, will be predicated upon which group holds the coalition together, and what alliances are made, and with which ‘sub-group’. In response to this, will be the emergence of a new Nationalist/Racialist Party – or some racially conscious PAC embolden by a central figure – either an individual or an [existing] institution which has a more radical approach to the issues of the day. This will be a racial alliance first and foremost.

Religionists will be drawn to one another, or be forced to split that party or institution, which is now representing them. Hispanic ‘Catholicism’ may prove to be a decisive factor amongst Irish, Italians, or others traditionally of the catholic experience. The ‘Poles’ as well, would be drawn to their co-religionists – but the racial distinctiveness between themselves and other non-Western stock will force any realignment necessary. The Irish, and Italians will be valuable assets in any coalition; should the Irish prove to be inclined, as have their fathers, then whichever they decide, their religion will be first and foremost, as their sense of ‘race’ has been contravened by their religious history, to follow their deity. Italians will, as is their nature, follow their passions, wherever this takes them, but are inclined to follow their sense of ‘western imperialism’ and will be split here in America as to how, properly, to address this issue. All in all, those of the West will, ultimately, choose to participate in a ‘working’ relationship with each other, no matter the small dissenting minority ‘within’ Western culture, and support the growing sense of Western identity.

Continuing ‘legislative’ dominance by minority pressure groups will force the growth of this ‘white coalition’ and will receive the support of the military over those ‘interest’ groups, which have facilitated the breakdown and massive social experimentation of the armed forces. This would be needed, of course, to qualify the largest amount of ‘public’ perception as to the legitimacy of political change. The trappings of military ‘order’ will draw the white-mass for good or ill. The extent to which the military and civilian forces, both political and personal, will accommodate one another will be gauged by both the ‘internal’ and ‘external’ stimulus exerted on either one individually, or collectively. A militarization of the populace will occur spontaneously regardless, as a matter of course.


The continuing understanding of just ‘who’ one is will, in ever increasing amounts, force a realignment of historical realities: for White, Black, Asian, and Mestizo. This understanding, of one’s root and stock, will cause continued imbalance in the day to day working relationship of any one or all-existing racial groups. Of course, this ‘type’ of polarization is natural and must be fostered by each individual ‘type’ – assimilation by the weaker group, or group that refuses to acknowledge his past will occur, inevitably. The Western race-culture will be the most powerful since, as has been shown before, he is capable of solidifying his power base more quickly when threatened from the outside. His past is marked by more marital conflict, and his diplomacy is usually relegated to violence of the most extreme nature. The expression of ‘racial’ memory will take on greater and larger meanings as time goes on.

10. WHITE ‘Ethnic REVIVAL:

As Western whites, increasingly, see themselves as a distinct ethnic group, threatened by invading cultural aliens, coupled with the submergence of their own racial stock to that of other diverse groups, their particular ‘reactions’ will imitate, in large degree, that of traditional ‘ethnic groups’. They will react violently to racial slurs, job discrimination, inter-racial couplings, and will therefore assume a more demonstrable kinship with ‘their own kind’ as has been accepted in the past with non-Western ‘minorities’. Ethnic ‘revival’ will be largely Cultural, and will not take on political shades until they have first made their cultural needs manifest – more likely than not, in the ‘streets’ or in the traditional ‘institutions’ of the country. From this reaction will come the political manifestation of Separatism, seen as the only method of survival.

  1. MESTIZO ‘Ethnic’ REVIVAL:

The greatest possibility of a ‘first’ separatist movement is seen in the Mestizo population. The hotbed of contention is in, and over, the Southwestern portion of America. New Azatlan is already a part of the ‘cultural’ mind of the southwest Mestizo – it is, after all, the ancient historical homelands of his ancestors – the Aztec Indians, who controlled a Mexican Empire prior to Cortez. Religious leaders (such as Father Florecio M. Rigoni), looks at the mass immigration of Mexicans across the American borders as ‘a peaceful conquest’ of territorial lands. Some may think this fanciful thinking by an aspiring culture who, those of the West, have had little feelings for one way or another, as their religion boasts of ‘the love of mankind’, and thereby rationalizes this transformation. The Mestizo, on the other hand, believes strongly in this possible realization. There are two main reasons why the chance of success is high for this race-culture:

  1. There is some justification of their ownership, rooted in relatively recent times. They, at one time, controlled the Southwest as a People and Culture.

  1. There is simple evidence that Mestizos will be a numerical majority in all or large parts of the Southwest in a relatively short period. If the latter happens, and there is an almost certain possibility that it will, then Separatist sentiment will certainly thrive. The French in Quebec is just another example of the way this contest is about to play itself out.


