The Story of The Silent Brothers (Excerpt)

Chapter XIV

The More Things Change…The More They Stay The Same

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count 8,882

The ‘security’ aspect of our endeavors was proceeding well, and it was not long until we were directed to several individuals who worked with military and certain law enforcement agencies, both active and retired, who had accumulated equipment of various types, and we out-fitted ourselves accordingly; we were now complete with ‘body armor’, wireless technology of the day, and various reconnaissance equipment and these individuals, working with some of the men who adhered to our unit, would arrange to purchase, and ship this equipment. We were the first to use FM wireless communication devices, and this made forays into certain areas, or when reconnoitering persons or places of interest, much easier. These ‘dry run’ scenarios would pay dividends when, on several occasions, men were placed within certain opposition camps, such as the International Committee to Combat Racism (INCAR), a subsidiary of The Communist Party USA1 (CPUSA), and became bona fide members of these organizations.

It was through these ‘dry runs’, that it quickly became apparent that not only were these mainline groups ‘communist’ in tendency, but in function as well, and my introduction to many who would go on to become leaders in these movements was not exceptional.

The leadership was, in the majority, at least those whose influence counted much more than the average member, were Jewish, and their modus operandi was always the slick poet, artist, ‘social revolutionary’, and those types which made very good agitators, but who made me sense that something else was lacking.

There was. Organizational structure in these groups were just like most groups of this kind, even our own, and a mix of eclectic and divisive personalities belied the fact that, at the top, there was some real structure, and money. The intelligence, as in information regarding their chosen opponents, with which these groups would target, always seemed to be a step above, and it soon become clear that these groups were receiving ‘intel’ from law-enforcement, city, and public government officials, on an active and consistent basis – when a ‘target’ was chosen, they would do background, police reports, tax liabilities and the like, and this was usually enough to compromise the ‘target’ – it worked extremely well for us, as well.

Tom Metzger had been doing this for years, but had failed to develop this strategic sense in any of the ‘patriotard’ leading organizations, and even the more militant were clueless when it came to ‘street activism’; such is the state of affairs today, and this will have to change if our struggle is to progress.

We utilized the avenue of ‘bounty hunters’, and saw more than a few men become professionals in this field; this allowed for individuals to be armed and legal, providing for proper security in public venues and professional business. The big boys do this on a much larger and versatile application, and today one will see many such ‘corporate’ security firms, and this is a must for the future plans of nationalists.

Today, we have Erik Prince’s Blackwater: In June 1997, three months after having been discharged from active duty, ex-Navy Seal Erik Prince incorporated the Blackwater and Training Center. He purchases more than 4000 acres in Currituck County, North Carolina, for $756,000, and nearly one thousand acres in Camden County for $616,000. The new compound is built near a large swamp. The state did this because Blackwater was “to fulfill” the anticipated demand for government out-sourcing of firearms and related Security training. This is a good and modern concept, which has, and will continue, to merge with developing organizations. You can take this to the bank: those who would deny us, even as when I and others were much younger, a right to survive intact, as a organic unit, whatever one cares to envision this to mean, the above groups are doing this very thing, supplemented by security services and funds from what ever black hole they originate from. There is no reason that we cannot ferret out those same ‘types’ of individuals and institutions for our own goals, or create our own.

At any rate, as the progression of events led further and further into this type of ‘game’, it became more and more familiar. With this, also, came more and more need to fulfill these obligations, and we did. With this activity also came various incidents, which were to shape up for this year, and work its way into 1983. My studies into ‘Christian identity’ were proceeding, and went through the obligatory ‘tape ministries’ of several leading figures – Wesley Swift, and Bertram Comparet, along with Richard Butler providing most of the ‘up-to-date’ material; Richard Butler, was kind enough to send and contribute almost endlessly, and we, in turn, provided what we could to his efforts.

We began ‘putting out fires’, of the neighborhood variety, and those who would come into the area, bringing with them the disease of the larger cities, or their ‘gangs’, were quickly dispatched, and the ‘follow-up’ was usually not a problem, as ‘pay-backs’ center around revenge and egos, not a good formula when facing a ‘neighborhood watch’, augmented with real professional intent.

The local policemen, those who lived in the area, were somewhat amused, as they were not, as yet, apprised of the overall intent or magnitude of our efforts. This was to become apparent when, as it would work out, after the savage and brutal rape of ‘two twin-sisters’, by at least 3-4 black males, well into their 80’s, in the local neighborhood.

This raised a hue and cry, but was offset by the spectre of ‘race’, and because of certain local happenings, the police took a very ‘pro-active’ stance against [white] vigilanteism, in which the white community might become enamored and support. The trial of these persons lasted for sometime, some defendants being released, for lack of evidence, and as I remember it, at least one stood trial. In the middle of this, I was introduced to their living Brother, an elderly gentleman, who was much pained by the death of his sisters, and offered to pay for a reasonable justice. Of course, I declined. Charity best begins at home.

The men were starting to get a sense of their utility and stamina. The families were growing, and while work for many of us came and went, there were enough that did work consistently, that through dues and donations, we kept abreast of things. It was an honour to actually help men and women, for want of any direct institutional support, such as race-based organizations which, seemingly, were the purview of non-whites and jewish persons. The old adage of ‘fend for oneself’ became a natural and firm commitment.

Riding horses, and commiserating with the locals who also would ride, gave me a chance to be outdoors, and ‘feel the pulse’ of what was going through the communities heart and soul; it also gave me access to members of the police Horse Patrol network, and this was always friendly, and would pay dividends in the future.

