Rise of The West: Blood and Bone

Blood and Bone

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count 2,793

What belongs to Western Man is, externally, an obvious point if the distinctions between past and present are to be asked: For what is seen can be believed. But, what of the unseen? Of Fate? Incident? Destiny? What does this culture (as with all higher culture) owe to the intangible? To that psychic presence that, individually or collectively, affects the existence of its race-soul? Is it mere chance, coincidence, or luck that leads a tribe, a city, or nation to reach its potential unrealized by those that have come before? Are the facts of history simply to be analyzed as events [actualized] that had only tangible components by which to become? Moreover, just what are the ‘forces’ behind the creations of fire, or the wheel, of atomic fusion? What is tangible? Intangible? Is the ‘fact’ that we see enough? On the other hand, is there a deeper, more spiritual – yes, simpler answer? Let us discover one if we may.

Historians often quote this axiomatic verse: “Those who do not learn from history and its mistakes, are condemned to repeat them.” We see, hence, we believe. Yet, these selfsame historians (and Science too!) cannot or will not, acknowledge what is not seen; the child of the Enlightenment can only understand the god of Reason. They repeat as if a mantra: “Let me touch thy scars, so that I may believe.”

The existence of the intangible is a condemnation of their reality.

And so the Tangible.

Of Flesh and bone, of blood, the modern historian would, in all likelihood, answer in this fashion: “What of this? Is not history the sum of its greater parts? The numbering of facts and figures which measure the course of events the more important?” And so they repeat.

To Western culture known, and unknown, the body of flesh, blood, and bone has been its only foundation. It is the sum of its soul. This is Race-Culture in the purest sense. It is a biological fact of independent units, individuals, in which its total substance makes up each particular race-culture. Each distinct Race. This is self-evident to any but the Modern. He is blind. Yet, it is precisely this constant amalgamation, this conglomerate, which forms the literal body of each specific culture. It is this mass, like the individual, which wills its direction; it is this organic [will to express] momentum that decides its modes of conduct and attaches itself to known history; it is the link to the past, present, and future. This organism, this whole, is the race-culture of Western Man.

This embodiment of the race-culture has soul [spirit], it has body [physical extension], and it has a life-force [blood], which flows in the bodies that are Western. This life-force, both physical and spiritual compels, commands, and are harnessed only with the knowledge of each, alone; it is the positive and negative of the eternal cosmos. It is neither good nor evil: It simply is. This life-force has driven the tribe ever upwards to attain culture; it has brought it down into the depths of civilization. For in the final analysis, Culture is the higher value. Civilization on the other hand, is the stagnant principle, it is decadence. Thus, to our reality: We cannot believe.

Reality is waking consciousness. Therefore, the consciousness of a culture, a people, must needs be a reality also, for it animates in everything we feel and think of ourselves. So, it is that the culture, as the individual, feels needs, desires; it shares dreams and a will-to-express this consciousness. This reality, also, defines itself through the landscape that enfolds the culture: we are part of the Earth itself. There is always the one who seeks this reality, and one who has already found it. Let us be more precise for those who are not sure of their place in the world. We define the reality of ‘earth’ in many ways: Plains, Mountains, Home, Family, and Mate. The overall designation may be termed Territory – since the word Homeland* is frowned upon, being too Nationalistic for the Modern; the metaphysical implications being too tenuous, dark, and foreboding to those that would hide the meaning of Kinship and racial dynamics. Nevertheless, no man, no culture, can imagine itself without space, without a connecting source bringing him closer to those around him. It is true, even today, which even nomadic/primitive peoples have a close contact with territory, and fiercely defend this unseen border/domain with their lives if necessary. Like Kabobs of Africa, lions, bullfinches, osprey, baboons, and man himself, each follows this ‘territorial imperative’. Each in turn to occupy a unique and distinct area; a ‘tangible’ and ‘intangible’ imperative. Each to hold and occupy this area at the expense of the other creatures wishing to occupy with them. Kind supports Kind. These unique cultures offer no right or wrong; no ethical code by which to say to the world: “Here we live, and here we stay.” They offer no pretext when dealing with their specific culture and its intimate reality.