The ‘break’ of even one traditional race-culture from the norms of the United States will create a domino effect that will not subside unless tremendous force is utilized in its suppression. This is not, however, the worst-case scenario. A more dramatic, if not less popular, would be a continuing ‘state of war’ carried out by guerilla’s in a small scale civil war. Terrorism would be the watchword of the day. The examples of Lebanon, Sri Lanka, India, and Northern Ireland will suffice to make this point. Even in forms not as concrete as total separatism, the probability that the various groups maintain a more than rigid conglomerate in the large cities of the United States is highly likely. This will be de facto separatism.


This is over and above any real ‘nationalism’. America will be truly International in scope. The ‘open border’ concept will bring a two-way traffic, which will usher in the new [American] and will usher out the old [American]. This ‘may’ create the largest white flight in the history of the Western race-culture, or they may stay and fight for sovereignty like has not been seen since the first wave of Aryan invaders crossed the eastern steppes. The consequent loss of scientific and educational levels in America by the latter situation would completely rearrange the face of this continent.

          14. THE RISE OF A New’ WEST:

This manifestation will be regarded as ‘revolutionary’ by the powers that be. It is, however, a necessary prerequisite to the continuation of the Western race-culture, either as a distinct ‘ethnic’ group, isolated, and sharing a possible ‘portion’ of this Western Continent, or as a racially dominant legislative bloc – this latter, however, will not be necessitated if the present trends continue. The new conscious Western man and woman will, most assuredly, demand their part of the pie – what is left of it. He will face growing opposition from the established order, which, after the levels of determination will convince those of Western stock of their betrayal. Military and civilian contacts will continue to facilitate joint ventures and, when that ‘personality’ becomes known, will voluntarily commit to each other’s cause; the presence of ‘money’ will manifest itself in, and from those American interests which have succumbed to ventures of International Finance by forcing their economic interest to go abroad, thereby denying their own people work and sustenance. Militarism, coupled with money, will bring about the venues certain to establish Culture over that of the mechanism, of civilization, and will eventually be overcome by Culture created, formed, and lived by those of the West.

These predictions, as said before, are broad in scope. To face the facts as we see them is to be honest with ourselves, as well as to the future of our [white] children. To drive all the foregoing home however, let us add this: The fact that non-Westerns are numerically growing is evident; the fact that political power is based solely on the majority of the voters, regardless of their race, is supported by the ideal of ‘democracy’ – a Western concept – and will, eventually prove the maxim of ‘one man, one vote’ is the essence of modern democracy – and the end of the Western Culture on this continent as we know it, as well. Forcing these various ‘groups’ inhabiting this continent to be like the Western race-culture will only add fuel to the already burning fire of Nationalism and Separatism.




1 This is doubly important to consider, as many of us remember well, the church gatherings, pot-lucks, youth activities, such as summer camps and the like, which included Music from the Western past, both secular and religious; the active participation by dozens or hundreds was a great social technic, bonding the ‘group’ and individual to something greater than themselves. I am not being trite when I say that ‘sesame street’ does not come close – it certainly imbues its audience with ‘group’ indoctrination, but this is anti-western in nature – yet is acclaimed by ‘white mothers’ who, in many cases, are simply too lazy or impoverished of racial identity to seek out others who, like themselves, want to impart these beliefs. It is easier, no doubt, to ‘go along’ with the crowd, than to show courage in the face of mob reaction, than to fight like the men above, those who would deny them this identity. FLS

2 These ‘predictions’ first appeared in Rise of The West, amended, pg. 151-156. FLS

Note: The fact, that the present American government has approved the ‘fast track’ to Mexico, as of this writing, should make all those of Western stock raise their heads in anger and demand an explanation. With the close proximity that Mexican mestizos and American-Chicanos have in both culture and geography, it is certain that any ‘extra’ positioning of these groups by the government will lead to the rapid deployment of these kindred people’s between Mexico proper, and those American ‘centers’ which house the greatest numbers of Mexican mestizo immigrants and Chicanos. This will reinvigorate the ‘old’ contacts between agitators and leaders of every persuasion – marking, even more so, the difference between the opposing groups. This may well facilitate a situation much more militant than that of Quebec. Mexican mestizos will fight when the time is right. At the very least – in the case of a positive Separatist movement – the southwestern mestizo will demand autonomy on levels not seen since Pancho Villa. The Modern, it would seem, is trying to placate these elements by their fast-track proposals. For those that think this possibility of annexation, of separatism, as illogical, let it be remembered that our own revolutionary leaders and people, were certainly not logical to take on the entire British Empire for something as esoteric as ‘freedom’. Whether we, those of Western stock, accept the aspirations of the immigrant Mexican mestizo, or other non-Westerns, it is, nevertheless, part of a racial imperative, which will, and does seek, release. FLS

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