Three houses up, a new family arrived, and the man of the house, as I was to learn, was head of the Anti-terrorism unit in the LAPD. Chief Daryl Gates was really under the gun at that time, as the changing of the ‘guard’ was well under way, and his grip on a very useful and professional body of police was, slowly but surely, devolving into a fight between his ‘department’, and those clamoring for a change in police procedure – basically, a surrender to the growing non-white population – and the inroads of certain elements, which consisted of a new authority of civil and legal maneuvers, which would leave the ‘thin blue line’ in a position of continual encroachment, criticism, and censorship. The role of the LAPD has not always been a sordid one, but the implications of this behavior would, and did, spill over into rather high-profile incidents.

Of course there was some merit to the criticism of the police by the non-white elements, as the majority of individuals who were to come into direct contact with the ‘police’ were, firstly, the non-white population, who were managing themselves, as all racial enclaves will do, with racketeering organizations, gambling, prostitution, and assorted enterprises, which both controlled and funded the underbellies of these communities, yet keeps them intact, distinct from the ‘host’ population. The legal and normal corporate affairs not withstanding, this element is frequently at odds with ‘authority’, and in this time, that would mean running into the established remnants of ‘white cultural authority’, and this would lead to many confrontations.

Secondly, it was obvious at the same time, to many of us, that the increasing level of ‘police state’ tactics, would filter into our own lives, and when it did, the force by which this would occur, was often dealt with the hostility of the ‘ghetto’, and the white victim was to receive the lesson of their lives – these lessons would stay with the white denizen for a lifetime, as our natures are conditioned to respect the law, even if the situation or laws are tantamount to the ruin of the Constitution and our traditional concept of ‘law and order’.

This was especially hard for me to comprehend at the time, as I honestly saw ‘police officers’ as being members of my neighborhood and folk-community, and generally lived within the nominal boundaries of our Western culture; this was the normal understanding of all my peers, as we had all been raised from youth, with the traditional injunctions of ‘right and wrong’, and generally were well adapted to our surroundings.

The portrayal of the above, is all normal, as one understands the constructs of racial politics, but the ‘white’ community was at a disadvantage, even more so than the non-white, as this type of inclusive ‘tribal’ behavior was, of course, looked down upon by ‘middle-class’ whites (and this misunderstanding has proven detrimental to the white ‘tribe’), as we supposedly had access to the ‘social construct’ of legal business, entrepreneurial advances, and all the local fraternal and social clubs within the same environment. The only problem with this was the constant application of racial norming, as the neighborhoods were constantly changing, due to the upward mobility of Black, Mexican and Asian groups, the latter being much more cohesive and business oriented; one of my major criticisms is that the Police take ‘orders’, and if those orders are to ‘norm’ the race issue, this usually means to keep their eyes, foremost, on the ‘potential’ White reaction, and crush it. This happened all the time, and still happens – and now the threat and the ‘new’ rules of law, make it that much easier.

Orange County, at this time, was a veritable ‘white haven’ yet, began, in the 70’s, a policy of allowing the ‘refugees’ from south east Asia to flock to this center; the sense of white altruism being ever put to the test.

By the time the 80’s came around, it was clear that what had started out as good ‘deed’ was, without a doubt, not paying off, and Asian gangs, complete with a regimen of narcotics, like Heroin, began a comeback. The prostitution on the streets of Hollywood began to take a very public turn, and this brought in more of those elements who would make money on any trade, and the pornography distributors moved out of this environment, and were to be located within miles of my location. Jewish businessmen and renegade whites, were the two elements involved in this latter; but it was a battle for supremacy between, what I would call, an eternal competition, and I must admit, I was rooting for the white.

In my neighborhood, there were inklings of migration, black and hispanic migration, and the housing supplier was the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a misnomer, as the only development was the ‘dismembering’ of small and useful, white communities, and this did not bode well for any of the older members of the community or the children*.

Migrations of peoples and cultures occur; rapid, and specific targeting of locations and established communities, is an Occupation. This has certainly occurred in my own hometowns, and the Western world is little different. The understandable, and as of yet, successful resistance, is only a shadow of what is to come.


During this time, my family was doing well, and Crystal was growing up. We decided to put her into a Montessori school, and this was a good environment for her, as well as the other children. In the process, it added but another nail in the coffin of our experience, for as soon as she enrolled, after the course of several months, several black and hispanic children enrolled. This raised the spectre of future problems, not with the children of course, but potentially with the parents, as they made their presence known, and not unquietly, that they already felt a ‘presence’, a presence of insulation, and made this very clear at one parent teacher conference.

A day came when Crystal had an issue with the new black child; I am not sure of her age, but it was about five to six years, and the incident involved a typical ‘sand box’ environment. Crystal was playing with friends, and the new black child wanted to play with the group, and inserted himself with much ado, trying to take over the group dynamics, and addressing Crystal in the process by pushing her down onto the sand. Up to this point at the school, the tendency of the staff, being Christian and used to proper [white] decorum, would tell the children that “if they had any problems with other students, just simply tell them, ‘I do not like what you are doing, please stop’,” and that would usually end the problem, but not with this particular child, who proceeded to push her down again. Now, many will chastise me, or worse, at pointing to this incident, saying that it is obviously done to inflame ones emotional feelings – I have not done this with this type of intent – but it does inflame me, and did, for many reasons.

This started many contacts with the school, and the matter was, seemingly, put to rest. Several months later, however, the parent of the black child, a low-level judicial employee, a circuit judge I think, who was also a ‘muslim’2, quickly made it known that he was ‘offended’ by a ‘white christ’ on the wall in the main classroom; this needed to be removed, forthwith. With some maneuverings, the school was directed to “either remove, or replace” the picture, with one that would not offend the specific party. The compromise(!) was to turn the picture against the wall, covering the portrait. That pretty much did it for me. My wife and I placed her in another Christian school, affiliated with my youth, and things seemed to sort themselves out.

All this, however, made an impact on my spirit.

I was not comfortable with what had happened – hardly – and my associates, being mostly Christian, did not take to this kindly either. I started reading, studying more, and more of the bible, and became involved with even more activities, which solidified my position on many things.


