The Case Against “Assimilation”: The French Connection

The Case Against “Assimilation”

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Translated by Guillaume Durocher

Translator’s Note:julien-rochedy-le-directeur-national-du-front-260x298

Julien Rochedy is the former director of the Front National’s youth organization (FNJ). He wrote this article after he left the FNJ’s leadership, remaining on good terms with the party, which he felt allowed him to speak more freely and critique the FN’s official assimilationist stance. The text gives some idea, beyond Marine Le Pen’s electorally necessary but potentially dangerous formal compromises with political correctness, as to what brighter people in the party are thinking. The title is editorial.

March 22, 2015

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Frank L. DeSilva: The Metaphysics of Blood & The Future Folk State

The Metaphysics of Blood & The Future Folk State

Frank L. DeSilva - Radio 3Fourteen - The Metaphysics of Blood and the Folk-State
Frank L. DeSilva – Radio 3Fourteen – The Metaphysics of Blood and the Folk-State

Metaphysics of Blood 

Interview with Robert Klark Graham

Interview with Robert Klark Graham

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Editor’s Note:GrahamRobert-218x300

Robert K. Graham (1906–1997) was co-founder and director of The Repository for Germinal Choice, a California-based sperm bank which stored and distributed the sperm of Nobel Prize winners and other men of exceptional ability. He invented and manufactured the plastic used for shatter-proof eye glasses and was author of The Future of Man. The following interview was conducted by Marian Van Court on January 20, 1983 in Austin, Texas and was first published in The Eugenics Bulletin, Winter, 1983.

Approximately how many applications have you received so far?

Over 1000.

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