At Foundations of The 21st Century, we are proud to bring you the essence of the West.

Through the magic of Poetics you will see and feel the inner spirit of the Western Soul.

Through the ancient memories of our past, you will see the inextricable relationship between yourself and your Ancestors.

Through the Art of those who have gone before you, it will be possible for you to escape into a realism that is rarely found today; it will awaken your race-soul.

Through Political thought, you will be able to search out the meanings and processes by which you, and your folk-community, may enrich yourselves for the betterment of our future – and our children.

Through Philosophy, you will be able to let your spirit soar, to reach out to minds like yours, and to travel pathways which, today, have been denied you.

Foundations are essential for all of us.

Come and build a better future with those who have gone before, and those who are yet too be.

~ The Staff

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