Randy was back from the Congress by this time, and we met and talked over things, which he had witnessed and participated with; this made me more inclined to go to the next years event, no matter what I had to do.

I had not yet met Melinda, Randy’s wife, before this point, but we would now, occasionally, get together out a Randy’s ranch in Rosamond, California. It was wide open, high-desert, which can get both hot and cold. The general area of Lancaster/Palmdale, California, was a working-class community, and Randy’s family had been residents for most of their life (I am not sure how long, actually, the Evan’s family had been located in this area), and we were all witnessing the change coming across the land, as well as their home. It was a perfect area for having meetings, or shooting practice, and it was far enough from the town that it gave a sense of seclusion, and security – only two entrances – and this made for easy control and patrol.

Randy was involved with some big players (two rival ethnic groups – Armenian and Jewish) in the civic and business world, more so as he was as an individual that persons of this sort like to have around for business that was not always the usual fare; through these interactions, and I do not even think that Randy, at this time, really knew the entirety of his networking, he saw first hand, and became aware of these things, how a ‘war’ was being waged in the cities and states of his nation – on his city in particular. Be that as it may, his business alliances would, ultimately, create a division of opposites, and these considerations were made, in part, because of his religious and political affiliations. In part traditional, and in part instinctual, Randy developed a highly attuned sense of what was too happen – to himself and others – and he was rarely wrong.

There were many times that he would be involved in desperate measures, both regarding himself and his beliefs, but also on behalf of these other personalities who, for their own part, were ruthless in the ‘art of war’ as it relates to business, personal integrity, and their own ethnic realities; this was, for Randy, I think, the perfect storm, a storm in which he was able to develop and practice his survival techniques. These techniques were to pay dividends many times in the course of his life and, I am sure, my own.

On one of these occasions that I was to visit Randy, we were relaxing at his ranch, the wives were talking, and little ‘timmy’ was in his crib; all was well until, suddenly, smoothly hugging the surface and up and over a small ridge to the south, came a helicopter, with the old-fashioned bubble of glass, not like the newer, aerodynamically designed models, and came over the ridge with a vengeance straight for his house, and our families. Randy and I were both armed, and he drew his .357 Smith and Wesson, fired three rounds in rapid succession, and told me to find cover. The helicopter passed very close over our heads; we could see the pilot and the co-pilot, both seemed to be white males, and they made a sharp turn away from us, and did not return. It was an interesting moment, to say the least, and we re-grouped, and in the excitement I hurriedly asked, “What the hell was that, did you know those guys?” Randy said he had a good idea, and for us to take opposite positions on the property, just in case they returned. The women were, of course, upset, and the baby was crying, but we waved them off, and took up our positions for about thirty minutes, and then we both returned to the main house.

Later on, when things had quieted down, and the women consoled, we got some private time, and talked more about the day’s happenings. It appeared, that Randy and his business associates were involved in some standard ‘american’ territorial disputes, as the businesses controlled regions within several counties, and one competing part was bound and determined to secure, by any means necessary, the lions share; since Randy had been an active player within the machinations of his ‘allies’, it had become well known that he was the man to intimidate. This was all new to me, but offered to help in any way I was able.

The two opposing parts were, first, a very large and lucrative Armenian business, and secondly, a very large and lucrative Jewish interest in the same field. This added a new complexity to my own developing world-view, and was more than game to involve myself deeper into this situation. Randy was hesitant, as he felt that this would immerse me into a world which, as I was certain to become a more public entity, it would be better if I refrained, at least for a while, and we parted ways, promising to see each other soon.

On the way home with my wife and daughter, the actions and information, which I had been involved with, remained at the center of my thoughts. Once home, I began a research project (this was pre-internet), and I first located an encyclopedia, and started to study the Armenian people and their relationship with persons of jewish ancestry. This was quite fascinating, as most Americans are pretty ignorant of world affairs; I had a pretty good understanding of European literature and history, but this was all new to me. The genocide of Armenians by Turks was well known, and I wondered how this might affect the relationship of the ‘jews’ and Armenians in a historical context. I am not a historian on Armenian history, but a few facts on this may shed some light on a war, which has been going on for millennia, and in which here, in America, receives little attention, but effects us daily – it would behoove us, as well, to know a little about what we will face, when in positions of power:

The region of Armenia, situated on the southeastern banks of the Black Sea, was the location of one of the greatest tragedies committed against an ethnically ‘white’ people; this homeland, one of the earliest Indo-European homelands, housing some of the oldest smelting and cereal grain sites in the world.

After the flooding of the Black Sea, Armenia developed an ‘empire’ during the reign of King Tigranes I (140-55 BC), stretching from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, including Syria. Rome conquered this empire in 69 BC, and ‘armenia’ became the first Christian ‘state’ in the known world. Semites, including Jews, had some telling effects in various institutional settings, that is, government, but did little to impact these people genetically – up until the Seljuk Turks. The horrors, which followed this invasion, violently dismembered the ‘white’ Armenians of the region; the Ottoman Empire, which replaced the Seljuks, were even more rigorous in their despotism.

The massacres were in the hundreds of thousands. Between 1915 and 1923 more than a million Armenians died on the way to their new, forced, migration to old ‘mesopotamia’. Armenia was an entire ethno-state who were physically wiped out by the Ottomans, one of the greatest unknown genocides of modern history.

This, of course, competes with the ‘holocaust’, and there is both political and racial animosities between these two people; the great ‘russian revolution’ is also something shared by these two peoples, and this genocide of whites and ‘christians’ was to have a much larger impact on the lives of Americans than they realized – then or now.

Everything I was being introduced too, either by my new relationship with Randy, or that which I had a cursory view of from the parishioners, neighbors, and friends while growing up, were fast becoming merged with historical fact, and religious instruction.