Cultures, just as those of the animal kingdom, have these feelings of primacy, territory, and needs inherent in each; all, in turn, following nature’s perfect order and design. The primacy of each recurrent culture in history is apparent. It feels the need of its particular group, manifested in its race-culture, its cultural soul. Nevertheless, so also the culture developing beside it, which is to say, any contemporary parallel culture existing along side each other. Here, then, we have a contest, a nature imperative which, the Modern, has not accepted. It is held with contempt, ridicule, and distaste. However, there is an intruder-man and a territorial-man, a duality, which has always existed; will always exist. Vibrant, young, and healthy cultures do not feel repelled by this natural phenomenon, but attack it; they bask in its fraternity with this ever-revolving cycle: One dies, one survives. The Nationalist has evoked these same types of opposing antagonisms simply because the Modern has led us to believe that this very nationalism (i.e., territorial imperative) breeds dissension, mistrust, and global conflict. But does it? The fact that nature is replete with this natural contest of wills over such areas as territory is beyond the Modern; it is not part of his blood, of his presence. He is civilized. This, then, too, is the meaning of decadence: It is the disintegration of that particular and personal [will-to-power] presence that surrounds us.

The will-to-power, as Nietzsche put it, is that which is behind all the building momentum of a fledgling culture and its many diverse and numerous prime symbols that synthesize its external technics, which is to say, its various forms of government, art, language, religion, science and, ultimately, its method of warfare and the type of man that accompanies its fighting spirit. It will always accept its warriors.

It is said of this class:

They call you heartless: but

You have a heart, and I love

You for being ashamed to

Show it. You are ashamed of

Your flood, while others are

Afraid of their ebb.

(Frederick Nietzsche)

The higher-culture, the race, is but the flicker of a morbid ego without the momentum of the warrior; it is he, truly, which acts out, and feels the soul of the culture. By warrior, it is not to be inferred that what we pass off in today’s world armies is what we speak of. On the contrary, it is the spirit of the warrior of old of which we speak. It is true that soldiers of all ages were given (wages) booty, spoils taken from the enemy: this is only common sense. But underlying the spirit of the mercenary (i.e. taking the financial end out of the equation), is that of the Patriot (ic); a feeling which, as the modern sees it, must be kept to a minimum, or he will see that spirit, once unleashed and able to ask the proper questions of the day, will then see the end of the Modern, for he cares not for Patriots: He is the ultimate mercenary, and he must hire (not be loved by) his troops or fall from grace. No, it is not to the mediocre that our culture has to thank for those things we take for granted, nor the mercenary. Once again, No! It is to those pure in heart who have given their blood, courage, and yes, the very spirit they possess – freely. It is not given to the mediocre political parties [although it is demanded of them by these mercenaries]; it is for their tribe, their land, and their families. Their root and stock. Thus, they see. Thus, they believe! So, it is with all higher-cultures that have made their marks on the history of the West. It is a presence, a value, a tradition, yes, a Faustian drive ever upwards and onward which marks the West. It is the destiny mark of its People.

Today, in this mediocre civilization we call ‘modern society’, it is not now in vogue to speak of a healthy, vibrant past; to speak of men like Hector, Achilles, Charlemagne, Frederick the Great and Napoleon is to somehow transgress some unspoken law of [modern] civility which, the West, has now wrapped itself. It is called by some the new Illumination, the ‘new world’ order of Western man. However it may be called, is it the light of the Sun, which would shine on us, or is this simply the death-throes of a higher-culture? Our Culture? Has the West, like Greece and Rome, passed through the phases of Birth, Life, and Senility of all great cultures like those before them? At first glance, one might say that we have. Yet not since the likes of Napoleon, Gustav Adolphus, Alexander and Pompey, has a higher-culture gone through such a metamorphosis, as have the colonists of this Northern Continent. It is few and far between whom have considered the prospects of a Pax-Americanum, an American Imperium; and though children of the Enlightenment, our roots grow much, much deeper. To be sure, there have been occasional outbursts, a race-memory beckoning us on, and which the modern knows only too well as that ‘old spirit’, such as the War Between the States, or the Monroe Doctrine which defined the Epic, the larger will-to-express of the race-culture. Nevertheless, nothing has come of it; rather it has enhanced those forces of money and power, which has ever and anon been at war with higher-culture for their own, ends. But not all is lost. It is a rhythm, which, while hard to grasp and repeat, nevertheless continues to move, to sway with each willing partner. The Rise of the West is such a partner. It moves to the rhythm of the future, and that future is almost upon us. It is not the intentional direction of the Modern, but rather of the patriot, the warrior; it is the rhythm of the pure in heart, grown larger and stronger than before. Europe has expressed this desire for the Epic, for the grand design. It is that of Culture overcoming Civilization. It is part of the Rising West.*

