Song of Albion: Rise of The West – The Second Part

Song of Albion:

Rise of The West – The Second Part

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count 4,315

Song of Albion Cover

[Editor’s Note: For those who have read the first volume of Rise of The West, it is important to mention that the second volume, in many respects, is more poignant, direct, and concise on matters of importance to all ethno-nationalists, especially those of Western stock.

The following is an excerpt from the Author’s Foreword.

Song of Albion is also available on Kindle. The Staff]

~ Author’s Foreword ~


The American Gulag, built to house those who, for one reason or another, subverted the law and intent of the existing order. Every Nation requires a place to house those who would subvert the law of the land, both in the present and, most importantly, in the future.

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Foundations: Rise of The West ~ And Beyond

Rise of The West

Frank L. DeSilva

Word count 5,387

~ Rise of The West ~ On Sale Now - Kindle
~ Rise of The West ~
On Sale Now – Kindle

[Editor’s Note: White Nationalism is not, strictly speaking, based on the construct of race, but on everything that is Race.

This includes the most obvious: That of the positive influences that a specific race-culture brings to bear. This includes Art, metaphysics, architecture, Science and, most important to any people – it sense of Culture – its understanding of what, truly, it means to be Noble.

If one does not know how to be noble, how then, can one better understand his friends, and his enemies?

In his book, Rise of The West, Frank L. DeSilva, presents a very compelling over-all case for the Spiritual value of Race, as well as the necessary responsibilities that a race-culture owes itself, as well as others.

What a People, for that is exactly what Race is, owes itself, is to remain true to its legacy, that is nobility in and of itself. It is tradition, and then again, more, for legacy implies obligation and a sense of duty to that people, before it can be shared with others. 

Rise of The West is available in Print and Kindle (on Sale now) The Staff]


The Death of the Noble Savage?

Rousseau’s use of the term ‘noble savage’ was in connection with man’s ostensible relationship between Nature and Civilization. Between [man] himself and his technics. What Rousseau actually meant by this comparison I cannot say; every man, including this author, has a ‘pre-condition’ for both nature and civilization. In some respects however, I agree with the premise that ‘man is better in a state of nature than he is in a civilization’. It is only as to that level in the abstract sense that we agree however. The word ‘better’, it must be understood, is a ‘pre-condition’ that supposes a ‘lesser’ point in man’s spiritual and physical being. Of the latter, I concede that we have changed ‘externally’; that we are modified on a daily basis. However, as to the conscious and unconscious spirit, this point is not clear even to those who have made it their life’s search.

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Read: Foundations of The 21st Century

~ Foundations of The 21st Century ~

~ Foundations of The 21st Century ~
~ Foundations of The 21st Century ~


If you are a student of History or Philosophy, and would better understand the function of Race and Culture, in this respect, especially the North American evolution, then a study of this Work, will be invaluable.

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Foundations: For Others and Their Prosperity

For Others & Their Prosperity

4,280 wordsconstitutional-convention-260x170

There exists no simpler, shorter, or more poetic expression of nationalism than five words from the Constitution of the United States – “For Ourselves and Our Posterity.” For all the flaws of the Founding, no White Nationalist can dispute the beauty of that phrase, nor its relevance to our cause. 

Yet as the American Experiment rolls on, even the Constitution is destined to be trampled, as the United States may be the only nation in history where patriotism is defined as the willingness to replace your own citizens.

The Nature of the American Polity

Any nation, by definition, excludes. Some people belong to the political community, and some do not. All nations are reliant to some extent on ethnic kinship. Some admit it, some deny it, but all need it, as the first political communities relied upon blood ties, with extended families developing into tribes. Whether it be an empire or a city-state, any polity needs an ethnic core that can be built upon. A pure “proposition nation” doesn’t exist any more than do unicorns – and the fact that some people claim to have seen one or the other makes no difference.

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