The anti-Communist movement of the 50’s, including Identity and DePugh, to the JBS was imbued with historical references to the Russian Revolution, but only a few would talk about the jewish involvement in this horror; even now, one is hard-pressed to receive a broad and comprehensive reporting, and learn of the various and vicious ‘genocides’ perpetrated against the people of Russia – including the dismemberment of the Tsarist Family, German by blood, and the following atrocities committed after. What does this have anything to do with this story? Everything.

From the beginnings of the breakdown of ‘western civilization’ in Russia, to the intrepid maneuverings of the radical parties and personalities, which made this machine of terror and institution work, to coincide with the Armenian disaster, and the crumbling of the Russian empire had one prominent feature: Jewish racial, religious and political power; of the latter, it is the act of ‘attaining’ political power, which is of interest here.

This is irrefutable, and is important, insofar as the ‘history’ and violence of this time was, in one generation, to promote and disseminate a ‘foreign’ intellectual and racial determinism, which has shaped not only myself, but generations of Western peoples, prompted world wars, or at least lent itself to causes and circumstances, which were completely devastating to the West and, specifically, the White Race, and crept its way into America, bringing with it the racial antagonisms and racial enmity of these continental tribesmen – European and non-European.

So, as Randy continued to introduce me to factors, which I had never considered, I began a furious and expanded study into my own Americanism; it became painfully obvious that there was something deeper than simply a political manifestation of change within my own country.

No, I do not believe that ‘jews’ run the world. I do believe, however, that for reasons, which outside the telling of this story (because of length), can be simply stated that the ‘jewish’ people have played, both politically and culturally, a tremendous part in the happenings, which had brought America to her ‘world-position’ in the global political interests of today, as well as at home.

A Christian country, ostensibly, America had fallen far from those traditions and values, which made up the life of myself, indeed, of all Americans, whether for good or ill. Yet something was gnawing at the very heart and soul of her people – my Mother was one of those people, and my Father as well – but simple people like this were never quite able to put their finger on the ‘why’s’ and ‘wherefore’s’; now, at least, there was something more than “things are the way they are, as god wills it,” as my own mother would say to me. I wanted more, and it was coming in volumes.

What really intrigued me, was the information about the ‘behind the scenes’ influences of the revolutionaries in Russia. Once I started to see the names and actions of these individuals, it became increasingly hard to not look for them everywhere – ‘them’ being ‘jewish persons’ – a formidable and resourceful people.

The ‘west’ was heavily embroiled in these revolutionary events, yet dutifully forgetting the injunctions of President George Washington to, firstly, stay out of foreign wars, but to address our own Nation first, and foremost. The attitude of the ‘american first’ mentality was, by and large, completely discounted as a National policy by this time, and it was these types of people who were making up the majority of individuals who were feeling, and seeing, the drastic and historic similarity to what was happening to this nation, and were committed to doing something about it.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, many things began to congeal. A quote I came across around this time, stuck with me, and I have since relocated it:

“After the 1881 pogroms Jews began to organize self-defense units. In the late ‘eighties, for example, a large gang which set upon the Jews of Odessa found themselves confronted by Jewish bands, armed with clubs and iron- bars (and according to the police, fire-arms), and quickly drew back. The same happened in Berdichev and several other centres. Jews often gave as good as they got, even better on occasion, but their efforts were restricted by the police and the army, nominally there to keep the peace, but usually siding with the attackers. In August 1903, there was a pitched battle in the streets of Gomel between Jews, peasants and railway workers in which twelve Jews and eight Christians were killed and many hundreds were injured: much property was looted and destroyed. In a pogrom at Zhitomir which extended over three days in April 1905, ten Christians and sixteen Jews were killed — mainly through police action. On the third day of the fighting a crowd of about a thousand Jews made their way to the governor and warned that if their attackers were not called off they would embark upon a general slaughter. ‘Rivers of blood will flow. We will kill all Christians irrespective of their age, sex, class…” 3

This was, of course, very similar to what I was beginning to experience, without ever having any real, and clear understanding, of why opposition was coming to me from sources like the JDL and the JDO. This got me to cover quite a bit of information regarding this period of time, and up to this point, only a few retired military officers, retired enlisted men, and a few ‘politicals’ had offered this information to me, until I met Randy. I followed more of this information, and continually kept coming across more historical nuances and, until proved otherwise, facts, which kept me always appraised of my own experiences as well, just as this had occurred, historically, albeit on a much smaller scale for my part.

The Jewish people felt, at that time, that they were being discriminated against, and had voiced their opinion and fears, which had evoked riots and violence within the Russian state; large numbers of Jews had who had been allowed to settle beyond the Pale of Settlement were evicted. In 1882, May, the Provisional Rules of May (May 3, 1882) were imposed by the Russian government. These ‘laws’ shook the foundations of the country:

The Russian May Laws were the most conspicuous legislative monument achieved by modern anti-Semitism … Their immediate results was a ruinous commercial depression which was felt all over the empire and which profoundly affected the national credit. The Russian minister was at his wit’s end for money. Negotiations for a large loan were entered upon with the house of Rothschild and a preliminary contract was signed, when … the finance minister was informed that unless the persecutions of the Jews were stopped the great banking house would be compelled to withdraw from the operation … In this way anti-Semitism, which had already so profoundly influenced the domestic policies of Europe, set its mark on the international relations of the powers, for it was the urgent need of the Russian treasury quite as much as the termination of Prince Bismarck’s secret treaty of mutual neutrality which brought about the Franco-Russian alliance.4

So, it seemed that within a period of 92 years, ‘jewish persons’, consisting of 4.2% of the population had, in effect, entrenched themselves so well in the Russian economy, that this nation of millions of people (non-jewish) were leveraged, and threatened bankruptcy, by the very people and ‘influence’ of their related ‘tribe’, who the non-jewish State had sought to marginalize – all this, in fact, to ‘protect’ the Russian Culture as the Russian People, saw it. Even the ‘international credit’ was affected by this minority. After this victory, and most ‘civil rights’ activists still champion this, Jews were permitted to go to State sponsored schools and Universities – but only in the proportional ratio of their population.