This ‘becoming’ has, however, brought about another change. It has brought about a shift in perceptions and values recognized by the [white] American race-culture and reintroduced the warrior: both in the traditional sense (i.e. the paid soldier/patriot) and in the non-traditional sense (i.e. the zealot/patriot). This reality will have far reaching implications not fully appreciated by the Modern nor, sadly, by the very people to whom I am directing this work. It will, nevertheless gestate, grow, and come to its birthing even as I have said. This is our time. Those who understand what I say will listen and act. The storm is now upon us – even more so than since the second war of Fratricide. It has been the slowest of processes. Yes, the storm is upon us, and it but waits for the helmsman to direct its power. He will respond to the Rise of the West.

We [the race-culture] will not be the only ones to respond. The machine that is behind this ostensible ‘spirit of democracy‘ will use, has used, this as a ruse. Not only to equip themselves better in such as events have thrust upon them, and it is most precarious, but also to insure those policies here at home (now known as the anti-terrorism bill, anti-gun legislation, etc.) which will assure those of the Modern that all dissent concerning Nationalist activities as defined in this work, and promulgated by patriotic and sincere men and women the world over, will not succeed; and will assure that their social programmes, so long in the making, will survive the embryonic inroads of the organic race-culture here at home and abroad. And these the self-same people, being of the white Nordic/Celtic Aryan stock of Europe who through long years have made their home of this Northern Continent, and whom also having been dispossessed of their land, their labor, their freedom.

To those of you who recognize your dispossession, you have my heartfelt sympathy. We all have much work to do. Do not fail to set your goals high; do not fail to pick your leaders wisely. They must be men with their ideals firmly set, their vision clearly understood. No more Politicians – but Statesmen, like of old. Those who understand the Rise of the West, and who also have worked, sacrificed, and labored to that end.

The Rise of the West is a reality. How it now evolves is up to each one of us: The smallest part of the Race-culture is you, the individual. Do not slack while your brother next to you labors; sacrifice is rarely, or permanently shared, it must be experienced, it must be felt in every sinew of ones body and soul. Most of us feel a change; it is part of our racial memory. But recognition is only part of the equation. A ‘doing’, of necessity, follows a sense of recognition and is defined by the ‘act’, that presence which defines all of Western man. Each of us, in turn, is judged by what he does, not by what he ‘believes’. Only the Modern has perversely accommodated the concepts of ‘thought crimes’. Do not fear the enemy of freedom. This battle is for the whole of Western man. The race must be run, and not any too quickly; but it must be run to the finish. It must be experienced; it must be felt in every sinew of ones body and soul.

(Excerpt from Rise of The West)


* Authors Note: This ‘word’ was written long before the modern usage of today [2004]. Those who seek its innermost spirit, have sought to manipulate its ancient implications. It is used here in its ‘pure’ sense, not in the Legal Romanic sense of ‘Idea’ versus its Racial Parent. A Homeland is a “space inhabited by a specific group, i.e. Racial component; a ‘specific’ People.” Not the ambiguous and legally defined ‘people’ as in today’s modern ‘State’. The modern revolutionary state of Russia, as in the ‘soviet republics’, were based on the lie of the ‘creation’ of a ‘Peoples State’ which comprises a great Diaspora of racial types who, by definition are disparate in thought and action and are only contained in the ‘legal’ sense, as members of a Homeland. A family, a tribe, a People is more than Idea. Homeland is for the creators and its children. Strangers may reside with the family or tribe, but are never measured as the People. This, of course, destroys the very ‘concepts’ of Home and Land. FLS

*Since the introduction to the Rise of the West was written, many things, events, and changes worldwide have occurred. I have known, instinctively, that my premise would show itself, such as this thesis is promoting, and which was written in the early months of [Feb] 1990. I feel some gratification in knowing that my course runs true. Culture is, without a doubt, overcoming civilization.

From Iraq and the entire Middle East, to the Serbian/Albanian/Croatian conflict; from places like Whidbey Island, Ruby Ridge, and Waco, TX. there exists a source of upheaval, a realignment of values and ideas, which have lain dormant for many years. In each example above, each in their own small way, have challenged the modern, and his society. To be clear on this, let us add that it is not the race-culture of the West that is under attack, but only the ‘technics’ which have come to dominate the race specifically. These events but attack what the West has become. It points out the decadence of the Modern. FLS


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