This was not unreasonable, since the schools were virtually flooded with Jewish students, much like the 60’s in this country, while the majority of the Russian (non-jewish) were illiterate – but this was also seen as a new ‘crime’ against Jewry.

Jewry pressed the issue, and On May 23, a delegation of Jews headed by Baron Gunzberg called on the new Tsar (Alexander III) to protest the May Laws and the alleged discrimination against the ‘jewish people’. As a result of the investigation, Tsar Alexander issued an edict the following Sept. 3rd, which is very telling:

For some time the government has given its attention to the Jews and to their relations to the rest of the inhabitants of the empire, with a view of ascertaining the sad condition of the Christian inhabitants brought about by the conduct of the Jews in business matters … During the last twenty years the Jews have gradually possessed themselves of not only every trade and business in all its branches, but also of a great part of the land by buying or farming it. With few exceptions, they have as a body devoted their attention, not to enriching or benefiting the country, but to defrauding by their wiles its inhabitants, and particularly its poor inhabitants. This conduct of theirs has called forth protests on the part of the people, as manifested in acts of violence and robbery. The government, while on the one hand doing its best to put down the disturbances, and to deliver the Jews from oppression and slaughter, have also, on the other hand, thought it a matter of urgency and justice to adopt stringent measures in order to put an end to the oppression practiced by the Jews on the inhabitants, and to free the country from their malpractices, which were, as is known, the cause of the agitations. 5

It was interesting that, as of this moment in my young life, American Universities and academia seemed to be going through the very same things, and if the information with which I was introduced regarding this issue were true we, in America, were repeating history; and if this was true in history, and at this level, what could be the disaster to befall us, as well?

I am not prone to reaction, and this was becoming a very studious endeavor; family life proceeded as it does, and sporadic inroads into a more pro-active appreciation of things began in earnest. Moreover, the more I got deeper into the history of an American ‘truism’, that of the perceived understanding of ‘communism’ in this country, it became apparent to me that the ‘public understanding’ was not what it appeared; the academic community knew well enough of this historical information, a majority of them, surely, but this was not passed on to the common man and woman – this was a dereliction of their stated, or un-stated obligation to their fellows – and many have suffered, unnecessarily, for this ‘oversight’. If their jobs were to be put on the line, then a decision must be made, but the consequences of stating historical truths are obvious, and we all know what that makes them, those who lack this type of courage.

I have always been interested in history and aristocratic individuals, their families, and Aristocracy in particular, has always been of telling study, and one of the items of historical record that really influenced me, was the murder of Tsar Nicholas, his Wife, and the entire family. In a short summation, let me add something that struck me as particularly onerous, and despicable; this is so telling, I must give the entire quote by Valdas Anelauskas, the author of several presentations I have come across in the last several years:

In 1990, Russian playwright and historian Edvard Radzinsky, announced the result of his detailed investigation into the murders. He unearthed the reminiscences of Lenin’s bodyguard Akimov, who recounted how he personally delivered execution order to the telegraph office. The telegram was signed by Soviet government chief Yankel Movshevich Sverdlov. Akimov had saved the original telegraph tape as a record of the secret order. Radzinsky’s research confirmed what earlier evidence had already indicated. Leon Trotsky had revealed years earlier that Sverdlov and other Jews in Bolshevik government made the decision to put the Russian Tsar and his family to death. Writing from exile in 1935, Trotsky dismissed with contempt the official Soviet claim that the Ural Soviet’s Executive Committee acted independently of Moscow. He recalled a casual conversation that he had had with Sverdlov:

My next visit to Moscow took place after the [temporary] fall of Yekaterinburg [to anti-Communist forces]. Speaking with Sverdlov, I asked in passing: “Oh yes, and where is the Tsar?”

“Finished,” he replied. “He has been shot.”

“And where is the family?”

“The family along with him.”

“All of them?” I asked, apparently with a trace of surprise.

“All of them,” replied Sverdlov. “What about it?” He was waiting to see my

reaction. I made no reply.

“And who made the decision?” I asked.

“We decided it here.”

I asked no further questions and considered the matter closed.

[Leon Trotsky, diary entry of 9 April 1935, Houghton Library, Harvard University, Trotsky Archive, bMS Russ 13, T-3731, p. 111] [Quoted by VA]

The neo-con historian Richard Pipes (daddy of notorious Daniel Pipes), like many other writers, has judged Trotsky’s statement to be “incontrovertible positive evidence” that the order came directly from Moscow. [Pipes, Russian Revolution, p. 770.]

Yakov Sverdlov, who supervised the expulsion of the Tsar’s family to Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains and their slaying there, Alexander Beloborodov (Vaisbart), who was the president of the local Soviet and who made first announcement about execution of Tsar, Shaya “Filipp” Goloshchekin, who was Military commissar of the Ural Regional Soviet, Petr Voikov (Pinkus Vainer), as well as Yankel Chaimovich Yurovsky who was the commander of the unit that carried out the slaughter and who personally shot the Tsar in the forehead from a range of zero, all were Jews. Yurovsky was the son of a glassmaker and suspected thief. His grandfather was a Rabbi in Poland. Yurovsky studied at a Jewish school in Tomsk, but did not finish. While living in Berlin during the time of the 1905 revolution in Russia he converted to Lutheranism and changed his name from Yankel Chaimovich to the christianized Yakov Mikhailovich. According to his sister-in-law, he was an arrogant, greedy, and cruel despot who liked to say, “Those who are not with us are against us.” [Quoted in Mark D. Steinberg and Vladimir M. Krustalev, The Fall of the Romanovs: Political Dreams and Personal Struggles in a Time of Revolution (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1995), p.285]

Even such leading Zionist intellectual as Jacob Leib Talmon, who was Professor of Modern History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, makes the following statement in his book Israel Among the Nations: “As if to heighten the symbolism of that dreadful end of one of the most powerful Royal dynasties in history at the hands of an obscure Jew, soldiers of the counter-revolutionary army seized Yekaterinburg a short time after, and found in the murdered Tsarina’s room a copy of the Protocols of Zion…” [J. L. Talmon, Israel Among the Nations (New York: Macmillan, 1970), pp. 69-70]

Talmon seems to be following another Zionist writer’s, Norman Cohn’s, book Warrant for Genocide. Cohn wrote, “Some months before her murder at Yekaterinburg the deposed Empress had received from a friend, Zinaida Sergeyevna Tolstaya, a copy of Nilus’ book containing the Protocols . . .. the Empress took Nilus’s book with her to her last home. . . . A week after the murder of the imperial family … the remains of the Tsar, the Tsarina, and their children, dismembered and incinerated, were discovered at the bottom of a disused mine- shaft … … the examining magistrate found three books belonging to the Empress: the first volume of War and Peace, the Bible in Russian, and The Great in the Small by Nilus.” [Norman Cohn, Warrant For Genocide (New York, 1970), p. 126-7.]

Recent research and investigation by Edvard Radzinsky and other historians corroborates the account provided years earlier by Robert Wilton, correspondent of the London Times in Russia for 17 years. His account, The Last Days of the Romanovs, originally published in 1920 is based in large part on the findings of a detailed investigation carried out in 1919 under the authority of “White” (anti-Communist) leader Alexander Kolchak. Wilton’s book remains one of the most accurate and complete accounts of the murder of Russia’s imperial family. In The Last Days of the Romanovs, Robert Wilton, summed up the so-called “Russian” Revolution in these words: “The whole record of the Bolshevism in Russia is indelibly impressed with the stamp of alien invasion. The murder of the Tsar, deliberately planned by the Jew Sverdlov and carried out by the Jews Goloshekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov, and Yurovsky, is the act, not of the Russian people, but of this hostile invader.” [Robert Wilton, The Last Days of the Romanovs (Newport Beach, CA: Noontide Press, 1993)]

In 1907 (May 13 – June 1) a fifth Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party was held, this time in London. This was by all accounts the most impressive one of all, and it was the last one held before the 1917 revolution. Represented at the Congress were:

  • The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin — 91 delegates.
  • The Mensheviks, led by Martov and Dan — 89 delegates.
  • The Polish Social Democrats, led by very Jewish Rosa Luxemburg — 44 delegates.
  • The Jewish Bund, led by Rafael Abramovitch and Mikhail Lieber — 55 delegates.

The Lettish Social Democrats, led by “Comrade Herman” (Danishevsky). Dominating the Congress were the same great names of the party: there were the founders of the movement, Plekhanov, Axelrod, Deutch, and Zasulich — who after 1907 played roles of diminishing importance in party affairs — and their disciples, Lenin, Martov, Dan, and Trotsky. There were Abramovich and Lieber (Goldman) of the Jewish Bund, and Rosa Luxemburg who latter one day being destined to lead a revolution of her own in Germany. Present also were Stalin, Zinoviev, Kamenev none of whom were important in 1907, but who are historically important enough to mention now here because one day they would be the three most powerful men in Russia. Significantly all of those named were Jewish, excepting Plekhanov, and Stalin. 6

I have read many such deliveries over the years7, and every time I come across something like this (even while putting this all to paper), it affects me deeply as, I am sure also, those now presently living in the great nation of Russia who, by and large, are related to us, by blood and bone – no matter the generations of separation and propaganda still, to this day, moderated only by degree, are still victims of this revolutionary onslaught.

To add to this library of information was a small tract, a booklet actually, entitled Behind Communism8and in its short summary was the seed planted, and as I grew into this new and enlightening panorama of history, coupled with personal interactions with individuals of this racial and political affiliation, so did the realization that much of what my ancestors, the grandparents and leaders of another generation, who were closer to the ‘truth’ of the matter than I, were more right than those who preached a different picture of history in the present.


During all this, but not necessarily apart from the rest that was going on, a more or less consistent conversation amongst the men, their families, and myself, was the fact that ‘working wages’ were continuing to decline, and we were all beginning to see more and more ‘mestizo labour’ in the area. California, the richest and most productive state in the Union, this would include real time production, and the potential to produce, the largest quantity of diversified agricultural products in country – yet had provided a very small employment factor within the ‘white community’, and had opted to import mestizo labour in the early 60’s, and had progressed steadily every since.

This had become a major State issue, when President Ronald Reagan had given amnesty to some millions of persons with ‘foreign’ status, bending to the will of Agri-business I suppose, as ‘whites’ had been slowly distanced from working their own Farms, and then when devoid, either through honest financial miscalculation, or from general drought and natural disaster affecting their own property, began working for wages; this worked for a generation, but the children and grand children wanted no part of it, although many counties in southern California, San Diego County in particular, some northern counties and marginal rural areas, were still utilizing white-student labour, or ‘white migrants’ from various States, to harvest, and maintain groves and water-works.

Around 1975 however, this was replaced in large part by mestizo labour, encouraged by the Catholic church who sees, apparently, nothing but the ‘children of god’, without consideration for those ‘children’ and their parents who, in toto, were responsible for the collective power of that church, but who now had the best interests of those who were frequenting their establishments at a rate up to five times that of their Anglo counter parts.

In any event, the men were starting to really feel the pinch from these ‘immigrants’ who, for the most part, were willing to do similar work, for a considerable cut-rate, and this was immediately felt in the pocket-book; the reasoning, apparently, by those who made up the institutional system of Labour were myriad, but the appeal of Farmers who, having a smaller and smaller ‘work-pool’ from the anglo community, were lobbying more and more for cheap labour – Mexico was an almost unlimited supply of this resource – and the ‘plantation mentality’ was, once more, foisted upon a population, which was increasingly being drawn into technology, as well as becoming lazy, apathetic, and distanced from the Soil.

At first, there were reactionary elements amongst my own peers, and this was the forum for many sessions of angst and stubborn ‘americanism’ which, sadly, was not felt by the majority of individuals who really would make a difference – those in the City and local government – who turned a blind eye to all that was going on, no doubt in the pay of ‘big business’. In the 50’s, there were serious attempts at the grade-school level, high school, and college to foster and create a working relationship with each succeeding generation, to understand and promote this symbiotic relationship between ‘the people and the soil’, but at some point had begun to disappear off of the rosters of vocational trades in the early years of a child’s development, and pushed more into ‘specialized’ and out-sourced private business – this was legalese for the inculcation and promulgation of foreign workers. This may have been good for ‘business’, but it was hell on members of the European folk-community who had established and maintained this area of national life for generations.

The constant complaint regarding a ‘lack of workers’ from business was not understood, in its reality, as being one of a matter of replacement, a replacement of white workers who were in charge of their own survival, and did not take into account, at least not in a public forum, that this lack of a labour force was simply mitigated by a real lack of physical replacement of our own stock.

Since 1972, the issue of ‘abortion’ had inundated the nation at virtually every level of society; rights and privileges were discussed until all parties were blue in the face, and the religious dictates were vociferously pontificated; the Constitution was made to fit every conceivable twist and turn of the proponents, and those seeking to maintain a traditionalist outlook did the same. The male/female relationship took the hardest hit, and the battle-grounds were drawn, ever seeking to dominate each other for the value of Life. There were, at this time, more men involved against abortion in the actual theatre of the ‘street’, such as demonstrations and the like, yet it was increasingly obvious that the Courts had a different vision of what was civil, and what was right. So, with all this struggle permeating the nation, the famous, or infamous, Roe v. Wade was passed. This was a great win for ‘women’, but a suicide for the white race.

It is estimated, that of the abortions committed in this country, a minimum of half of these were of ‘male’ children, the majority being white males; this, of course, is not publicized, nor is it spoken of in terms of a natural resource, namely, those of our folk who would plant, harvest, fight, create (in many areas), or pro-create their own kind. In short, the labour vacuum, which was being filled by immigration was in direct relation to the ‘absence of real physical white bodies’, both male and female, and had become a real asset and commodity within the business community. Therefore, we all reasoned, Immigration must be reduced.

It is clear, although not accepted by all the statisticians, that when there is economic insecurity, a nice way to say that one is fighting like hell against an abundant increase in labor not related to normal re-population rates, this in turn, restricts family size, for there is no longer enough personal/financial resources to accommodate a larger family. On the other hand, as we saw daily during this time, the immigrant family was, daily, receiving government assistance: housing, food, transportation and those things necessary to ‘supplement’ their daily and long-term struggle – not so with myself, my family or my friends. Many of my male peers, when engaging in ‘entry level’ work projects, were always ‘over qualified’, and these entry positions almost always went to those who needed a ‘hand up’.

The various ‘family discussions’ I was asked to attend, many of which were with men and women who were ten to fifteen years older than I, and would generally be about issues surrounding the need versus the ability to bring children into the world; in effect, this new immigration was having a direct and debilitating effect, upon those of my own folk-community.

What we saw, what has happened, is not the lies of government and business that, firstly, immigration (non-white) would reinforce the existing labour population and, secondly, the native population (that was me and my folk-community) would NOT be replaced; of the later, just as all white Americans could sense, has happened with a vengeance unparalleled in the history of the world – without a War!

This created a deepening divide in the locals and communities within southern California, and we all began a serious search into why this was happening.

We set up a cadre of individuals, both male and female, whose sole purpose was to simply go to ‘pro-life’ rallies and meetings; at the same time, we had individuals who were now ‘card carrying’ communists, so as to go to ‘members only’ rendezvous and public meetings. We had a lot of fun with these, as we would prominently be placed on both sides, and could better direct the momentum of the occasion. It was always a wealth of information and, like the local law enforcement, provided us with a trove of intelligence, which, of course, led to other discoveries.

What both groups had in common in its memberships were disillusioned religious Protestants and atheists, with a very strong accompaniment of ‘jewish thinkers’ who, inevitably, would come to the fore, giving ‘legal advice’, or tactical directions to demonstrators or the group’s governing body; the Protestants were very much subservient to their religious ‘kinsmen’, and made it a point on several occasions, and repeated often, that once the jewish people had overcome their own level of discrimination after the great war (WWII), and had been accepted into a newly acquired ‘big three’ of religious indoctrination, Catholicism, Protestantism and, now, Judaism, that their indispensable knack in ‘sniffing’ out discrimination and abuses in ‘civil rights’, guaranteed them a natural spot in the social order of ‘dissent and the struggle’ against all abuses.

Of course this is true, and as long as the Jewish people have adhered to the ‘majorities’ view on god and religion, this people continued to pursue its own interests, as a minority, especially where there were common interests amongst their own people: this was the obligatory support for Israel, as well as the extended ‘diaspora’ of Jews throughout the world which, of course, would include the ‘right’ to immigration’ for themselves, and for others. This would also include the ‘refugee’ status, which they so sought after, keeping a political as well as social criticism alive. Their strong and rabid support for the concept of separation of ‘church and state’, abortion rights, and ‘civil liberties’, was no less important to their social change, and neither was it to hamper their more revolutionary inclinations, as their communist affiliations of this time were abundant – if one was looking.

It is remarkable, that a versatile and wealthy, highly talented and politically engaged minority could, in a short space of years, and without any sort of cogent and realistic public discussion by moderate public political figures – for the last three to four generations – achieved so much without making some headlines, negative or positive, in the mainstream press. The last such inquiry being the public sentiments of one of our greatest Americans, Charles Lindbergh, during his famous Des Moines speech of 1941 – a plea to fellow Europeans to stay out of the ‘war’ fulminating in Europe proper, and for american involvement to be absolutely at a minimum, or to abstain altogether. We all know how that turned out.

Outside of the political, and more in line with the issue of population and abortion, it was also interesting to note that, in a large majority, Jewish Doctors represented a ‘culture’ of ‘abortionists’ in the country at that time, what percentage exactly, is hard to determine, and the overall point is not to berate Jewish doctors, practicing l’ife saving procedures’, but to point out that their involvement, along with any others fomenting genocide of my folk-community, is directly responsible for the moral implications of murder, on a large scale, as well as the depopulating of a great nation, opening them up to a massive onslaught of immigration, duly buttressed by the need of business.



1 The relationship of Jews and the American Communist Party (CPUSA) is particularly interesting because a concern with Communist subversion under the direction of the Soviet Union was a feature of the immigration debates of the 1920s and because a substantial proportion of the CPUSA were foreign born. Beginning in the 1920s, Jews, whose backgrounds derived from Eastern Europe played a very prominent and disproportionate role in the CPUSA (Klehr, 1978, p. 37ff). Merely citing percentages of Jewish leaders probably does not adequately indicate the extent of Jewish influence in the CPUSA, since active efforts were made to recruit gentiles as a sort of “window dressing” to conceal the extent of Jewish influence in the movement (Klehr, 1978, p. 40; Rothman & Lichter, 1982, p. 99).

In Philadelphia in the 1930’s, fully 72.2% of the CP members were the children of Jewish immigrants who came to the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century (Lyons 1982, 71). As late as 1929, 90% of the members of the Communist Party in Philadelphia were foreign born and in June of 1933 the national organization of the CPUSA was still 70% foreign born (Lyons 1982, 72-73). Jews were the only native-born ethnic group from, which the party was able to recruit. Glazer (1969; p. 129) states that at least half of the CPUSA membership of around 50,000 were Jews into the 1950s and that there was a very high rate of turnover, so that perhaps 10 times that number of individuals were involved in the Party and there were “an equal or larger number who were Socialists of one kind or another.” Writing of the 1920’s, Buhle (1980, p. 89) notes that “most of those favorable to the party and the Freiheit simply did not join—no more than a few thousand out of a following of a hundred times that large.” (Cites from: Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Abstract, Department of Psychology California State University-Long Beach)

Cf. Klehr, H. (1978). Communist cadre: The social background of the American Communist party elite. Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Press., especially p. 37ff, and p. 40.

* Note: Whoever remarks that this is ‘racist’ and unfeeling, let me say, at the outset, that it is not me, or people like me, that are racist and unfeeling, but those that, knowingly and with aforethought, deem to disrupt, cajole with force and intimidation, who work tirelessly for ‘equality’, and promote the merging of the races, especially my own, with persons who are, or may not be, affable and kind, do not make for an inclusive environment, as they have their own wants and needs, proclivities, and desires which, in the main, are not in line with a standard white majority – this is simply natural law – the racial tensions and conflicts are not caused by the element of race, or in its traditional construct, but in those who would work their ‘magic of equality’, with the weight of a ninety-pound hammer, and call it social justice. Those who happily do this, no matter the consequences or influences upon this, or any other generation, are the true purveyors of Hate. FLS

2 Not to confuse the reader with the present hysteria over the present situation we find ourselves in, involving yet another example of letting the ‘chickens come home to roost’, as the Muslim community, in my mind, has never been an issue (but with time and extensive immigration and political power, could be), as long as they were, also, within Muslim communities; those that are, and were here in the time of this recounting, were minimal, and respectful of a ‘christian community’, as the majority of these congregates were, also, ‘white christians’, and each community – based more on racial considerations – kept more or less, to themselves. Today, however, we have the inflamed situation, made worse by the ‘middle-eastern’ elements within America, the largest and most influential seem to be persons of ‘jewish’ ancestry, embroiling us all in the millennia-long conflicts with the Arab people’s (this would not happen, however, without the complicit aid and pro-active support of the ‘zionist christians’ amongst us). The average American, myself included, would be rightly concerned about both Jewish or Arab disasters, or War if, on the one hand, we did not have such a ‘stake’ in these conflicts, which should not have such a tremendous bearing on our National or international political decision making. On the other hand, if we were not so hell-bent on a ‘religious confederation’ with such an arrogant and selfish State, who looks after their own interests over any other, and the naïve and rather childish attitude of a people who shares the same antiquity, and more, of those who demand the attention of the world, thereby making them the ‘crossroads’ of the world, the center of their universe and drag us, as well, into an inferno of death and destruction. FLS

3 Chaim Bermant, The Jews – Times Books, 1977, p. 211.

4 Encyclopedia Britannica, page 76, volume 2, 1947.

5 Elizabeth Wormeley Latimer, Russia and Turkey in the 19th Century A. C. McClury & Co., 1895, p. 332.

6 Zionism & Russia (8 Pacifica Forum Lectures) by Valdas Anelauskas, supra, September 8, 2006.

7 In these days, I was, seemingly, coming to grips with many aspects of a larger world-view, and there are certain to be those who will criticize and denounce this beginning as ‘juvenile’ or ‘one-sided’, saying that I was too young to know better, or was being swept up into a world, which has more avenues of ‘truth’ to ferret out, and will also make this claim against those listed in this recounting. All I will offer in passing, is that the intervening years have brought much more than the above, and personal conversations with persons that cover the political spectrum have not, as of yet, disproved the above material, or its implications. FLS

8 Frank L. Britton – Behind Communism.


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